Meet the Indian girls who run the world

Girls run the world. Beyoncé tried telling you in 2011, and nowhere is her ethos more prominent than among the Khasi of India’s Meghalaya state.

Families in Khasi culture are matrilineal: Children take their mother’s last name, the youngest daughter in the family gets the inheritance and men move into their mother-in-law’s home after marriage. Rest of the world, take note.

#BapuSuratSingh has been on a hunger strike for 165 days, and counting. It takes true love and belief to do this. And what does this man believe in? He believes in justice and freedom for political prisoners who have long served their sentences, but are still rotting in the Indian Government’s jails.

He wants to return the fathers, sons and brothers who were jailed years and decades ago, for seeking basic human rights and fighting oppression, back to their families.

Protests are easy. Petitions are easy. Violence is easy. But a painful hunger strike like this, is not easy.

Read up on his open letter to the the Indian Prime Minister:


Watch this short spoken word piece about the struggle and current situation in India:




Meet the Khasi, a matrilineal culture in India, through the lens of photographer Karolin Klüppel.

“To disrespect a woman here is to harm society,” said Karolin Klüppel, a Berlin-based photographer whose latest series focuses on Khasi girls and young women, in an interview with Mic.

The result is a society where girls seem instilled with a remarkable sense of self-confidence from birth. Perhaps the rest of the world should take note.

The Man Who Feeds The Poor With His Own Money Everyday

Ordinary people who do extraordinary things inspire the rest of us. They are the real heroes, making the world a better place, one step at a time. Azhar Maqsusi is one such hero. He modest businessman in Hyderabad, Azhar has been feeding homeless people in his region for over 3 years.

Every afternoon a large number of homeless, destitute people line up under the Dabeerpura Bridge in Hyderabad. They collect plates, wash them and wait patiently for the food provided for them by Azhar every day.

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Blue whale beached on Indian shore

In a heart rending incident, a female blue whale was found stranded on the Revdanda coast, 17 km south of Alibaug, Maharashtra on the afternoon of June 24th. She was 42 feet long and was alive when she beached. Forest department employees and villagers tried to push her back into the water but without success, and ultimately after 10 hours of struggle she succumbed around 0400 hrs IST.

A blue whale is a rare sight along the Arabian sea coasts as they are usually found in the open waters of the Indian ocean. However, this year marine biologists from the Cetacean Population Study have reported sightings of live blue whales along the Arabian sea’s Konkan coastline near Maharashtra state. N. Vasudevan, chief conservator, (Maharashtra State Mangrove Forests, Govt. of India), stated that such standings of marine mammals are on the rise. Increasing pollution levels, ocean acidification, and large scale marine die-offs are forcing whales to venture greater distances in search of food, and more of them are getting stranded in shallow water all over the world.


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Image: http://bit.ly/1fJblkm