ASI miffed at damage to museum pieces

Irreversible damage to two of the finest pieces of Indian art at the Indian Museum, renowned for its collection of rare artefacts, here has made the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) write to the Union Culture Ministry.

Expressing outrage at the damage to the precious artefacts dating back to the 2nd and 3rd century BC, the ASI warned the Ministry that the Museum would cease to exist “in the near future” if such a callous attitude continued.

While the damage to the right foot of the 2nd century BC figure of a Yakshi was noticed a few weeks ago, chips on the chest and belly of the “Lion Capital of Rampurva”, a unique specimen of Mauryan sculpture, were discovered last year. Read more.

Traffic At 17:46

Agatha’s theme plays against the silhouette of
Flowers in my beard, the woman in the other
Car casually lights a cigarette and asks for directions to
India Gate; cops take a hundred under the flyover
Where the homeless share pavements with
Sparrows, neem trees rustle, unrelenting honks—
Peep peep peep, a swarm of suit & tie, briefcases.


Martand Sun Temple: Indo-Greek architectural specimen

Martand Sun Temple is situated near Anantnag, Kashmir. This ancient temple was built during the reign of King Lalitaditya (693 - 729 A.D.), and is dedicated to Sun God. There are only two such temples in existence in India, the Martand Sun Temple of Anantnag and the Konark Temple of Odisha.

King Lalitaditya was a great warrior and a strong ruler who built a massive empire. He was also a renowned builder, and the great many temples of Vishnu and Shiva, Hindu Gods, are a testament to it. He was also tolerant towards other religions, and built many Buddhist viharas. One of them had a huge statue of Lord Buddha made of copper.

The great Monarch had a vision of building a temple of unparalleled excellence. Kashmirian architecture reached its peak during his reign. In the words of British architect and scholar, Sir Alexander Cunningham: “The architectural remains of Kashmir are perhaps the most remarkable of the existing monuments of India.”

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Royal Artillery in action at the battle of Plassey, 1757, by Guiseppe Rava.

If Minden was the British Army’s great European victory of the Seven Years War, and Quebec was its great North American one, then Plassey was the one for India. A British and East India Company force of 3,000 men defeated a French-allied Indian confederation totaling 62,000 troops. 

slice of life - one of the great joys of photography for me is to try and capture a small slice of life. As I work on the image later I wonder about this man hard at work on a machine like my mothers.What is he sewing? Who for?  In Kolkata as dusk approaches the scenes inside the open doorways are illuminated and the light on the inside and outside starts to equalise so that the two can have a conversation. Does he love his work? Is his  work inspired by love of family? Is he making something of beauty or for a beauty?

I am working on the material today for the January 2016  Kolkata workshop I will run together with Manjit Singh Hoonjan Details soon. Join the mail list here.…/

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It’s sickening to hear that extra security was provided around MSD’s house after India’s loss. I know it always happens every time India lose—players’ houses get burned and stoned. And that’s sickening. What kind of a world are we living in? MSD is India’s most successful captain. He’s won them everything. He really tried his best today, too and he hasn’t even seen his baby daughter yet. He had a tear or two in his eyes during the post-match press. Never expected that from a player who very rarely shows his emotions. And people who blame Anushka Sharma for India’s loss are utterly stupid. Don’t really know how to define them. India can be and should be really proud of their 2015 WC journey. Making it to semi-finals in conditions they’re not often used to and being the only Asian team to do so, is, a really big achievement. After all, I’m not an Indian fan and I never support India at cricket but people need to stop abusing the team, and the players. If you can’t support them when they lose, don’t support them when they win only.