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In an Indian shelter for abused girls, healing comes in the form of singing to Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

A group of young girls gather around guitarist Druv Visdanath as he strums to rock band Green Day’s hit “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” It might not be the most melodious rendition there is, but it is one of the most heartrending covers.

“Many of these children have been abused or have suffered trauma. Music helps to engage them, it helps them to relax,” his colleague Faith Gonsalves says. Visdanath and Gonsalves volunteer in protection shelters such as Kushi Home, where these girls are from.

Gonsalves founded Music Basti, a non-profit organization that uses music as a means to heal abuse survivors. Gonsalves, along with a group of dedicated volunteers, organize performances for the children to help build their confidence and self-worth.

Help Gonsalves’ cause and Music Basti. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


This is such an amazing initiative, and I am so glad that it’s happening here.