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With a big headache and dry lips, James stumbled down the hotel stairs. Why did he have to drink that much, yesterday evening? He felt dizzy, so had decided to take a dive in the pool to freshen himself up. No matter his state, James always stayed a handsome and bright appearance. Like right now.

His colorful red swimming-trunks flashed through the people, whilst James made his way through the hotel to the yard. There, he laid his towel on one of the chairs and took off his shirt. He stumbled to the pool, jumped in and felt a shiver down his spine as he could feel the freshness of the pool on his skin. After a couple of minutes, he pushed himself back on the edge, when he made eye-contact with a young, gorgeous lady. A soft smile appeared on his face.


Please actually go through and click on these and read them because I, as a female, have never been more insulted or angry in my entire life

There’s nothing more insufferable than the twat-monkey who thinks he’s smarter than everyone. … Yet rejecting him only makes him stronger. Studies have shown that social rejection stimulates creativity in people who have a “strong sense of independence.” People want to feel superior and unique and too good for this filthy, shallow world, and rolling your eyes at their shitty ironic T-shirts simply validates that idea for them and encourages them to spread their wings and fly.

5 Things Every Snob Says (Confirmed by Science)