It’s so crazy that you can be so in love with somebody, every single little part and detail of them, every flaw to them is perfection to you, their voice brings you home, their arms are where you feel safest, and you want to be their’s forever, and yet years later you feel the exact same way but stronger <3

thesithorder said:

I wish I was a good enough poet to write you a poem, a good one at least, but I guess these messages will have to do :3 one day I'll write you a good one. :) To me, you are the most perfect person ever, you honestly make me so fucking happy and you make me smile like crazy, I can't imagine one day without you even though we're not together psychically for now. Those 2 weeks that we spent together were seriously the best and I can't wait to be with you for a whole month inDecember, I love you! <3