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I'm not a tronnor blog, but I've been shipping them since Joe's Youtube Whispers video. I just wanted to stop by your ask and tell you your tags are precious and you seem like an all-around awesome and respectful person and I'm glad I follow you. Stay awesome. :)

Awww omg, I didn’t think anyone noticed my tags. It’s mostly just inane rambling. But you’re so sweet and thank you so much! 💕

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SO. I followed you're education about how to take our dragon form (1st mars post, thank for that. really usefull). so after 4 week of meditation, 3 apples, 2 grapes and 1 banana) here I am as a dragon. So... the ace hunt came, and then ran way. I know they going to come back with back up, but I going leave too, and try to be inconspicuous. But for now, it's shadow hunting with smaug (btw, he stills looking for his asexual). COME HERE SHADOW !!! time for revenge for the cat of the other ace.

Do not engage the shadows. I repeat, do not engage the shadows. They are extremely dangerous and can do nothing, they do not exist. Shadows? Don’t be ridiculous. Don’t chase fantasies. There is nothing out there. Do not attempt to find us.

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     Though difficult, it was not impossible for Sylvanas Windrunner to go unnoticed by all if ever she felt the need to disappear for a short while. More often than not she would find her appearance changed by means of potions, even if only to add colour to her pallor in order to stay inconspicuous from afar. Even she could not hide the blood red glow of her eyes, her hood hung low enough over her face to obscure them from any prying eyes.

     Keeping to the shadows, the former Ranger-General found herself tailing a fellow ghost - one whose presence was surely not missed as much as her own. It was not difficult to sense her former prince as he hurried through the crowds, covering his own face as she did - any son of Anasterian’s was as recognisable through his demeanour, the way his ears twitched in disdain for those lesser than himself, than his outward appearance. Sylvanas had been trained to observe him from afar during her youth, to protect Quel’thalas’ heir no matter the cost. It was not difficult to catch up with him as he took one step for her every three, her arm reaching for his shoulder as she forced him to look back at her.

     ❝ Fancy seeing you here, Kael’thas. ❞


Taeyang going to sleep ◡‿◡✿ (x)

when I first discovered jily fanfiction I thought of James as some sort of suave sex godly ladies man now though I know that James is none of that as he’s a dork who’s more likely to walk into a tree because he was laughing so hard with his mates

This Ili Pika Rabbit was spotted for the first time in 20 years

The Ili Pika Rabbit is one of those animals you’ll probably never see in real life. Indigenous in the heights of the Tianshian mountains in northwestern China, the rabbit has lived a quite inconspicuous life, since it was first discovered in 1983.

Happy Easter Everybody! 🐰🐥

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