Children learn as much by example as by instruction, and if mom is seen as in a weaker financial position than dad without any explanation, it will be hard to convince them that this isn’t the natural order of things.

Your daughter needs to know that mom makes less than dad

Don’t just brush your home’s inequality under the rug. Girls need to know what they’re up against.

In Brazil, the black woman earns the least money but pays the most taxesNote from BW of BrazilIn Brazil, inequality continues to persist and can be measured according to gender and race. In 2013 for example, the monthly income of black (negros) Brazilians only came to about 57.4% that of whites (brancos), which is up from 48.4% in 2003. Although in a ten-year period was a decrease in inequality, according to a 2008 report in which black earned 53% of the salary of whites, at that rate in the reduction of inequality, the salaries of blacks would equal that of whites in 32 years in the year 2040. 

In 2013, the average salary for white Brazilians was R$2,396.74 (US$976) while for blacks it was R$1,374.79 (USR$560). And, as usual, when we consider both race and gender, it is the black woman (preta/black + parda/brown) that continues to occupy the bottom rung on the scale. In 2012, white men earned R$2,035.70 (US$829) per month while white women earned R$1,393.57 (US$567), with black men (preto/black + pardo/brown) receiving R$1,144.33 (US$466) and black women coming in last at R$803.68 (US$327) per month. To add even more injury to the insult, although being the lowest on the pole in terms of salary, black women also pay proportionally the most taxes of the four groups. Clearly an injustice where the image matches the fact of white men being the dominant demographic in the country. But why is that? We can find a few of these answers in the recent report:

Surprise! 93 Out of 100 Poorest Counties in America Are In Red States

Surprise! 93 Out of 100 Poorest Counties in America Are In Red States

Now that is has been established that red states are the poorest and that they take in the most in federal aid and give back less, let’s go over another fact that should surprise absolutely no one:

97 out of the 100 poorest counties in the United States are in red states.

Politifact recently fact checked a meme created by the liberal Facebook page ‘Occupy Democrats’ which said: “97 percent of…

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The median income of Tumblr users is $80K a year

"New market research provided by Tumblr to AdWeek reveals that the median income of Tumblr users is higher than that of other main social media platforms.

That means that all those businessy types who spent years declaring Tumblr’s business prospects “unattractive,” and handwringing over its perceived cultural status as a vapid, arty playground for teenage girls may now be eating their words. It turns out Tumblr’s younger, mostly female demographic has more money to spend than everyone else.

Tumblr reported to AdWeek that the median household income of its user base is $80,075. That puts it just ahead of Twitter and Facebook ($79,562 and $78,967, respectively), and well-ahead of Pinterest ($70,124).”

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