Because career choices are manipulated to income instead of passion.

Because female employees still get payed less than males.

Because the standards of societies appearances are set so high only a computer program can generate them.

Because people still get judged for their music tastes

Because people tell women to “Not get raped” instead of enforcing the idea of “Don’t rape”

Because social anxiety isn’t a good enough excuse for non participation for public speaking.

Because no matter all the role models of people who tried to help the world, we still can’t enforce equality in our daily lives.

—  Reasons why the world still isn’t a better place
Surprise! 93 Out of 100 Poorest Counties in America Are In Red States

Surprise! 93 Out of 100 Poorest Counties in America Are In Red States

Now that is has been established that red states are the poorest and that they take in the most in federal aid and give back less, let’s go over another fact that should surprise absolutely no one:

97 out of the 100 poorest counties in the United States are in red states.

Politifact recently fact checked a meme created by the liberal Facebook page ‘Occupy Democrats’ which said: “97 percent of…

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How can the living wage argument continue on without most people stopping to consider reducing how much is taken from their current pay by the government, who spends a huge portion of their income on waging wars and policing victim-less crimes? And what about the taxation tacked onto every single transaction in our lives? Why do we never discuss the problem of inflation, which weakens every dollar you make, largely caused by the Federal Reserve's reckless printing of currency? 

The first time I ever questioned the legitimacy of the government and the difference between intentions and results was when I was working full-time on minimum wage. I was living without cable, internet, or a computer, and driving a car without a stereo or air conditioning. The only reason I could afford the car and insurance was because of my parent’s help. I lived in an apartment building that had the handles torn off the outside doors as a “security measure.” Yet over 1/4 of my paycheck was still taken from me by the government. 

I would love nothing more than to have more money at the end of the day from working hard. I would love for exchange in general to be less costly around me. I would love for each dollar I earn to be worth more.

I would love to see more people empowered by the rewards of their own labor and effort and get what they deserve. I would love to see the existing problems that reduce our income and limit our bartering power discussed and confronted by those who are serious about empowering others.