ok so apparently nintendo repair couldn’t duplicate the issues i was having with my system, says the paper that was inclosed in the packaging, so they just replaced all of the parts I was having problems with

it’s all nice and clean and new feeling but it has all those small wear and tear and chunks taken out of it details my original had from drop damage, this is my baby…. my baby is back

I have barely time to inclose you a Philadelphia paper and to thank you for the epaulettes which you were so kind as to send me.

The General sends you a handbill which has been artfully thrown out by the enemy, and which, unless properly counteracted, will undubitably tend to foment disunion, perhaps the only and evidently the surest method of destroying us. The deserters who have come in lately say it is a common talk that overtures are to be made for a treaty of peace. Capt Gibbes of the General’s guard is now at Lancaster, and I have employed him to purchase me summer wear. My want of it will depend upon his success. However, if what is at York is very good, I shall be very glad to have as much as will make a skirtless waistcoat and a pair of breeches.

With respect to the spurs which you have been so kind as to take so much trouble about, my reason for desiring James to have them changed was on account of their weakness. Being all silver they are apt to break; and I imagined that he might without difficulty exchange them for a pair of plated. If he can not, he must get them mended and I must use them tenderly.

—  John Laurens to Henry Laurens, in a letter dated April 18,1778
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name: julia

age: 16

gender: girll


food:chocolate covered strawberries

drink: water

book:zoo station by christiane f.

film: lilja-4ever, christiane f, battle royal

TV shows: game of thrones, sailor moon, attack on titan

bands: yeah yeah yeahs, purity ring, modest mouse ughh  a lot more

place: my bed

celebrity: lil b


best friend: i dont have one tbh :(

hometown: near new orleansi live in like the worst state ever

siblings: none

dream job: astronaut

fears: heights, public speaking ,inclosed spaces?/

tattoos: none

piercings: just my ears

languages: english and a little bit of spanish


reasons behind my URL: 2cute2care was taken

why i joined: i honestly dont remember

1st URL:i dont remember that either because it was like 4 years ago when i first made a tumblr but i guarantee it was something really embarassing

# of blogs: 3

tracked tags: too many to list

idk who to tag ……everyone should do it though

the best thing about my dorm room is that i have the cave bed so its all inclosed and its really good for making a little nest and i just know that im going to start living up here especially when it gets to be really cold out ahh im very happy about it

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one time i was watching persona 4 the animation in the car b/c i have it on my laptop and it was the scene where yosuke and chie where trying to spy on kanji and i screamed out "KYTTE YOU DORK" out loud in an inclosed space


#caps lock

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What if your backyard is inclosed? What if you're monitoring your cat? What animal, i.e a cat, wants to be inside all day sleeping, eating, and shitting? To me, thats cruel. Yeah play with your cat for 10 minutes with a damn mouse on a string but what's that going to do? Exploring nature, chasing mice, rolling in the grass seems way better than that house cat lifestyle. I totally agree with the dangers of cat fights, diseases (which there are vaccines), etc but why can't an animal just live.

Um, there is nothing wrong with allowing cats outdoors AS LONG AS its on a leash or in an enclosed outdoor pen area. Thats perfectly ok. But cats who are allowed to roam free unsupervised is a bad idea. 

I find it interesting that the Name of the Doctor and the Time of the Doctor are primarily set in dark, inclosed or inclosed feeling places; in the night of Trenzalore between dark mountains, in the Doctor’s tomb, the poorly lite conference call, the clock tower room lite only by the Crack, the dark church of the Papal Mainframe.  

But the Day of the Doctor between the two is mostly set in bright open places; a forest in England in the middle of the day, flying over modern London, a desert on Gallifrey in a shed exposed to the sun. Except for the enclosed Black Achieves and the night battle of Arcadia.

It’s as if it’s trying to say that dying and secrets and war are for dark places, but hope…

Hope is for the light.

How I Feel?

Today is just the same,
Nothing more or nothing less,
It will never get better,
When your heart is a big mess.

Every night you go to sleep,
Every night shes in your dreams,
Every night she still loves you,
Inside all your memories.

Every morning you wake up,
Hoping that it was all a bad dream,
Every day she flows through your mind,
Just like a wide and open stream.

So if you ask me how I feel,
Ill just say that im ok,
But deep inside im just lost,
Inclosed and traped in a huge mazze.

By. Jossiel Garcia

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"Oh dear, do you need help?"


Luke chuckled, though he probably shouldn’t have in the kind of situation he was in. What kind of situation? Well for one he was on the ground, two he had fallen off of the walls that inclosed his manor. He had to get over them in order to meet with Coco but he had been clumsy and… Fell off. Luckily, it wasn’t too big of a drop, but it still hurt. Leaving Luke sprawled out on the ground, looking up and Coco with a grin.

"Do you think you can help me up? My back kinda hurts."

The Snake and His Sister - Part 1

It was the first week of summer and in the hills north of Hanara the snow lay two feet deep. Ombra cursed as she stumbled over yet another hidden tree root that lay across the narrow path. Water had soaked through her boots and her feet were inclosed in icy dampness, her toes starting to go numb. That wasn’t a good sign but thankfully the patrol was almost over and she and Algari were heading back to the main encampment. Ombra smiled as she thought of the warmth of her little stove and the taste of hot mutton stew. Her stomach rumbled. It shouldn’t be long now, less than two hours baring another storm or a sudden warg attack.

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The Inclosed Certificate shews that you are Entered of the Middle Temple London. It ‘tis of any Value it will be safest in your own Keeping. You will also Receive by DeJean in a little Box a Gold Seal which bears your Motto, if your second thoughts disapprove of the boldness, an alteration may easily be Made. When I arrived in England the thing was done & I judged it best to send it just so.

Henry Laurens to John Laurens, in a letter dated October 8, 1773

This description of the seal is written at the end of the letter:

a Gold Seal Red Cornelian
Arms, Crest, & Motto on one side
Cypher & Crest on the other

On April 6, 1773, Henry Laurens had written the following about the seal in an abstract in his letterbook.  This is my best guess at what John’s motto was:

Motto.  Honest, Warm, Bold.  Of him who promises much, much will be expected.  However shall have it in Gold & Cornelian & may adopt another if you please before your Country can justly claim your Aid.

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this time by melodybird917 on the five facts things then tag 10 people thing again…. My life is borin’  they heck does this keep making me dig up facts?

1. I have an irrational fear of dark places that are not inclosed.  Put me in a truck, I’m fine.  Annoyed and worried I’ll run out of air if I don’t get out soon without a hole but fine.  But put me in a field in the dark.  I freak.

2. I still blame my best friend for messing up my imagination in high school because he just had to introduce me to hentai despite the fact I had not even seen a nude model (granted I was 16 and we only knew each other a month so it’s not like he’d know) before that.

3.  Not sure if I said this before but I regularly watched PBS programing till I was in high school due to having siblings just getting into those shows when as I was able to get out of them so I was stuck with them anyway.  The Barney songs won’t go away….they just won’t go away…and if I have to year a Telly Tubby one more time I will punch my sister’s photo on reflects.

4. I’m easy to offend actually.  You just have to hit a very personal button since I don’t actually care if you mock my family most days.  I’m not one to defend another’s honor.

5. I sold my PS4 because it isn’t getting any JRPGs I want besides KH3 and I’ve more on Nintendo’s stuff.  My PS3 is fine.

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I often get the urge to try playing Guild Wars again, and then I remembered the reason I stopped was because I ventured too far into a large building and was never able to leave because I became too motion sick to make it to the door.

Confession #8: solitude is my current refuge

I am by nature an optimist, I choose 2 believe that most people deep down hav good intentions, belief that @ the root of all our souls all we want is 2 love & 2 be loved

Over the years Ive sadly had a # of experiences that make me question this base philosophy of mine but amidst my moments of new painful realizations, I often take a step back choosing 2 return 2 the light instead of remaining inclosed by pains darkness. But there are times the darkness holds, Hurt by those I love & trust, hurt by those I least expected, I enter a state of mourning …of mourning humanity.

When I was sent by my mother @ the age of 15 to attend high school in Kingston, Jamaica I had a very sheltered perception of people & society. I was no stranger 2 Jamaica as half my family still resided on the island & in my younger years we would spent almost every Xmas there. But 2 live & 2 visit are 2 very diff things. I had lived up until then in Edmonton, Canada a city @ the time w/ a population of 1 mill. & a crime rate of 20 murders a yr in 2000, while Kingston in comparison the same population but a murder rate of 1400+ that yr. 1st world to 3rd world, Canadians w/ their happy go lucky mentality vs Jamaicans w/ their fiery, cut throat nature. I entered the lions den as a mouse thinking I could make friends w/ the lions if I showed them I was genuine & kind. but I soon learned that when a mouse shows his heart to a lion, the lion will surely eat u. While in Jamaica I entered my first experience w/ this mental fog of mourning humanity as I did not knw people lied 4 no gain & hurt 4 no reason, especially the 1s they supposedly loved. B4 that I @ least understand the poor man who stole 2 feed his family, the murderer who killed 2 protect himself or some1 he loved. But 2 steal, lie, cheat, betray, kill 4 no reason or gain whatsoever was a new concept i had a hard time wrapping my brain around.

Life lessons… Some Id rather not learn… Its been a long time since I last entered this state of mourning. My confession is that I’ve recently been dragged back into this state of darkness…

Forgive them father for they know not what they do…

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Clash Of Clans Hack And How to Avoid It

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Clash Of Clans Hack And How to Avoid It

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