some fucking nerd with somethin to prove: Contrary to popular belief, paper is actually three-dimensional. You can find this out for yourself by examining it on its side very closely and incidentally if it was two-dimensional it would not have a second side.

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My biggest fear: "do I really have virtually every symptom of bpd or did I take on half of them for the means of the desperate need for validation"

Incidentally, mirroring symptoms and behaviors is kind of a BPD thing. Desperate need for validation is also a BPD thing.

So, whenever you wonder, “Am I just adopting this because I want validation?” That’s pretty borderline of you. ;)


I feel the terrible need to write a fic about post Dagor Bragollach Maedhros. 
Maybe because too often I see only one side of Maedhros’ character explored, the one of the doomed kinslayer, which incidentally, it is the one I find the least fascinating. Maybe mainly because it is too often the only one explored (and abused), and this, in my opinion, is a shame! Because there is so much more to him than an easy fodder for angst!
Besides I’m starting to somehow dislike the depictions that would have him only seen as a strange loner, mainly because I see them as wildly inaccurate, and even those where other Noldor are wary of him and do not trust him, for the same reason. One doesn’t lead so many soldiers from the sidelines of politics, or while being socially shunned.
After the Bragollach, for example, he must have been hailed as a hero. Think about it: he was the only one who managed to stand against Balrogs, Dragons and rivers of lava on the most difficult part of the border, when all others either fell or had to retreat. Himring sheltered the people running from the destroyed realms of Maglor, and Aegnor and Angrod, and, after the war, Maedhros started reconquering the lost territories instead of running south or sinking into despair. 
I’m not saying he would have been happy after the end of the battle, not at all. Still he would be the leader, the beacon of strength and determination his people need to survive, to endure the siege, and afterward, to start building anew despite the losses.
Of course, the situation would have been very dire, but he was the proof there was still something amidst the chaos to cling to, that there could there still be order and the people could endure without hiding, but banding together and facing the enemy even where the blow fell the strongest.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying anyone, of the enemies of Melkor, saw that battle as a triumph, that would be just silly. Still, there are many ways to loose a battle, and Maedhros, in my opinion, was the one who managed to “loose the best”.

Of course, I perfectly understand how easy it is to polarise characters and make them into “greek tragedy’s masks” of sorts, that express and exasperate only one side of their characterisation, particularly when faced with books like the Silmarillion, that aim to resemble a history book written centuries later. 
Yet the Bragollach is the one of the moments where we see why Maedhros, despite the kinslayings, is still somehow considered a hero of his people or, at least, is still treated way better than his brother by the (biased) narrative. 
Not only because he saved many lives with his choices and created new alliances, but also because he was a cornerstone of the defences against Angband even when all others wobbled, because he saved and sheltered the refugees in need, and, ultimately, because without him the Noldor would have definitely fallen sooner. Since having the whole easter border open would have been a blow they wouldn’t have recovered from.
Personally, what I like the most about the characters is how he managed to take a traumatic event, something that would have shattered someone else and build a new strength from it. I sincerely doubt he would have managed to keep so much of a level head though the Bragollach hadn’t it been for his captivity in Angaband. He would have probably fallen into despair like Fingolfin.

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“You know, you’re uncreative when it comes to eating out,” Jenna Shepard teased, taking Kaidan by the arm and pulling him toward the edge of the balcony on the restaurant they’d eaten at that night. It was beautiful, just several blocks down from their new home, which incidentally was just a several minute walk down the beach to the Alenko’s house.

Kaidan raised a finger and shook it at her. “If you’re going to make fun of me for getting steak every time we eat out, I just…”

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wait do we have the same birthday?????

not unless your birthday is may 16th! this present is early this year.

i expect everyone to shower me with love and praises on my birthday, such as, “you certainly have been alive for twenty-four years,” and “congratulations, you have managed not to win a Darwin award yet,” and “although you have done nothing TRULY remarkable in your first twenty-four years of life, there is always the faint possibility that you will do so in your second. probably you won’t in your third, because if there is any grace in this world by then you will have figured things out and be comfortably middle aged, round, and out of fucks to give.”


Leninism is still indispensable

IAN BIRCHALL, Paul Le Blanc and Phil Gasper have recently made important contributions to an ongoing debate over the contemporary relevance or irrelevance of the term “Leninism.”

Addressing the question of whether it would be politically expedient to junk the term altogether, Birchall, in his article, “Lenin: Yes! Leninism: No?” contends that the term may be a “positive obstacle to developing the kind of political strategy and organization we need for the coming decades.” Birchall is not, of course, dismissing Leninism out of hand. He goes on to describe some of the fundamentals of Leninism that are simply indispensable.

I do not agree however, that this obstacle he refers to is impenetrable. It was placed in the road for a few reasons, some of them incidental, some ideological. I believe it is our task on the left to clear the obstacle away. The stakes are simply far too high in a world where theory informs our practice and the capitalist system is putting humanity in imminent danger.

 Le Blanc, in his article, “Leninism, No?” aptly points out that Marxism has often been treated to a similar adulteration; that as Marxists, we believe in the “non-pejorative use of the term”; and that the same approach should be applied to Leninism. I entirely agree with this assertion……

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Incidentally, this is the easiest Shark Week Day One I’ve had in a LONG time. I’m probably jinxing myself, but my pain level has been low to non-existent, I don’t feel sick or particularly irritable, just a little bit of fatigue, and even that is nowhere near my usual levels of suffering.

Not sure if this is because of the Raspberry Zinger tea I had last night or what…but I like it!

Three On A Quest

After seeing the special screening of “The Last Unicorn” with my friend kaikaku (it was wonderful, incidentally, and I hope to do a review of both it and “Age of Ultron” soon), I got crazy inspired and whipped up this pic. Mostly just so I could practice a few things I’ve been trying to improve on, like hands and facial proportions.  I may end up painting it soon, but I was so happy with the lines here that I wanted to post it now. ^_^

Fuck!!! Fuck & Also Shit the!! Cosmo’s  Cosmic  Adventure

The funny words about Apogee Software Ltd. and then you smash and kick and rip apart everything in sight. I can’t stop yelling. It;s 3 in the moButt  Assrning and I cannot scop letting out these awful shrill cries. What time is it? It’s time to ass ascend and thing the other thing… and I’ve been out of coherency and sense for about three months straight, give or take a couple weeks. Time’s not real.

It is my right to waste all of my non-existent & non-linear time making the Duke Spoofem words and sentences happen. It’s also my wrong to do all of that, incidentally. I’m going to bed.

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Secondo te Alaska si è suicidata o ha avuto un incidente? Non riesco a rispondermi ahahah ogni volta che rileggo quel libro (il mio preferito) cambio idea ahaha ad esempio ora penso che si sia suicidata ma boh..

Guarda non lo so proprio, perfino John Green ha ammesso di non saperlo ahahah.
Secondo me però si è suicidata. Era una persona incredibilmente infelice, e di sicuro aveva il coraggio per farlo.“Dritto e veloce”, era ubriaca, distrutta, e sbum .

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Well this was akward... he thought that he was got over of his clumsiness but no, there just had to be that root of the tree in his way while he was training. - (///д///)//you kinda asked for this >xP

Send (///д///) for my character’s reaction to yours tripping, knocking mine over and landing atop them in a rather risque-like way.

“Hey– !” Her back slammed against the ground first, which resulted in the wind being knocked out of her. She’d hardly gotten the opportunity to see who was responsible for such fine craftsmanship, before she went plummeting to the ground like a flaming meteor. She opened her eyes with a grunt of annoyance, expecting to find a stranger to cut the crap out of. Instead, she got an Uchiha. On top of her. With a knee that had incidentally landed between her thighs, and his body towering over hers. 


“Talk about ungraceful. You sure you’re an Uchiha?” 

oh, incidentally asksecularwitch because i know recently you asked if i had been paid for that class i taught: they finally sent me a check, only approximately 9 months after i finished working for them last time. let’s hope they do better this summer *snort*