Supermassive Black Soul. Vic Hollins. 2014A black hole is what remains when a massive star dies. As it dies, the star’s gravity pulls material inward and compresses the core. It then begins to heat up and creates a supernova explosion. What remains is a compressed and massive core. The core’s gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape. As humans, we too can develop strong cores, incapable of showing others the light we once had.

spectre-x said:

my OC Spex often weirds people out since his species of space alien are physiologically incapable of experiencing fear, shame or embarrassment.

Blue often weirds people out because he gives people the impression he experiences exclusively fear, shame, and embarrassment.

remember when kara told helo he’s an idiot for falling in love with sharon…and right after that she slept with sam oh the irony

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Swooping season has begun. Watch your heads. The magpies are an organized enemy incapable of remorse, and ferociously loyal to the destruction of all humans; which help make them an efficient force. Their leader "Lord Mag, Troll of the Public Bubbler" has given orders for attacks to begin. Ready your zip ties and fake eyes, for the war has begun and it will not be won easily or with comfort. This is John Connor, if you are reading this message, You Are the resistance.


Lesbian. Lesbian. Lesbian.

I remember how that word used to make me feel so uncomfortable, I was almost incapable of saying it without literally feeling like I had a knot in my stomach. I hated how it sounded (and still sounds) in other people’s mouths, always spat with such disdain. It was unfair. I started to make it my goal to say it as many times as possible because it’s still a taboo word. I was determined to make it sound like the most natural, beautiful word, that there were other ways and contexts in which it could be used that weren’t vile but quite the opposite.

It took me a lot of years of working on myself to be able to say it without fear. Now it has a whole different meaning and that knot in my stomach is but a far-off memory now. When I say lesbian I only feel pride and love.

Now it’s my favorite word, my little victory.

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HC: if Peter has a Brooklyn accent, then Lily is able to understand and speak Italian, like Tony.

Peter is hopeless at picking up different languages. He’s great at picking up accents, but not languages. Lily is the complete opposite. She speaks how she was first taught to speak, but she’s very good at learning different languages. She and Tony use Italian like a secret language because neither Steve nor Peter can understand. Tony is literally incapable of not giving Lily whatever she wants when she asks him for it in Italian. 

((Alright. So, Ink is mute, Dali is deaf (I think…?) and I decided to make a blind OC. Her name is Zeppy, born blind and incapable of using most magic. She can speak and hear, but even in her mind everything is black. This caused major problems for her through her whole life, end even though she was cared for and loved, she feels distant from the rest of the Triangulum race.

Even though she cannot see things in her mind, she has an extremely quick wit and knows how to make people laugh. She’s easily depressed, though, and often goes into long periods of silence, preferring to be alone.))

Eh, I’m talking visual mediums and her leaning on people in the literal sense. I haven’t seen add much in written form. But even that’s not the crux of the issue for me. It’s that:

  1. After nearly a month, the fandom as a unit is still stuck on Korra being incapacitated and at the stage of being incapable of ANY independence. The visual imagery is still of her prostrate, in fetal positions or being in someone else’s arms cause ROMANCE
  2. People snatched up her new haircut VERY quickly. Full color stuff and everything. But portraying Korra going through rehabilitation, recovery and healing without purely being a facilitation for shipping is something that’s been virtually ignored
  3. You can only do the trip, fall and catch trope so many times before it all starts to bleed together
  4. same with the crying in bed and stroking hair pose
Really I’m just tired of the visual bombardment of crying, helpless Korra who will only get through this cause ROMANTIC LOVE IS THERE WAAAAAAAAAA. It’s getting monotonous and frustrating.
Code-J Entry #5 // Cuisine


        Julius Kresnik is in truth a half-decent cook - don’t get him
        wrong, he’s no chef by any means, but sandwiches, pasta,
        even simple cake recipes are easy enough for him.

        The myth that he is incapable of food preparation began when
         Ludger surprised him one evening - after a particularly brutal
         spree he and Rideaux had been on in a fractured version of
         Triglyph itself - with a messy plate of pasta margherita, complete 
         with a sprig of parsley on top.

         From that day forward, Julius has made it a point to ask every
         night for Ludger’s delicious cooking - even back when it meant
         suffering through charred tomatoes and soggy noodles - so that
         he might nurture his brother’s talents in an effort to make the
         younger Kresnik the culinary master he is today.

         These days, every time that Ludger gives Julius lip about his
         inability to cook, Julius doesn’t bother to correct him; somewhere
         along the line, the younger of the pair must have forgotten that
         Julius had ever been responsible for their meals, and, you know,

         It’s worth a little indignity to let Ludger believe that Julius
         depends on him too.

It’s almost midnight. My neighbor, Elsie, will be 62 years old next month. She has advanced Parkinson’s disease. She is digging up the weeds in her driveway, the rusty trowel making horror movie scraping sounds on the gravel. I ask if she needs any help, the way I always do when I catch her at a task that seems too much for her. She says no, the way she always does. I light another cigarette and she tells me about her parents’ deaths, about their edema, their hospital visits, their COPD. Her COPD, from secondhand smoke. I understand about half of what she says, but interject enough to keep her talking. I tell her things about my grandparents. I am completely at ease talking to her, as if she is incapable of judgment.

I envision myself as an old woman, my body having failed me in countless ways, digging up weeds at midnight because there is nothing else I can do, scraping and talking to strangers to prove to myself that I can still do something.

True Heart Head Canon:

Nightmare Heart.

When True Heart becomes corrupt, she becomes Nightmare Heart. Her abilities are almost equivalent to Lord Tirek, the only difference is she doesn’t take away the powers of the ponies… She makes them forget what their special talents are. 

The way this works is when True Heart becomes so distraught that she becomes incapable of helping other ponies find their talents, her emotions go haywire. She, herself loses her cutie mark and goes on a rampage, taking away other ponies cutie marks.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not returning as much of the love you are giving me. Though I wanted to. Though I am trying. Trust me, I am trying.

But I am still unfixed. My heart is still so broken that it is so incapable of falling in love. My mind is not yet ready to think about things. Or to vision a future with another someone. I am still fucked up to believe another batch of ‘Forever’, ‘Infinity’ and ‘Promises’.

I’m sorry for not being so submissive. Because saying ‘I love you’ still hurts. I am still not in the right state to give myself on someone again. I’m still on the process of falling apart. So, I can’t fall in love.

I’m sorry.

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(kind of complex...?) prompt: Sarah got nominated to be prom queen and everyone sort of treated it as a joke [including Sarah herself] but actually she wants to win sorta and she's nervous

"Who the fuck…" Sarah turned around in her desk to look at Cosima, who was doubled over in laughter, yet still managing to shake her head, at the sound of her name next to the tall French cheerleader’s on the list of nominations for prom queen. 

Beth, sitting across from them, was laughing just as hard, patting Cosima on the arm as Sarah starting to break into a grin, “Real funny, dipshit,” she muttered, tapping Beth on the head in a soft slap, “no one stands a chance next to me, yeah?” 

She flipped her hair over her shoulder, embracing the joke, but as she turned back in her seat, she was incapable of explaining and unable to admit the way her heart pounded at the thought of the small plastic crown on her head; she told herself she would ask Ali to make a dress this weekend. 

Minific prompts, dipshits

From the obvious to the absurd, here are our predictions for the next series of Downton Abbey

3. Thomas confronts his sexuality

One character who has no hopes of such a comfortably dull romantic future is Baxter-stabber Thomas Barrow. Mainly because he seems completely incapable of empathising with other humans, but also because he’s gay in an era that sees homosexuality as a crime. When we spoke to Robert James-Collier about the new season, he told us that this year, “It finally dawns on Thomas that he can never find love.” It looks like this realisation will see some traumatic scenes for Thomas, as he tries to change his sexuality but realises he can’t. It looks to us like this will lead to an emotional breakdown, as Barrow turns the rage he so often directs at ladies’ maids in on himself. We only hope that, as the Abbey continues reluctantly to move with the times, Thomas finds a nice young man who can abate his thirst for chaos before the show comes to an end.

Teheheheh. Author of article claims Thomas seems completely incapable of empathising with other humans. Shows that she is completely incapable of empathising with Thomas. Not to mention might never have watched the whole show. Or missed half of it. o_O

Going to reach out to Tumblr for this because this has been something I’ve experienced my whole life and I have never been able to pin down exactly what it is or what causes it.

There are times in my life when things feel “unbalanced”. Sometimes it’s minor, like I climbed an uneven number of stairs so one of my feet got to climb an extra step. Or I might be typing for a while and one of my fingers is over-utilized. The inputs can be visual, auditory, or tactile. It renders me completely incapable of using headphones in which only one side produces sound. Usually just a little bit of time takes the feeling away, or I’ll compensate towards the other side to try and balance things back out.

But there are times when it builds up and causes me to feel completely overloaded. It usually leads to me needing to turn off the lights and lie down very still, and even then if there’s a crease in a sheet or my clothes aren’t exactly symmetric it’ll keep me up and exacerbate the feeling. If it’s particularly bad or prominent, it’ll interfere with my ability to work properly.

I’ve looked into things like sensory overload, but this doesn’t seem to really line up. Sensory overload seems to cover things more like too much stimuli in general, not just a particular stimulus unbalance. [I guess it’s worth mentioning that I am sensitive to auditory and tactile texture - I hate 8-bit music because of its texture, for example.]

This has been a thing for as long as I can possibly remember, and I’d like to at least understand why it is. Any thoughts?