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Although Levi was initially shocked about Hanji getting hurt (everyone was shocked in fact), the bottom pic is about levi angry about Kenny. "Shit, I'm still angry. Where's Kenny?".

I took the text off the pics from chapter 64 because I wanted to use the raw for better quality.

The “Shit I’m still angry” line was a mistranslation by MangaSteam. The original text was about finding Kenny/not defeating all the enemies yet.

My point with the post is that everyone showed initial shock at seeing the person they love being killed/eaten/injured but then we clearly see a look of determination to defeat the person that did that to the person they love on their face.

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Yes, but to ascribe him wanting to get Kenny is shortsighted, since Kenny also DIRECTLY stole Eren, killed Hanji's squad, framed Erwin etc.. To try to push a levihan narrative, and especially try to push it with petruo and eremika, which along with yumikuri are the only ships that have hinted romantic feelings (well, one sided for eremika and petruo) is silly.

Reminder that SNK is not a love story.

The only ship(aside from married couples like Grisha/Carla and Nile/Marie) that has been confirmed I believe is Ymir/Krista(and I’m not even 100% sure on that one).

There’s just as much evidence out there to support LeviHan as there is EreMika and PetRuo.


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(Requested) Can you do a dirty imagine where Ashton is a super artistic art major in college and you have sex or something? Idk but yeah

Pairing: Ashton Irwin☯

Rated: [R] Not recommended for those under 14+ (graphic scenes. and/or language, flashing gifs may apply)

A/N: I FINALLY FINISHED THIS. And I love it so much! Artistic Ashton-au with glassessss, brings me so much joy lol hope you like x

•Closing your eyes and slowly smiling to yourself, his voice made your heart flutter. Ashton. You’d been dating for almost a year now and things were getting serious. Yet, neither one of you had the guts to confirm anything; your personalities alike in terms of carefree spirits. You’d planned to go to college and simply graduate, perusing a career in art or maybe music?
That swiftly changed when you met Ashton..

He was nearly finished with his last year, you-only a junior. One more year you’d have to endure alone..But you took every day as it came. Slow and calm as always.
Placing a warm mug in-between your finger tips, you held on to it. Bringing it to your lips and cautiously letting the hot liquid run down your throat. You grinned as he retrieved the cup.

"Mochá-ala-fracé..the same drink I ordered, on our first date?" You took the blindfold off. A pair of hazel eyes peering at you as he rested his hands on his knees. Nodding before walking across the room, he began to clean off some paint brushes. Adding on focused strokes to his canvas, here and there.

Ashton was mature for his age, as you were. He even owned his own loft-studio apartment In the heart of Manhattan! Mornings were somewhat quiet and sunny. Night time, the peak of busy streets and arabian nights. Making the choice of living together wasn’t too bad. If you took the subway, you’d make it to your classes on time under thirty minutes tops.

"It’s delicious, but why’d you make it? Or better question..HOW did you learn how to make it? I thought that café went out of business.." Piping up, you folded a leg underneath you as you sat on one of his rusty stools. Treating yourself to another sip of the drink.

Ashton looked up slightly, his eyebrows flickered upwards. Fidgeting around the wide room-he finally found his camera under a stack of newspapers. He began to place a fresh roll inside, nudging his glasses further up his nose.
“Yeah, I know. But little did you know..the owner of the place is one of my best mates’ father. Luke helped me because you know I can’t even cook water..” Ashton trailed off.

Sighing a little you squealed and skipped over to Ashton. Your bare feet meeting the cold, hardwood floorboards. You made him nearly drop his camera, snaking your hands around his waist. Resting your chin on his shoulder.

"Thankyou..what you doing?" You hummed. Closing your eyes and mischievously letting your hands roam down his chest. Unbuttoning his red flannel, you raked your nails across the path of his chest hair. The stubble developing on his face, turned you on all the time. Ever-since he returned from his trip to the Netherlands’..And he’d tease you all the time. Not bothering to shave unless you asked..
Chuckling, he licked his lips. Ashton shifted slightly to peck your lips. His eyes fixated on the plumpness of them afterwards.

"You’re full of questions today Y/N. Just wait and see young gross-hopper. One must bring the water to the horse, in stead of waiting on the horse.."

"Okay Gandhi, either you just called me a horse or you’re up to something. Tell me! Please." You couldn’t help but beam happiness around him. He groaned and placed his camera strap over his neck. Carefully lifting one of your legs, sliding his large hand down the bare skin. The hem of his Nirvana shirt riding up to expose your laced underwear. His tally mark tattoo side by side, with the matching ink on your flesh.

"Wanna go exploring with me?"

When he asked you that question, his lips slyly kissed down your shoulder. So when you raised an eyebrow in curiosity, and hummed yes…you hadn’t really thought about his question. As soon as you agreed, he retrieved his warmth from your body. Beginning to toss brushes and supplies Into his rucksack.

"Heyy-wha? No fair Irwin." You immediately whined. He grabbed his motorcycle keys and scanned the floor for your shorts, handing them to you. Your leather jacket draped over the couch-well, his jacket. But he’d always let you wear it.

"Hurry up and get dress beautiful, art isn’t going to discover itself." Ashton lifted the elevator gate and picked up his helmet. Pushing the hair out of your face, you pulled on your vans and grabbed the Oreo jar off the dining island.

"This better be good, because I’m not going to fuck myself.." You retorted, in a frustrated state of impatience.

“Can I open my eyes now!?” You yelled.

Ashton’s hearty laugh made goosebumps arise on your skin.
“NO, not yet..”

” about now?” He carefully led you somewhere. Your hands were out, searching for a clue as to where he’d taken you. He made you keep your eyes close, the entire ride there. Imagine being on the back of a bike and trying to eat cookies, with nothing but winds at a mph rate and just his body to cling on to.

"Alright, now babe." Ashton pecked your cheek and dropped his hands from your eyes. The oxygen was yanked from your insides, a hand flew to your mouth. You couldn’t help but smile harder. Looking around you as the sounds of birds and various creatures rattled your insides.


You loved it.

It was alive.

And so were you. He’d brought you to a cliff that overlooked an endless waterfall of crystal clear water. Ashton sat down on a rock and guarded his eyes from the sun to get a better look. Comfortable silence between you two.

"T-this is beautiful Ashton! Look at how high up we are, oh my god." You spoke like a little child in a candy store. From the butterflies to pink-setting clouds, everything nearly seemed too good to be true.

"Spurful-springs. This is where I come to think and paint. To just get away sometimes, from the stress and know? I know it’s a long way out from the city but I love it here. I love you." Ashton said. The black beanie on his head falling over his eyelids.

"I love you too!!" You yelled abruptly, flailing your arms out. Open to possibly falling as you inhaled the fresh air. The wind picking up as it slapped your hair around. Ashton chuckled and quickly snapped a picture. The click and faint whisper of his camera, easing all your problems.

"We’ll call this one your, titanic pose.." He lowered his voice and trailed off as he smiled to himself. Blushing, you were always bashful when it came to him taking pictures of you.

"Come on." You got an idea. Pulling off your socks and shoes, you put your phone aside. Standing over him and lifting the camera from his head. He instinctively questioned your action but understood, when you started placing it aside.

"We’re going in." You bluntly confirmed. Taking your jewelry off and sweeping your hair to the side. You didn’t even bother taking off your clothes, Ashton clearly on board as his shoes were tossed away.

"Ok. On the count of three?.." He dared you with amusement written all over his face.

"Aren’t you going to put the camera down, it’ll get ruined."

"Not when it’s waterproof. Four years of photography and art actually paid for something.." He held the black device up. You nodded and internally began to panic. Chickening out as you gazed over the edge. Ashton chuckled loudly and started to countdown on his fingers.

"On the count of three, we jump and scream at the top of our lungs. Deal?"

"Deal." You chewed on your bottom lip nervously.

Before you could back out of your own idea, Ashton yelled go and the two of you took off. Jumping as you screamed as loud as you could. Releasing all of your inner frustrations. Your voices echoing amongst the rocks.
Your body impaled the cold water, Ashton crashing in right after you. Squinting your eyes under the water, you realized Ashton was right in front of you. The weight of the earth surrounded you. But it was just you two.

Before you could swim up to the surface, you felt his hand on your waist. The other cupping your cheek like a feather. Placing his lips on yours, he kissed you long and hard. His lips meshing into yours as the water seemed to heat up. A fire ignited within your soul. It was like a dream.

You only parted when you guys needed to breathe, rising above the water as you gasped. Laughing in an ironic manor, still not believing you jumped. The adrenaline still pumping through your veins.

"WOO!" Ashton cheered, splashing water at you as he swam closer.

"Oh my god-THAT was..Ahh!" You giggled and wiping your eyes. Pushing your hair out of your face. You splashed each-other playfully until Ashton managed to corner you. You jumped a little when your foot met a jagged surface. He backed you up against a section of rocks. The two of you now situated, underneath the waterfall. The water hiding your identities to provide a level of privacy and secrecy.

"No more pictures Ashton." You hid your face, hearing his camera go off multiple times. Ignoring your plead and continuing to swim around you-he took one more picture, this time sneaking in to kiss your cheek.
You couldn’t wait to see how that would turn out..

Ashton carefully placed his camera beside you guys on a higher level of rocks. The strap hooking on something to prevent it from sinking.
You raised an eyebrow at how quiet he’d gotten. His figure now hovering above you. His stare intense and deep. His glasses were wet and barely hanging on to his face. Lifting a hand, you kindly pushed them up on his nose and laughed.
He abruptly pulled you closer. When he swiveled the damp crotch of his pants, against your got the hint.

Instantly shaking your head as he tried to kiss you. You snapped out of your daze. His lips reluctantly meeting your jaw. But that didn’t stop him from kissing that area either.

"A-Ashton stop. We can’t do!" You gasped, feeling his strong grip around your most sensitive part.

In class, and to everyone else..Ashton was quiet and nice. Wouldn’t harm a fly. Innocent.
Although those things were true, he was far from Innocent. When it came to you-he was daring and inviting. He made it clear in ever way, how he felt. He wanted you. He loved you. He craved you, just as much as you crave him.

"I’ll make it quick Y/N. I promise." Ashton blew on the sweet spot, on your neck. He’d committed all your likes and dislikes to memory by now, mapping them out like one of his sculptures.

"But Ashton-"

"You’re my muse. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to function. Let me show you how valuable you are to me, yeah?" His accent was clear. His tone lowered in octaves, coated with hunger. The type of hunger that gnawed at the pit of your stomach.

He bit down on his lip and leaned in to your ear, pressing a finger into your aimlessly. All you could do was breathe heavily and grip the nape of his neck. Pulling him as close to you as possible to prevent any space, the water sloshing slightly below. He entered another finger and began to pump harder. Whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he compared you to artistic pieces. Reciting one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, he made your hips stir.

You couldn’t wrap your head around the fact of him being all artsy and wise one moment..Rough and careless the next. You admired that.

When he curled his fingers upward, you swallowed hard and kissed him fiercely. Mumbling against his lips.
“The only thing I’ll be releasing on, is you.” You assured him of any doubts. Ashton wore a crooked smile, swiping his wet hair aside. He peered down to lower his sinking shorts, just enough for him to hold himself in his hands. Rubbing his length around your center, you whimpered.

Even in the water, you could feel how wet and hard he already was. You made him feel that way. And no one else.
Locking a hand beside you to grip the rock, he used the other to help and hold you up. It was a bad idea to have sex under a waterfall, but you were bothered now. And you wouldn’t be able to wait the entire ride back home!

"A-Ashton.." You cooed, his forehead resting against yours. He pushed inside of you slowly. The water making it easier to slide in and out, faster. He swore under his breath and closed his eyes, letting his head fall back slightly.

His glasses fogged up a little from your kisses and the fire between your bodies. Your skin slid against his at a steady rhythm, you moaned and latched your legs around him. Bringing him closer at a better angle. Increased leverage as he became rougher. Pounding harder.

"Shit." He scolded, the mere pain of the rocks against your back was blocked out. Nonexistent at the moment. Only the climatic rise of your highs as you felt him nearing his edge, too.
Unraveling around eachother, you hadn’t noticed Ashton grab his camera. When he sunk his head into your shoulder, you felt him playfully bite it. Assuming he was about to release. But when he thrusted upward a few more times, your back defiantly going to pay for it in the morning..

You screamed out in pleasure, pain and ecstasy. The feeling of your tight walls sending Ashton over the edge as well, his chest rising and falling quickly. And before you could comprehend a coherent thought or word, you heard his camera snap.

He took a picture of you as you fell apart, resting your head back. You blushed fiercely and giggled when he kissed the trail of your windpipe. Up your neck and to your lips, he kissed you one last time. It was sloppy yet sentimental none the less.

"That picture, better stay locked away. For your eyes only." You whispered, removing his glasses to place over your eyes. Weakly gaining balance on your own, you climbed up the rest of the rocks. Stripping yourself down to nothing as Ashton simply watched. Not even protesting as you winked at him.

"Don’t worry, it’ll keep me company on the long trips abroad."

You innocently batted your eyelashes, your body still tingling from your high. Bending over slowly on purpose, you exaggerated your actions. Your backside on display as you draped his Canon around your neck. You felt his fingers settle in the dips of your back-dimples.

Standing up to a shirtless Ashton. His chest hair being brushed downward by your hand. You gripped the hem of his damp pants. A boner still evident and needy.
He leaned in to kiss you again but you stopped him, placing the camera in front of your face. Pressing the button as it shuttered closed then open again.
“You’re such a tease. We should get going, I have to finish my masterpiece for my final grade..”

You scrunched up your nose with distaste.
“Nah, I like it here. Besides. You have tomorrow to do that. But I need you now..” Your voice rose with conviction. Ashton didn’t even have to talk to you really, you had that type of bond. The type of relationship where you can read one another’s thoughts, without having to say them.

Ashton exhaled a shaky yet pleased breath. His fingers peaking over the side of his camera as he snapped shots of you. Walking carelessly naked, back to his motorcycle. In the city, you don’t get that much privacy at all! To be able to walk around free of any scolding comments, it was marvelous! The sun almost finished setting as the sound of crickets came Into play.

"Aren’t you going to put your clothes on?!" He questioned when you put the helmet over your head. You shook your head, receiving a chirpy laugh from him.

"Nope. I don’t need too. I’m art remember? My body is my canvas." You mocked him as he stared at your curves with wide pupils. Ashton bit his lip and grabbed his rucksack.

"I’ll let you ride back naked, under one condition.."


"You meet me in the Darkroom tomorrow at I can develop some photos and we could, make some new ones…"

The edges of your lips tugged upward in agreement. You shrugged and swung a leg over his Harley.
“I’ll bring the glow in the dark condoms, Irwin.”

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But Kenny wasn't the person that hurt Hanji. It was his assistant. Can you give what the direct quote was in the official translation?

Yes, but it was Kenny’s squad that hurt Hanji. Despite Levi’s personal vendetta against Kenny, all of Kenny’s squad is the enemy. The enemy that is responsible for hurting Hanji.

And the original Japanese text is:

"クソッ!! まだ奴がいる"

Which roughly translates to: “Shit!! There are still some guys left”

"どこだ ケ二ー…"

"Where is Kenny…"

Raw source: