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I got my toe stuck in my vagina and I think it has something to do with the retrogatorade? Do you know I can avoid this? Next time??

maybe you shouldn’t stick your toe in your vagina next time mercury is in retrograde

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Everyone is so negative towards some signs. Like, you can't blame their zodiac because maybe they're just a shitting person. You can't base it off of one person that you meet who just so happens to be that sign.

yeah! plus, everyone is different. you could meet a totally chill and wonderful pisces, and then the next day you could meet one that’s your worst nightmare

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I honestly think kai pines and just looks forward to yixing's attention. Yixing is very towards him but sometimes forgets or gets too caught up in their activities and perfecting his dances. While kai pouts and gets really sad, he really just wants lay's love

You know, I actually completely agree with this to be honest. While I like the idea of Yixing being just as needy for Kai’s attention, I really do think that it’s Kai who takes it the hardest when he’s “ignored”. Yixing is a space cadet, but it’s part of his charm. Jongin probably knows this so I doubt he takes it too hard when he can’t get into Yixings world and lights up when he does.

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i bet you're highly exaggerating about the number of issues with the writing but i'd love to hear them anyway

Wow, really? Did anyone honestly think I meant literally 500 things?

Well, to name just a few, in my opinion, the main plot became pointless, boring, and going nowhere. Shay/Cosima/Delphine love triangle is bullshit. Why does there always have to be jealousy with exes and shit, nobody wants to see that anymore, it’s so old. Coady and the whole experiment on women, what does that have to do with the original theme of the show? I find it boring and unimportant to Leda. Alison’s storyline is so separate from the rest of the show, what’s the point of it? Don’t get me wrong, Alison is my ultimate fave and I want her to have more screen time, but for God’s sake pls incorporate her to the main plot, otherwise it’s pointless. Where’s Angie? Did she just disappear? And the whole Castor thing I just… ugh. And this is just to name a few things. Although, s3 is still better than s2. Just get back to the main plot of s1, please.

This is all just my subjective opinion, and I’m not stating the facts, just my opinion. Mine. And it’s perfectly fine to not agree with me, I’m not trying to shove my opinion down your throat, pls note that before you try to convince me that I’m wrong. I’m just giving my opinion, that’s all.

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why u always fuckin the scorpio? are scorpios not good for marrying and love? or are we just supposed to be really good at sex?

let’s be real tho who doesn’t want to fuck a scorpio

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What's wrong with the neurodiversity movement?

1) neurodiversity is a fact, autism alone doesn’t make you neurodivergent, everyone naturally is

2) it was founded on the idea that autism is a way of life not a disorder

3) autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder by fact

4) most in the community are obviously high functioning and have no right to speak for the majority of those who ate extremely disabled.

5) they don’t know what ableism is and throw it around because their arguments suck

6) claim pro cure means feticide

7) claim curing autism is somehow genocide and the eradication of their existence when autism does not define their existence, it is a gene

8) if pro cure is eugenics then curing genetic cancers might as well be the same

9) constant contradictions in the community

10) on tumblr alot of them are self diagnosed and probably aren’t autistic lol

music asks!
  1. favorite song
  2. favorite band
  3. song that reminds you of summer
  4. first band you got into
  5. favorite genre (s)
  6. share your playlist!
  7. most relaxing song you can think of
  8. least liked genre
  9. most uplifting song you can think of
  10. do you sing?
  11. do you play an instrument?
  12. most intense song you can think of
  13. song you would have played at your funeral
  14. favorite album
  15. have you ever listened to a song so much that you stopped liking it? which one(s)?
  16. do you listen to any music your parents don’t approve of?
  17. have you gotten any friends into a band that you love?
  18. do you like any obscure bands?
  19. are there any songs you can’t stand?
  20. what songs do you remember from your childhood?
  21. do you like any songs that are considered unpopular?
  22. which band has the best singer in your opinion?
  23. purchase or pirate?
  24. first music player you’ve ever owned
  25. most interesting band?