Just thought I’d let you guys know, there is absolutely no ship hate or headcanon hate on this blog.

Even if I do not agree with a ship (Which is rare anyways) or headcanon, I will still reblog art of it and listen to you talk about it because art should be appreciated and hey, I love it when people talk about what makes them happy.

So always feel free to rant at me about your favourite things (Dragon age or otherwise.)

Just call me aunt Kenzie. I’m here for you and I love you. :4)

Hey I've got a quick question for sherlollyween??

I can’t find/remember who the original poster was for Sherlollyween
I’m such a dumbass omfg
Anyways is there an AO3 group for it yet?? Mobile tumblr is being an ass as usual and AO3 is a bit more sophisticated than tumblr for posting fics so
It’d be nice if I got some help please??


Fushimi Inari, the number one tourist spot in Kyoto.

I never get full of this place. It’s a must-go for every first timer. This was early in the morning, so not much people were there. Some hikers, no tourists (maybe just a couple or two).

This place is still one of my recommendations to visit if you go to Kyoto.

Photos by Ean Dacay (me)