Bucky’s role in this movie is the point where Marvel nerd and non-nerd audiences part ways. Going by the reactions I’ve seen from film critics and my non-fan friends, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an entertaining superhero movie that probably should’ve had more dialogue and fewer action sequences. But if you go by Marvel/Captain America fandom, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FILM WAS AGONY AND LIFE IS A WORTHLESS HELLSCAPE UNTIL STEVE AND BUCKY CAN BE TOGETHER AGAIN.

Infinite Elijah Scenes

  • Brother:Have you even been outside all day?
  • Me [from the screened-in porch]:I am outside right now.
  • Brother:Is chocolate all you've eaten today?
  • Me [while drinking hot chocolate]:No, for breakfast I had a muffin with nutell—OK I see your point.

Say what you want about Steven Moffat, love him or hate him, but series 5 of Doctor Who is inarguably, easily the best series since the show’s return in 2005. Best premiere, best finale, best introduction of a new Doctor, best introduction of new companions, and story after story that consistently knocks it out of the park.

"He did bad things but it was his job". jesus christ. if you knowingly sign up for a job that requires you to do bad things—as he arguably did when he enlisted with a goal of special operations, and as he inarguably did when he re-enlisted several times—guess what! you’re accountable for the bad things you do!!

Things that are inarguably true:

1. Nobody has ever enjoyed cleaning snow and ice off a car.

2. Sauce is the most important food group (arguably the most important thing in general).

3. YouTube is a totally weird, but awesome community builder. For whatever reason, watching videos by Grace Helbig, Rhett & Link, Michael Aranda, etc. is making me feel better about taking this job and moving to a new city. Knowing those communities are still going to be there while I upheave my life is weirdly comforting. Not in a Mom-Gave-Me-A-Hug kind of way, but maybe in a These-Sleeves-Are-Slightly-Too-Long way. Anyway, thanks YouTube for being both entertaining and sleeve-like.

There are heterosexual people who believe if made legal, homosexual people will raise their children to be homosexual when heterosexual people are the ones who make and raise the homosexuals in the first place, which inarguably proves that paternal sexual orientation is absolutely, unequivocally irrelevant in regards to the development of sexual orientation in children under their care and influence. Indisputable logic.
If the fundamental task of postcolonial criticism is, as Robert J. C. Young puts it, to ‘find a way to talk about’ the feeling that ‘you [are] not the subject of your own sentence,’ that you are always already ‘spoken for,’ or ‘the object of speech,’ that ‘you live in a world of others, a world that exists for others’ (1), then it is inarguable that Jean Rhys’s writing – her novels, short fiction, and life writing – figures a performance of this sense of being ‘outside,’ perpetually ‘Othered.’
—  "Jean Rhys’s Tropographies: Unmappable Identity and the Tropical Landscape in Wide Sargasso Sea and Selected Short Fiction" by Jessica Gildersleeve