"You can’t stop looking at her. For one moment, you can look without needed to worry that she’ll catch you - or worse, someone else. Maybe if you memorize her now, you won’t be so tempted to catch a glimpse every second of every day. Is it possible to get a year’s worth of stares in the span of seconds?

"Did you learn anything?" you were trying to keep it from getting awkwardly quiet, but then, you realize your gaze.

You didn’t ask to hear the answer, you asked to watch her lips move as she says it. Your fingers are careful with the bandage, unwrapping it purposefully slow, you try to draw it out. Stretching time the way air thins in your chest, there’s just not enough." - I Need A Medic, chapter 20, by Gnomingabout


'…..Revolution means change,
Don’t look at me strange,
So I can’t repeat what other rappers be sayin’,
You don’t stand for something,
You fall for anything, 
Harder than you think,
It’s a beautiful thing…..’

Chuck D


Cum sunt pregatiti COPIII RUSI pentru a face fata oricarui INAMIC! FOTO

Cum sunt pregatiti COPIII RUSI pentru a face fata oricarui INAMIC!

Copiii rusi de la clubul sportiv militar Berkut, din Jukovski sunt pregatiti special pentru unitatile militare de elita, pentru a face fata oricarui inamic periculos din aceasta lume.

Daca unii parinti isi feresc copiii pana si de filmele sau jocurile pe calculator care promoveaza violenta, in R…

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Poziția inamicului arogant

Se întâmplă ca tot ceea ce zici să fie ascultat, chiar şi porcăriile mucede pe care le rosteşti doar ca să exciţi orificii invizibile. Se întâmplă ca lumea să nu asculte ce zici, să asculte doar ce își zice ea prin gura ta. 

Se întâmplă să nu mai cauţi discuţii şi cercuri în care se citeşte din ochi care-i treaba. Adică, nu-i chiar rău să te preocupi doar de ce ai pe limbă şi să-ţi imaginezi că poţi să mânjeşti pereţii cu acest har.

(Ar trebui ca din imaginaţie să tâşnească lichide în realitate, peste tot, ar trebui s-avem pete pe haine care să indice ce ne mişcă şi pe unde.)

Dacă tot suntem aşa de murdari, de ce ne ferchezuim textilele peste pielea aşteptărilor generale?

(Din imaginaţie ar tâşni sinceritatea ca lichidul spermă pe care toată lumea vrea să-l atingă, deși

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"You can’t find your mother anywhere on the company grounds so you decide to see if she’s in the building. As soon as you’re inside it doesn’t take long to spot her flight jacket down the hallway. You just don’t know what she’s doing with SPC Lopez.

Lopez of all people. It makes you nervous to see them together, because that soldier knows more she should about way too many topics, none of which needs to be shared with your mother. Walking quickly, you make your way down the hall. Neither of them notice you, and you’re quiet enough to overhear their conversation.

Your mom sounds skeptical, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

"Trust me, ma’am, this is how we do it in Lima Heights."

Illustrating the amazing new I Need A Medic chapter, by gnomingabout.