E nessuno sa’ niente
Nessuno deve sapere niente
Dei segreti che si scambiavano i nostri occhi
Ci sarebbe da invidiare
Le nostre mani che si cercano
Ci sarebbe da invidiare
Al buio,i nostri baci più belli

E nessuno sa’ niente
Nessuno deve sapere niente
Delle nostre risate che insieme,erano armonia
Ci sarebbe da invidiare
Arrabbiati mentre ci urliamo contro
Ci sarebbe da invidiare
Tra le tue braccia,il posto più bello

I will keep you warm when you are cold,
and be your sun that shines like gold.
I will be the bandaid to your sore,
and keep you sheltered from the storm.
I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
and remind you you’re safe and I am here.
I will kiss you when your lips are cracked,
and pull you closer when you retract.
I will read to you your favourite book,
and make you tea when you feel crook.
I will hold you when you cry,
and tell you you’re as beautiful as a butterfly.
I will lay your head on my chest,
and kiss you goodnight and let you rest.
I will love you at your worst and at your best,
and remind you you have nothing to detest.
I will carry you over mountains so high,
and only for you I will be your tough guy.
I will write poems for you my angel,
and show you that I am so grateful.
I will love you from heaven to hell,
and die peacefully when I hear the knell.
Because I have found you my dear,
and with you I have no fear.
I love you.
—  Unattainable love obtained.