• Charming:Wait. So Gold's plan to turn Emma dark is to have her kill a known criminal who's threatening Henry's life?
  • Author:Yeah.
  • Charming:But that's not evil.
  • Author:Sure it is.
  • Charming:No it's not. Killing someone for personal gain or for no good reason is evil. Killing someone who's trying to kill a child will get you a medal and a parade.
  • Author:But killing equals bad.
  • Charming:It's not that simp--look. What's Cruella's happy ending again?
  • Author:Regaining the ability to kill people.
  • Charming:Yeah, I'm still thinking we should have a parade on stand-by for when Emma gets back.

“Why is this full body shot of Quincey I’m cleaning up almost entirely on ones and 129 frames longThe Musical


A coworker is reading my novel, and today she was over to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious. Afterward I sent her the second part of the novel and we discussed the actors I liked for the characters.

Long story short, she had disagreements with 80% of my casting choices.

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+ {soldier boy} aka dcubleagent
{continued from this {X} meme}

It was quite obvious that she was lying straight through her teeth. She was enthralled fro the kiss. Her chest was rising and falling quickly and she was as red as a beet. She obviously enjoyed the kiss much more than she was leading on. His head leans closer to her when she said that she has had better. His hands drop a bit to rest on her hips and he licked the corner of his lips. “It doesn’t take a mind reader to know that you are lying through your teeth Ray. How about we take this somewhere more private? See just how red I can get you.”

     Ray kept the bridged gap, gazing at him with a flutter of her long lashes. She also kept a steady gaze about her, continuing to look all a flush. She wondered just what he was getting out of it, despite the sexual tension. She didn’t like that he had an opportunity to toy and break her heart. She wanted the upper hand in this…needed the upper hand in this. “Is that what you want?” Rachel boldly asked.