Soon 32d

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Soon 32d

“I’m… very glad you called,” Helena said. She sounded cautious, tentative.

Of course she would sound cautious and tentative. Of course she would, and that was Myka’s fault… but Helena had told her to stop blaming herself, so she would try. She had wanted to start out by saying something light, something like, “I had to call you, because Abigail would kill me otherwise,” but Helena’s voice—her sweet, low voice, her voice that Myka wanted to hear, always—made her say, “Can you forgive me?”

And the sweetest, lowest of voices told her, “Only if you can forgive me.”

“For what?”

“Exactly.” They breathed on the line at each other, and then Helena said, “Before, when I asked if you would come back, you said you didn’t want to lie to me. How do you feel now?”

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sitting next to a cute guy at mass and just holding the frick out of his hand during the our father



people were Rude AF today some customers or something and when people get rude i lose 100% of my ability to pretend to be polite to them you shoulda heard the way this one person spoke to me and i just turned and gave them a Stare that expressed what i would be saying if i wasn’t being merciful and actually spoke back to them. Grown Adults. i am so rude back when ppl are rude b/c they dont realize i have nothing to lose and i have a Temper
our workplace is weird and not strictly following the law in terms of giving us breaks every 6 hrs, not recording audio, etc, but one thing is that the owners fully recognize that the kinds of customers who complain are full of shit and one of them told me “yeah i always assume they’re lying first” like honestly. you would not believe. I gave them such a Look you would not believe how rude they were being to me. and then its funny b/c these same ppl who are incapable of treating you with any fundamental respect are also requesting some kind of action from you so i always make them wait like 10 minutes for whatever. i swear to god

but what if root and john were on a mission together and there were samaritan agents and the only way they can avoid detection is by making out like steve and natasha in cap 2?