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Rules  _  the game is top 10 husbands/wives. The rules are, to write down your top male/females/nb characters and then tag ten people to do the same.

1. Satsuki Shishio 
3. Shishio-sensei 
4. S H I S H I O
5. Tetsuro Kuroo
6. Akane Tsunemori
7. Tooru Oikawa
8. Nanami Momozono
9. Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)
10. Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low)

I love Shishio way too much oops. And of course I had to put my band husbands on as well. 

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blackandwhiteinside asked:

Where can I find the floating Denny's restaurant?

some say you must hike through an emerald forest where the tree bark is soft as bacon, for thousands of miles up above the frostline, through ice-cream topped peaks among marshmallow clouds. others claim it takes years of meditation and pure thought. some have been driven absolutely mad in their endless search for the floating denny’s, for that gleaming denny’s in the sky. but what most of these so-called adventurers have tragically failed to understand is that no matter the journey, the floating denny’s only appears to those with a truly curious mind, a burning love, a proud hunger, and a carefulness for the hearts of their fellow humans. the unworthy will see only sky, their long travels and lives wasted in vain, yes, only blue, empty sky…