Blanket that doesn’t look like one :p
So here I was imagining the trio exploring the outside world. They get so far that they get to the other hemisphere and the constellations are different. Eren and Armin manage to find many books, some are about the stars and Eren is so excites learning these new things, their names and stories that he can’t sleep so he tries to get Mikasa involved in their discovery and she is more that willing to hear him.

- I always want you when I’m coming down -

No shit, Hawke.  Three wolves right on our tails, and our brilliant Inquisitor decides the best way to solve this problem is to steer the horses off a damned cliff.   And the worst part?  It actually worked!”

I’ve been wanting to draw the interior of Skyhold for a bit because I love the colors, so here’s Hawke and Varric catching up, because there can never be enough art of these two.