I’ve felt the euphoric highs of victory
Blessed my home with the gifts of life.
Stood atop the podium,
medal around my neck.
My time in the sun.
I’ve felt the worst that life can dish out.
The pain of losing a child,
Irrevocable heartbreak.
trying to understand God’s plan.
I’ve gotten up more times than I’ve fallen.
I’ve gotten more than my fair share of breaks…
More than my fair share of chances…
More than my fair share of ‘it could be worse’
Still trying to understand.
Still trying to stifle the pain that now lives in my chest.
In the darkest hours,
when the silence is screaming from the walls,
Every decision questioned.
Every step taken forward, or back.
Every thought screaming at me from the walls.
Life walks in, before the sun.
Reminding me
—that maybe I don’t need to understand just yet.
—that maybe things will be ok.
—that just maybe, the pain will go away.

After a two-year long battle with leukemia, famous Youtuber and Garry’s Mod animator Kitty0706 passed away on 1/25/15.

He has brought a lot of laughs and joy into my life and the lives of all his viewers, and I’ve even made a tradition out of watching Heavy’s Retarded Holiday every Christmas. Colin’s videos are flat out genius and hilarious, and he left one heck of a legacy behind as a result.

For bringing me happiness when I was in my darkest hours, for endless hours of laughter, thank you.

You can check out his Youtube channel here:

For his Deviant Art page, go here: