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Whats your advice for being in a relationship with someone who's overly attached to you

this is my advice and you may take this as me being rude or unhelpful. having someone attached to you, do you know how amazing that is. to have someone who wants to know about your day or how you’re feeling, or your hopes, your dreams. someone who WANTS to spend time with you, someone who would do pretty much anything for you. thats fucking amazing and isn’t something you should take for granted. because go ahead say she’s clingy, push her away but you know what, i fucking love clingy. tell me how much i mean to you, randomly show up at my house for no reason other than you wanted to see me. you know whats way worse than clingy, or attached? someone who could care less about you, someone who doesn’t do these things. so you know what you do, you fucking appreciate it.

speech & debate tournament gothic
  • when are postings? they are never there, yet always present. always.
  • ‘they need timers’, everyone whispers. their voices are low, hushed, reverent. we must respect those chosen to time.
  • the tp debate has been going on forever. we laugh. when DOES it take less than four hours for them to round up the survivors?
  • in the meantime, ld debaters have begun their debate. the resolution seems be changing every time they look at it.
  • naturally, at least two people are doing the Tell-Tale Heart this year. and, oddly enough, they’ve both been placed in humorous open?
  • we walk to our rooms, hearts beating unsteadily, our breathing as calm as we can force it. do not let the judges smell your fear, we remind ourselves. because they can. and they will.
  • this year’s impromptu prompts seem so familiar… are these the last words of previous impromptu speakers?
  • at this table, we’re playing king’s corner. at this table, we’re playing rummy. at this table, we’re casting lots to see who must help the kitchen staff prepare lunch.
  • the informative speakers always come back with eyes glazed over, mouths sewn shut, good only for timing other speeches
  • the illustrated oratories carry their boards with them at all times, always prepared to shield themselves from the unknown.
  • finally, the regionals are done, and we can stumble in the direction we last remember home being, full of agony and relief
  • put just when we think we are free
  • ‘you should join extemp next year!’

Private Walter William Flanders (Regt. Nº.2426) E Company 1st Battalion Hertfordshire Regiment.

Walter and three other men were killed in action when their trench took a direct hit, burying an entire section near Shrewsbury Forest, Zillebeke, Belgium on 19th November 1914. Walter had only arrived on the Western Front on 5th November and had been in the front lines for less than 48 hours. He was 19 years old.

“It was a real privilege to recently take Walter’s relative Nancy back to the location wgere Walter was killed and to re-tell his story for the first time. This photo was likely taken in the back garden of No 4 Ridge Road, Letchworth in the morning of 5th August 1914.”

(Dan Hill, Project Officer - “Herts at War”)
(Photograph by courtesy of Paul Johnson)
(Colourised by Doug)

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Oooo, please tell us about Hannibal having to kill off Bedelia! I personally think they can swing it where she just exits stage right, but I'm really interested to hear your take :)

Well, I’m thinking Bedelia gets killed off because:

– Gillian Anderson is doing the X Files reboot, so her schedule is going to be jam-packed, leaving less time for Hannibal.  (I don’t know details 

– Drama.  This show is all about the drama, and what’s more dramatic than Hannibal killing off his ‘wife,’ the person who has known him the longest and one of his toughest adversaries.  Let’s face it, if anyone is going to take Hannibal Lecter down (aside from Will Graham), it’s her.  

– Hannibal is, at his core, inescapable.  Loose ends aren’t really his style (aside from Mizumono, but I feel like his character made a lot of exceptions in that episode, which was super great) and she knows way too much to let her go.  Hannibal will eventually tire of her, a kind of immature boredom, and killing her would be the best way to dispose of her company.  In fact, I think he would consider it an honor for her, to be killed by the person who she tried so hard to understand.  

Or, maybe she kicks Hannibal in the balls, takes his credit card, and runs away with Alana Bloom.  Maybe she slips off into the night and we don’t see her again for a long time.  

No matter what happens, I hope she knocks him down a few pegs.  God knows he needs it.

Smokin’ Aces and Bloody Jackets || closed w/ jacketspiece

This was Jacket’s neighborhood, Ace had decided.  Any place under the claim of this mafia seemed to be exactly where she found the chicken-headed freak.  She would have to learn for the future.  Most other heisters killed, sure, but this…this was sick.

Again she found herself in the same building. She paid him even less mind than last time.  That was up until he caused even more of a ruckus and the law enforcement showed up dramatically earlier than predicted.  It was telling of this man’s growing notoriety; under no other circumstance would they have come this quick in this area.

Shit, she had to get out of here!  The cops were storming the place, eager to apprehend the man of the moment.  Hell, unless she made herself obvious, they might not even care about her.

Ace would try to take advantage of this. She crept carefully along the dim hallway, most of the lights having been blown out.  It was something straight out of a horror movie, some flickering in their desperate attempts at life.


A recluse, even from her siblings, Lamashtu is the Hell Lord of greed.  It is said that in ages passed she bartered once with humanity and gave them the secret to agriculture in exchange for worship and tribute numbering in untold sums of gold and souls and even today her name is synonymous with Mesopotamian monsters.

All things come to her in time, for she is the goddess of all that glitters, all that shines, everything of worth.  The void inside of her cannot be filled and every action she takes seems to further the horde she possesses.  So long she has been appraising and gathering she can tell the value of anything in front of her at a moment’s notice, from gold, to people, to entire nations.  Never is she cheated, never does she walk away with less than she came in with.

She dresses in utter finery, the finest silks and golds weave around her body, adorning her limbs and chest, dangling from her ears and encrusting her fingers.  Five horns tip her stern, cold face, black eyes glitter calculatingly. Below, several talons, tipped in gold, scuttle along, moving her through her endless halls of riches.

Her realm, known as Eden, consists of rivers of fertile farmland cut in between massive stone buildings, graineries and storehouses.  Here, she produces the vast wealth of food for hell, and in turn, those who wish to eat must lay tribute for their meals.  All need to eat, so all riches come to her in time.  Her ziggurat, her home, acts as treasury and auction, for anything can be bought or sold here, for the right price.

Gawshh but when you watch S2, the power struggle between Isobel & Cora is like seriously heartbreaking. Because Isobel’s words cut Cora so deep (i.e. “not that you’ve ever held a real occupation in your life,” “someone with real medical expertise,” or “you think you can ordain the entire universe”), and fuck it’s just a testament to Cora’s strength because she just takes it quietly. Her face in that dinner scene & then afterwards when they’re having drinks…its painful as hell. And I wonder if she’s flashing back to all those times in her life when she’s been made to feel less than she actually is. (i.e. Violet telling her she’ll never REALLY be a Countess. Her mother telling her that they don’t REALLY belong anywhere bc of their social status. And probably all those ladies who didn’t REALLY want her there or to marry Robert.) Legit, girl has probably been told all of her life that she’s not good enough/has to change this and that about herself/etc, and then, in this episode you can see something noticeably change. Something inside of her snaps (as it has since then & has I’m sure it has before this very moment), and she decides she’s not going to take shit any longer, and changes all of Isobel’s plans, and then that scene where you can literally see her turn to steel & she adopts this, “I will chase you out of my house if I have to. YOU will not make me feel less of myself in my own house.” Which is also kind of ironic bc Isobel has had to contend with not being enough for any of them whenever they discovered Matthew would be the heir.

// edit // Just like the whole “this my house now, Roberts & mine.” I mean she probably took small pleasures in being awarded the moments to say such things she’s otherwise had to keep buried inside.

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Hot Damn!

“Fuck if Kalen isn’t gorgeous. Gods, he’s definitely one of the most attractive men I’ve seen naked, scars and all. I’m real glad he felt comfortable enough - or uncomfortable enough from the heat - to take his shirt off in the Club last night, ‘s a step forward. They’re part of him and a story of survival, so I’m definitely not lyin’ when I tell him they’re sexy. Oh, and he hasn’t had time to get his hair trimmed lately, so it’s even longer than usual an’ holy fuck if that isn’t an attractive look on him. Plus, he’s a total sweetheart too, so it’d be just plain to give him anythin’ less than a 10/10.”

“Y’know, I almost feel a bit guilty for thinkin’ that Tylorill is hot shit, since Kalen works for him or at least for his wife, but damn, the guy’s attractive. He’s got that whole charmin’ rogue thing going for him, plus the fact that he’s a father and can pull off leathers real nice. He’s definitely not bad on the eyes, so a solid 9/10 solely because of that lil’ bit of unnecessary guilt.”


⭐️⭐️So a went shopping yesterday and tried on some swim suits and I was less than happy with what I was seeing!!👎🏻👎🏻 So last night before bed I put on a wrap and I #wokeuplikethis!!💪🏼💪🏼🙌🏻🙌🏻 Who needs #beautysleep when you can have skinny sleep!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 and I still will have time to wrap again before its time to hit the beach!!🌴🌴☀️☀️ That being said I won’t sit here and tell you that wraps alone will solve all your problems. Keep making healthy choices and they are a GREAT addition to what you’re doing!! I am still being active and using my Fitbit and taking my supplements and at least trying to eat better even though I’m not so successful with food. But wraps do help!! ❤️❤️ if you want to wrap you can get some at #fitness #myfitnesspal #fitbit #mfp #fitfam #motivation #weightlossmotivation #fitbitchargehr #health #weightlossjourney (at

To the boy in my math class who made a joke about rape and feminism

I don’t know if you realize this but
Feminism is so fucking important.
Not only in america but in countries where 8 year old girls are forced to marry their cousins, their uncles, men twice their age, their GOD DAMN RAPISTS. In countries where women get acid thrown on them just because men want to feel Superior. In countries where girls get shot if they tell a man no. I don’t know if you realize this but if we both had jobs right now I would make 77 cents every time you make a dollar, a black woman would make less than that, a Hispanic woman EVEN LESS THAN THAT. We live in a world where woman carry pepper spray and take self-defense classes to protect ourselves from creeps like you. And I don’t know if you’ve forgotten or if you’re damn stupid but rape ISNT A FUCKING JOKE. Also I’d just like to point out that not only does every woman in our country, in the world, everywhere need feminism. YOU need feminism too. Feminism protects you from harmful stereotypes and unsafe conditions. Feminism is a home for eveyone its about equality. feminism protects men, women, trans people, queer people, the POC community, everyone under the sun. EVERYONE NEEDS FEMINISM. WOMEN WOULDNT HAVE ANY OF THE RIGHTS WE HAVE TODAY WITH OUT FEMINISM AND YOU MIGHT NOT EITHER. Lastly I’d like to point out that as a straight, cis, white male in America you have every fucking right imaginable you’re so fucking privileged so shut your damn mouth and let everyone else get the rights they deserve (which so luckily already have) and don’t you dare complain.

Why should I be ashamed of what I was given at birth? I did not make the choice of what gender I was born. & neither did you, so the next time you want to tell me I am less of a person than a male is, remember neither of us chose this. (some of us did later on in life) I was put into this body, I did not pick it. I should not have to feel less of a human because of my (very cute) body. I did not take this photo just to show off my body though. A very talented young lady I know, is going to take this beautiful photograph, draw it to near perfection, and than gouge out my breast area and pelvic area. To show just how society makes women feel.


I’m going to be less active on tumblr for a while because I’m going to Japan soon and I’d like to know most of the basics before I leave so if anyone catches me on here for more than an hour at a time tomorrow tell me to get back to studying. 

If anyone needs me for any reason do not hesitate to contact me on skype, I’ll check my inbox when I take breaks here too, my skype is nintenboysm for those who don’t have it already.

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If you could tell anyone anything at any point. What would you tell them?

probably something like hey you’re gonna have to live the rest of your life in waves of good times and bad times and you should invest in your personal growth and self acceptance so you can learn what works and doesn’t work for you because nobody’s gonna fix anything for you and you have to take responsibility for your life so get right with yourself and remember to enjoy the small things and take it one day at a time and eat real food none of that pizza pocket/freezer burrito bullshit bc you are what you eat so eat pretty things that make you feel good and tell people how you really feel while you can because people come and go all the time and also learn how to relax and treat yourself right and never settle for anything less than you deserve (btw you deserve the very fucking best ya little rascal)

something like that

Play With Me (Bonds) - Daehyun&Donghae

Daehyun couldn’t decide if finding A.DEN had been hard or not, since he had never resorted to a hacker before. However, the cambion was proud to have managed to find the other’s address instead of only the contact that would serve to make his request, and he could thank his investigative journalism classes for that, beside his own mind. You see, the mission he had for the hacker was considerably delicate and could not simply be sent through binary codes and got done with. No, there needed to be a face to face talk and maybe even a chair and a cup of water with sugar for the other to take all the information in.

This experience actually contained a lot of firsts for Daehyun. First time using a hacker, telling a human about the existence of supernaturality and, last but not least, letting another person know about his father’s existence.

Concerning A.DEN’s professionality level, the cambion had not heard less than great words and compliments, so he was actually excited to try and use the person’s knowledge. Who knew, maybe the nameless old man who he’d been told to be his father would actually be hidden behind a screen; at this point, Daehyun was accepting any kind of beliefs regarding his whereabouts.

Walking down the hacker’s street, the cambion was too busy looking for the building which number was written down on his phone to notice a cyclist – or rather, a cyclist wannabe – approach him with a crazy speed and no sense of what breaks were for, apparentely. The only thing that made him conscious of the danger was the «Careful, move away!» shout he didn’t even know where came from at first, and then, suddenly, a blast of air was making him lose balance and the bicycle was passing intches away from touching him, so close he actually felt static electricity between his hand and the metal. Hand which pulled away immediately and made him stagger even more, until gravity won over and Daehyun was sprawled on the floor, his arm having scraped on an entry’s step which ripped skin and left him bleeding.

“Aiiiish!”, he turned the way the other had gone to, but there was no sign of him already. Had the cambion been seriously almost run over by a bicycle? That was ridiculous; it was lucky that today he was in a good mood or otherwise that incident would have had bad consequences and it wasn’t for him.

He stood up quickly, eyes setting immediately on the number of the building he was looking for. What a coincidence, the cambion had fallen right on A.DEN’s doorsteps. That could be seen as a good thing already, right?

A quick look at his bleeding arm told him he wouldn’t want to look at it anymore, so Daehyun climbed the steps and pressed the call button he already knew to be the hacker’s. A deep breath left his lips and he had to lick them as the force of habit was stronger than his wish to not dry them out. This was it, he was about to take another change. If luck was in side, soon his father would have nowhere to hide.   



i’ve been thinking a lot about poetry,
and what it means to express creatively;
how these notions in my head
are probably better left unsaid,
but keeping them in would be the death of me.
i’ve got to sit back, relax, bide my time and unwind,
and most of all, stop thinking so critically.

side by side, no two things are alike
so why waste your time thinking,
“they’re smarter,”
“they’re prettier,”
“they’re better than me,”
when the fact of the matter
is that we all cower
under the notion that we’re anything less
than who we’re supposed to be.

so who are you, to tell me who i am?
and who am i, to tell you that you can’t?
listening is an option,
one i won’t take part in,
lest i let myself get boxed in.
i refuse to stifle my thoughts
for that’s not what i was taught;
so now i sit, and reminisce
about all the things that i have lost.

but for all that i’ve lost there’s twice that i’ve gained,
and all i’ve gained came at a cost -
there’s so much shit in my brain that lesser men’d get lost.
but i’m not lesser! i’m better than that, and i am fully aware that i’m full of crap
i know i’m no better but i know i’m no worse.
this is a curse than comes out in verse, not something obscene or perverse.

they say the brain is always five steps ahead of the pen-
or in my case, the phone in my hand.

It's Not The Taking Part That Counts.

I recently became friends with a girl that turns out was dating the same guy as me about the same time. They had split and less than a week later he had started dating me. He told me he had been single for months and rarely spoke to her. When she came back into his life he got freaked out and started complaining about her to me and telling me he wanted to take things slow. I started to see red flags but told myself that years of hurt had just made me bitter and a bit ‘crazy’. This was all until one night he got caught out and turns out he had got back with her and was still seeing me. I messaged the other girl and we got chatting and discovered what was happening. We both said goodbye to his sorry ass, went for a cute day of shopping and dinner. When I told my other friends proudly of how girl code had triumphed over another fuckboy my friends were very negative. ‘You both slept with the same guy and now you’re buying bath bombs from Lush together?’ 'Do you not find it strange that you are now friends?’ The honest answer is no! Of course not! Women have this built in voice telling them we are in constant competition with other women, all for the pleasure of the men. This is why if a partner strays it’s always the other persons fault, not the person you are actually in a relationship with. The usual story is guy cheats on girl and then girl hates on the other girl whilst the guy gets off scot-free. We seem to put down other women to make ourselves more desirable and that’s not how it should be. It shouldn’t be me calling this girl fat or uglier than me, it should be 'I dated a fuckboy and now I have a great friendship with an awesome girl’. I’m in no competition with other women, I’m just here to support.

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Were you and your siblings born before your father and the other Lords defeated the dragons, or after?

———   陰の太陽   ———

     “ Before. ”, he stated plainly, pausing to take a small sip from the porcelain teacup he held.
               “ My brother and sister could tell you more, though I remember it some. 

Gwyndolin had been young then, too young to truly recall the events of that time much less participate in the battles’ execution. Of course, he would not have been allowed near such things in any case. His sister, older than he, had barely been allowed into the thick of things, though even then her prowess in healing had been noted. It was likely his brother had been gifted a strong presence, however. He remained expressionless at the thought and took another sip of his tea.

At times he could picture moments, clips and phrases, from those days. He could see the shadows of men and women in helms. Some he had later come to know well. Others had been lost to the pages of history, though their sacrifices had not been forgotten.

          “ The days thereafter, however, I remember well. ” That much was certainly true.
               “ I watched a great many warriors rise to serve my father here, in Anor Londo. ”


So I feel as though the universe as brought me to a crossroads and is demanding that I make some decisions….


Recently at work my bosses have decided I take too much time off for wrestling so to punish me they have started to schedule me less, I guess their planning being to starve me out.  I have been their 15 years, doing a minimum wage job all because of the freedom said job gives me with wrestling, the one thing on this Earth that I am any good at.  It seems to me that I should tell them to “piss off” and find a new job, which is of course easier said than done. 


I got a notice a couple of weeks ago that my rent is going up by a 100 dollars.  A 100.  I have lived here 8 years and in that time it has gone up twice.  Each time 20 dollars.  And now it is going up 100 dollars. I can’t really afford that.  I should move. I should find somewhere cheaper or I should get roommates.  But I love my apartment.  The best years of my life have happened while I have lived here.  I don’t want to move.  I am happy here.


A couple days ago I received an email telling me that the Half Ironman I signed up for at the end of last year has been canceled.  That means that my calender now lacks that date that frightens me.  It lacks an event that I can’t possibly handle unless I put work in. 


This year I have worked for WWE, I have wrestled at King of Indies, Cauliflower Alley, and the most successful SPW show in the companies 15 year history.  I have also wrestled every single weekend this year.  Now as I look into the future, I have two free weekends in June and nothing new and scary.  Yes I love working for the companies I work for….but I also love going new and exciting places and I have none of that anywhere on my calendar. 

I feel like I need to resolve these issues.  I feel like I am at a crossroads, or a cliff. I can either maintain the status quo or I can make some changes……

Oh and tonight my phone broke so I am currently without a phone which is weird but also kind of freeing.  The only way people can get a hold of me is via facebook or email….and that only works if I check those things.  Clearly at some point I will take it in and try to get them to fix it.  But it won’t be tomorrow.  It might not be the next day.  But certainly, at some point, I will return to the world and once again participate. 

Or not