It would be their first time on a mission together, and certainly, Chrono’s first time being dispatched to begin with. Tasuku, however, was no stranger to these happenings; as one of the Prince’s veteran soldiers, he was sent on these missions often, and more often than not came back successful.

Today, the two young knights were investigating suspicious activity in the port town, riding across the green fields together on a single white horse–the one Tasuku had tamed a long, long time ago. Chrono sat behind him and held on tightly, because alas, none of the horses but this one had taken well to his demonic presence. Tasuku would’ve preferred travel by dragon, but it would be far too conspicuous, and there were few towns that were equipped with lodgings for a full-grown dragon. The whole voyage would take about an hour of riding, Tasuku looking up at the first sight of the town’s skyline.

“We’re getting closer to the town.”

“I want you to be careful, Chrono-san, especially since it’s your first time. We think the suspicious activity is related to the smuggling of drugs and other illegal things, but we can’t be sure. At any rate, the people involved will do anything to keep their secret, even kill–so we have to exercise caution. Do you understand?”

tired man conspicuously gazes at camera despite trying to pretend he isn’t taking selfies

Larry Stylinson (Metaphorically)

To all anti-larries. I just want to say one thing about our “stupid ship”. Pretend Larry was a box. Weird? I know just stick with me on this. Let’s say you had a five other people who lived with you in a house. One of them had this box. They told you the box was empty, but every time you would try to pick up the box to look inside they wouldn’t let you. You would be confused right because they said there was nothing in the box? Why wouldn’t they let you touch it? When you try to touch this box all they do is try to stop you. Would you still be foolish enough to believe the box is empty when there going through all these measures to stop you? Or would you realize they are trying to protect something inside the box.

This exactly is how Modest! Management is toward Larry. They tell us the conspicuous lie that Larry isn’t real and that Harry or Louis aren’t attracted to the same sex. Yet they try so hard to cover up past Larry moments and barely let the two boys communicate when it looks like it killing them. They turn all these new found moments into coincidences and accidents. This is like the box. What is Modest! hiding inside that box. Louis and Harry’s love or sexuality.

Happy Memorial Day!
The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918 (amended by an act of July 25, 1963), takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Staff Sergeant Alton Joseph Zerangue, Jr. (ASN: RA-25506494), United States Army, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in connection with military operations against a hostile force in the Republic of Vietnam. Staff Sergeant Zerangue distinguished himself by intrepid actions on 16 February 1967 while serving as the point Squad Leader with Company A, 1st Battalion, 22d Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. During a search and destroy mission west of Pleiku, the company made contact with a numerically superior North Vietnamese Army force. Staff Sergeant Zerangue’s squad received intense enemy automatic weapons fire and was subsequently cut off from the remainder of the company. He immediately organized his men into a defensive perimeter, and they countered the attack with a heavy volume of fire. Although the enemy inflicted many casualties among his squad, he utilized the forces remaining and delayed the enemy attack giving the rest of the company time to regroup and form a defensive perimeter. During the attack, Staff Sergeant Zerangue was twice wounded, but refused to be evacuated. Instead, he remained in the heat of the battle, guiding and positioning his squad in order to counter the enemy’s attack. He was subsequently wounded a third time, but remained with his squad to lead them against the enemy until he was mortally wounded. Staff Sergeant Zerangue’s prominent display of aggressiveness, devotion to duty and personal bravery was in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army. -

A trend is a friend you’ve actually met several times and enjoy hanging out with.

First, last weekend: So much stuff. There was an amazing show of support for IDAHOT, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. And the Phandom Tumblr Meetup—such lovely phans. Plus JIBcon for the SPN crowd. Finally, for Swifties, the Rock in Rio concert in Vegas, the Rio of Nevada.

In teevee: After 33 years, David Letterman stepped down from his talk show with crankiness and grace. And on The Flash, Barry Allen goes back in time through a wormhole instead of reversing the rotation of the earth like a normal superperson.

In crime: The Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, hosted a 165-person shootout between rival biker factions. Conspicuously missing from the media coverage: words like “thug,” “gangbanger,” and “riot.”  

In music: More Tay. This time at the Billboard Music Awards where she won everything before blowing up the building.

In anger: Mad Men, Mad Max, what’s next? A Mad About You reunion? No, there are currently no plans for a Mad About You reunion.

In comebacks: Fossil-crazy audiences are boning up on their archaeology to prepare for Hollywood’s latest dinosaur romp.

In big cats: Lions are definitely having a moment.

In perfect people: All hail Amy Poehler, queen of Cannes, counselor of camp. May this American summer be your wettest ever.

From you guys: Some of the best damn character design anywhere. Keep drawing and writing and making your own entertainment.

And check out some of the week’s most popular blogs:

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"I don't see you as disabled"

I think that most people with disabilities have heard many people say, “I don’t see you as disabled!” in a tone that implies that this is a compliment.

It’s a strange thing to say. It’s especially strange since they will say that about even the most conspicuously and stereotypically disabled people. It sounds like an obvious lie.

I’ve been realizing lately that some people who say things like that aren’t lying. They really *don’t* see us as disabled, because they’re mentally editing out the disability.

They sort the world into people they can respect, and people they can regard as significantly disabled. So if they respect someone, they mentally edit out the disability. They can see a person and they can see adaptive equipment, but they refuse to see the disability.

They assume that, since they respect you and see you as a real person, that you’re not *really* disabled. They think that you may have a condition, but that you would ~never let it define or limit you~. They think that you can overcome everything with the sheer power of determination and positive thinking. They think that ~the only disability in life is a bad attitude~, and that, since you don’t have a bad attitude, you can’t possibly be disabled in any significant way.

And in real life, disability always matters. As Stella Young said, “No amount of smiling at a flight of stairs has ever made it turn into a ramp. No amount of standing in the middle of a bookshelf and radiating a positive attitude is going to turn all those books into braille.” There will be times when things aren’t accessible. There will be things we can’t do. There will be times when disability suddenly becomes visible and undeniable.

When disability clearly and visibly matters, people who ~don’t see us as disabled~ tend to lash out. Because then, as they see it, we’re not upholding our end of the bargain. We’re supposed to be the kind of people who don’t let disability matter. And if we’re the kind of people who can’t or won’t ~overcome disability~, then they don’t know how to respect us. And things can get really bad really quickly.

tl;dr When people say that they “don’t see you as disabled”, they’re not always lying or awkwardly trying to be police. Sometimes they mean it. When they mean it, it’s often for a frightening reason. Proceed with caution among people who sincerely refuse to see disability.


Old Graves, New Graves: An Iceland Zine

My first-ever zine! It’s a 12-page, 5″x7″ 2-color risograph-printed saddle-stitched book on 100# off white paper, created for Light Grey Art Lab’s Iceland Residency Exhibition and printed by Colpa Press in a limited edition of 100. Last summer I traveled to Iceland with a group of amazing artists, and we explored the eerie, gloomy shores, plains, and glaciers together. This mini-zine is a kind of reflection on my experience in Iceland via drawings and writings, with a focus on the dead things we found there, the conspicuous lack of living things, the awareness that we were walking on relatively newly-formed topography shaped by unthinkably destructive volcanic eruptions, and the perpetually haunting feeling that the island imparts.

You can order the zine for $12 through the Light Grey shop here! If you’d like to buy one, please note that this was super experimental for me and is about half writing and half images (I’ve never published my own writing before, it’s scary! I don’t know if it sucks!), and that part of the charm of risograph printing is its imperfections, like colors printed out of register, roller marks, etc. If you prefer more detailed, polished artwork, this might not be for you, but I will also be selling full-color inkjet art prints of more refined versions of three of the zine page designs, which I’ll post shortly :)


This new image from the 2.2-metre MPG/ESO telescope focuses on a conspicuously dark, tentacle-like structure in our night sky.

This is not a hole, or an empty patch of sky. Rather it is a dust and gas cloud (catalogued as LDN 1774) so dense that none of the background star light can pass through. Molecular clouds, like LDN 1774, will (most likely) eventually host star formation.

We can ‘see’ through the cloud if we observe with longer wavelengths. Infrared, microwave or radio waves will penetrate the cloud. But just like you can’t see through a muddy window – light in the visible regime cannot pass through.

Indeed, astronomers have identified three infrared sources: a giant star, a planetary nebula and an unknown source towards LDN 1774.


Image Credit: ESO

More Information: 1, 2

Tommy Theory

Crazy theory time!

Throughout season 3, Malcolm Merlyn was present & the majority of problems everyone encountered stemmed from his actions. The others constantly reminded him that he was to blame for Sara’s death & the victimization of Thea. The mass murder in the Glades/super villain status was brought up a few times as well.

But Tommy never was.

Tommy is CONSPICUOUSLY absent.

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Today it appears that 14 of the 22 cops on the scene of the Waco Brawl discharged their weapons.

Of the 22 present 10 were SWAT team members.

The police keep reiterating that these bikers are a bunch of criminals. Many of the arrested don’t have criminal records.

Reports continue to mention authorities collecting hundreds of weapons from the scene including bats, knives and brass knuckles.

There has been a conspicuous lack of firearms recovered.

Carrying bats, knives and brass knuckles is not necessarily illegal. In fact you could survey a Bass Pro Shop on a Saturday afternoon and find a similar ratio of knives, I’m sure.

Also given the nature of the ridiculous racial narrative tumblr likes to run with, I think it is worth pointing out that;

(a.) It’s looking likely that the cops used excessive force and murdered a bunch of “white guys” instead of the special treatment that has been inferred;

(b.) they’ve taken “thug” and removed the slang converting it to “violent criminals” to describe a bunch of people with no criminal records and;

(c.) the white guys in the mug shots and those among the dead and wounded aren’t nearly as white as many of the tumblr SJWs were hoping.

anonymous asked:

That Zayn praising stuff (as much as I like him) doesn't make any sense, if he won't come back. I've never seen that much positive headlines about a former ex-member of any band. Usually they go with a "creative differences, wishing best, but I'm doing my thing now" route, which is in my experience also the best in general. You don't necessarily hate each other, but it's just don't want to be connected anymore. Liam's "brother" sounded like Zayn's dead or something despite being pretty alive.

Hi Anonymous,

Well, to start, some folks think that Liam was not supposed to mention Zayn, whereas others think that he was.

You make a positively excellent point, Anonymous: it is very conspicuous that we have been seeing and continue to see so much positive spin about an ex-band member alongside the band he ostensibly left.  That fact is one of many that supports the theory that Zayn’s “quitting” is a stunt, and that he will most likely return.

If Zayn truly quit, why has he been consistently and aggressively linked to 4/5 and 4/5 to him in the media for the last two months?  If Zayn truly wanted to “be a normal 22 year old,” why did he do several interviews, get papped visiting Naughty Boy’s studio, get papped ho strolling with his fiancée rent-a-girlfriend, attend the Asian Awards and dedicate his win to the same “four of the best lads [he’s] ever met” whom he supposedly “angered” and “disappointed” and ended up fighting on Twitter?  If Zayn truly wanted to pursue a solo career by leaving the band, why has he still not officially confirmed that solo career, and why was his “I Won’t Mind” demo that is both totally about Liam and a Four reject dropped after Naughty Boy fake-fought Louis?  If Zayn truly quit on less-than-ideal terms with his boys, why would they practically advertise Naughty Boy vs. Louis and Zaughty vs. Louis, and why would smart grown-ass men like Shahid, Louis and Zayn air their immature bitchery on Twitter for everyone to see, unless it were fake and “they” wanted everyone to see it?  If Zayn truly quit and upset his boys, why was Liam determinedly talking about Zayn at the Billboard Music Awards and either obviously lying (on the red carpet) or thanking him as their “brother” (when they won Top Duo/Group), possibly going against M!M’s wishes, and why are the headlines more concerned with Liam’s shout out to Zayn than the fact the band won two awards?  Why?  Why?!

Nah.  There is a critical difference between damage control and slow-burn PR: so if the dramas and the Twitter fights and the boys’ feuding were real, why are there so many signs of shady shit designed to put everyone on notice that the boys are acting shady?  Why is this soap opera not being suppressed, unless it were, you know, staged?

Stay woke, folks.  Zayn’s “quitting” is a stunt.

okay but I need to find the inevitable publications on the relationship between depictions of high class amoral serial murderers and gluttony/conspicuous consumption because I can’t be the first one to be intrigues by this weird link

like one of the things that kills me about seishiro’s smaller character traits is his tendency for indulgences in food and certain pleasures - his huge stomach, the cigarettes - especially in the face of the required regular austerity being an onmyouji must require, like it does of subaru. he’s not a glutton out of lack of control, but because of it, it’s this grand game and balancing act as much as his identity during the bet is. even these things must absolutely be calculated and planned deliberately, or at least rigorously compensated for. it serves to highlight subaru’s unthinking self-forgetfulness, an austerity borne more out of lack of attention than overattention.

bc what I’m saying is seishiro vs social media is hilariously fitting. the idea of him instagramming meals is just. oh my god. is there anything more perfect. everything about each photo from composition to angle to filter to lighting to the fucking point in the meal he takes the photo is calculated. dragging subaru in for so many fucking cheesy photos and tagging subaru in all of them even though subaru has exactly one photo on his account from five months ago that hokuto took and posted for him.

hokuto accuses seishiro of being an awful hipster but he shrugs bc she’s half right - he just enjoys all of these things completely unironically. he always uses too many emojis while texting and especially B) to hokuto. he has installed all kinds of terrible apps on subaru’s phone at least one of which lets him track the GPS at all times unbeknownst to subaru.

sunspangles asked:

I-- er, this is coming from someone who isn't a fan of Squirrel Girl. Totally not a fan of the way she kicks butt and stays positive and solves problems and is awesome and has the world's best costume. Totally not. But is there a chance, like, a tiiiiny chance, that Doreen and Tippy-Toe and Nancy may one day figure into your fic?

Well, DJ does need a babysitter, and Doreen comes highly recommended from the Richards-Storm family… 8)

God I love Squirrel-Girl so much.  SO much.  

More and more I just want to write girls bein’ bros and discussing butts, male, female, and conspicuously awesome.