Just looked through my wedding photos from @kristenweaverphoto! Unreal talent. These are getting me unbelievably pumped for our honey moon to Greece in two weeks! 🙈 (at my favorite place in the whole entire world. )

Something a lot of people forget is that when you’re in a relationship and you can act like yourself around your love, you’re in love with the right person. I am in fact the luckiest girl in the whole entire world. He is my best friend, my soul, my love, the one person I know I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. I’m so happy and pleased with how we turned everything around and began to work on things to make our relationship stronger. And I think what made it so strong is because we never gave up. And because of that, I know we can and will get through everything together. He’s always by my side for everything, cares about me and helps me through.

Today was such a wonderful day with him. Full of laughter and romance. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. We’re planning our future together, in just a couple months our lives will be changing forever…together. and I’m excited but scared, but it’s because we’re adults now so it’s time we do this together.

I’m excited to see what is in store for us. (:

I’ve never felt so truly heartbroken in my entire life. I’m terrified at how crippled I’m going to be when I really loose him. I’m at risk of loosing my father, my best friend, my heart, the most important person in my whole entire world. I’ve never known pain like this and he’s not even gone yet. Idk how to feel or what in the world I’m even supposed to do.

ya know, I bet that all the food we waste and throw away at home or at stores/restaurants would be able to feed the whole entire world TWICE and end world hunger.

just a thought.

we help each other get through the hard times. even when we are both at our low, we can make the other smile. geeze this kid. my bestieestestest friend in the whole entire world. i am so thankful to have met him and to have him in my life. thank you. thank you. thank you. 


My church had me thinking I was worthless. That all I amounted to was the price that was paid 2,000 years ago on the cross when Jesus “died for my sins”. They were never interested in who I was apart from what mission was “destined” for me. Time and again I told people in the church how I felt. How there was something inside of me that was discontented with the life that was being laid before me. The life they believed I should’ve had. No one really listened though. It was always chalked up to doubt. They told me “you’ll come around”.

If God saved me from anything, He saved me from the church. He saved me from judgmental, mean, unfulfilled people who used “Jesus” as a crutch and a barrier to living their own dreams and connecting whole heartedly with an entire world. The world is big and the world is scary sometimes. Retreating into a hole, and peering out into a world through a scope of condemnation and fear is not the life that I’ve chosen to live. They told me “apart from Jesus, you are nothing. If you don’t follow Jesus, you’ll never be happy. If you don’t do it His way, you won’t find a way.” Well, they were wrong. I was the MOST unhappy person when I was a Christian. And now that I’m not, now that I’ve found MY worth… I am stronger than ever before.

I smile genuinely again, I laugh from my soul, LOL. I connect with people for the simple fact that we are all humans in a big world living to establish a small space within ourselves and our context at large. I don’t meet people now thinking “ah, gotta save her or she’s gonna burn in hell”. I don’t assume that “either you’re with me or against me because the devil is in the world”. I recognize that the most evil acts are not a result of some supernatural takeover. We need to take more accountability for our ridiculousness and see ourselves for who we really are. A human is so capable of extravagant beauties and heinous horrors and no supernatural mojo is needed to accomplish either.

Knowing my worth, as a man… I’ve committed to beauty.. for me, for my family, for my friends and my community. I’ve been of the highest value since my first heartbeat.

I’m literally the least romantic person in the whole entire world like once this guy wrote a song for me and sent me the video and I panicked and didn’t know what to say and ended up just saying “awh” and we haven’t spoken since

anonymous said:

You think you'll fall in love with bae

Scary enough, yes.
Everything he does good or bad honestly just brings me joy… Joy that he even exists in my life.
It’s so weird meeting someone and just wanting to give them the WHOLE entire world. Just wanting them to be 100% happy.
I always miss him, whether it’s the sound of his laugh, or his stupid dances, or the way his forehead wrinkles when he’s confused, or even other things like when he doesn’t know what a certain word means and asks me the definition and then he’ll repeat to apply it to his vocabulary.


Vika studied him for a moment, taking in the dazed, confused look in his beautiful green eyes. Spirit was riding him hard, so she could answer honestly—when he snapped out of it and was himself again… he would have no memory of what she’d said. Smiling sadly, she nodded her head, fighting back the tears she felt pricking her eyes.

"Yes, moy Dusha… I love you with every fiber of my soul. You are my whole, entire world… and it destroys me knowing that you don’t feel the same way.”


My bestest friend in the whole entire world.
I don’t know if I’ll ever be a mommy, but if I ever get that honor, this little boy will have me broke in for his cousin. “Auntie” is the greatest title I have.
I say it often, but he’s my favorite person. I don’t mean it to be rude to anybody else. I still love them. He’s just the best.
Fyi, he’s Batman and I’m Iron Man.

inhisflesh said:

friendly reminder that you are perfect & beautiful & sweet & my favorite moosey in the whole entire world




My best friend in the whole entire world who I love to pieces x