HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend in the whole entire world, Michelle!! I love you so much sister!! You are a beautiful girl in the interior & exterior! I’m so blessed to call you my best friend! I hope you have a wonderful day & I can’t wait to celebrate with you later tonight!! 😘😘😘😘👭👻🎃👻🎃👻


Everything was just feeling particularly heavy today, like the weight of the
whole entire world was pushing down on his shoulders with unnecessary
force. It hurt him, on the inside— it stung at the edges of his scarred chest
(and it was scarred not only by the hole from the spear, but metaphorically
when he had tried to claw his own heart out so that he wouldn’t have to
endure what he felt).

          “I don’t want to talk.”

He hadn’t even bothered to lift his head and see who approached him. He
didn’t have the   s t r e n g t h.

A beautiful rose

-a beautiful rose-
Give your whole entire world to a person, give every last breath away, every moment, blink, thought, to someone, and keep pushing forward with your own. While that person is beating you down, emotionally. Making you feel worthless but yet you don’t feel like your wasting your time, because that’s what’s right in your twisted emotional side of your brain.
(Take a rose, a beautiful rose, flawless as it can be, and shed each pedal away, one by one. And take those pedals and shred them to pieces, slowly. Melt them away, and all your left with is a bud, where is it supposed to go from there, who is it supposed to be, strength is found in that bud, if it’s starts growing pedals back. But even a broken bleeding rose that re grew, knows, that those pedals can be shed again, but it doesn’t have to shed the same way.)
Giving all your love to one person isn’t wrong. You know you’ve turned down the wrong path when your giving every last sweat drop to be with that one, and they haven’t even lifted a finger. No one to talk to, no one to listen, and if there’s talk, it’s defensive and explaining. Feeling abused and used, being told your nothing, but knowing your everything, being lied to and deceived isn’t a common thing. But the hardest part is breaking that pattern and not thinking that’s what you have to do and who you are.

Right now the only thing I want is for my fiancé to be cuddled up next to me. Words can’t even begin to explain how much I miss that girl. She is litterally my whole entire world, and I have no clue where I’d be without her. She has the ability to bring out the absolute life in me. And with her not being around me 24/7 like usual, it’s really put a damper in how I am. And it’s weird, because I never imagined having someone be apart of my life and have this great of an impact on me. When she isn’t around it’s as if a big part of me is missing. It’s as if half of me is gone, and I find myself not knowing what to do. All I know is that I wish she we here. All I know is that she is the reason I smile day to day. She is the reason I am the way I am. Never let someone who has this great of an impact on you go, because honestly, it’s the best feeling in the world. To love and be loved in return. I’m going to marry her one day, and I hope she knows that it’ll be the best decision I have ever made. No one understands our story, but that’s perfectly fine. We wrote it, and as long as we understand it that’s all that matters. I love you baby, more than you’ll ever know. And I cannot wait to be in your arms again.

I don’t think I could fathom how it is even possible to love someone as much as I love Cole. It is often difficult for myself to explain how I feel, but every once in awhile I get this sudden burst of emotions that just come flowing out. And when I do open up, you know that I mean absolutely every word I speak. If you were to say “you’re going to date Cole Wilson” last year, I would’ve laughed and said, “yeah right, what a dream.” But it’s funny to think that my response was even that at one point in time because now I am so in love with Cole and he is so in love with me, that I can’t even remember my life without him. I would do absolutely anything for this boy, anything in the whole entire world, just to make him happy. That’s all I want in life, is for Cole to be happy. I’ve never experienced feeling so selfless just for someone else in my life. It’s a humble feeling, and brings me happiness also. I have never smiled so much in my entire life until I met Cole, he instantly made me happy and I instantly had trust in him. That’s never happened to me before, but it felt absolutely right. I never believed in the quote “everything happens for a reason” but I absolutely agree with that quote now. My life was supposed to turn out this way, I was supposed to love Cole in a way that I have never loved anyone else. I wasn’t supposed to be blessed with all of this happiness until now. And I am entirely grateful that my life turned out this way. He reminds me of how lucky I am to be alive and experience all these great moments in life. Before Cole, I could care less about whether I woke up the next morning or not. But now, I want to wake up every morning, and I want to do great things and experience beautiful moments with him. No one has ever made me feel the way that he does, and no one will ever be able to make me feel like that either. Only my Cole David. Life is absolutely beautiful, some people just need a little extra boost from another person to stop and realize how amazing life can be. And that person for me is Cole Wilson. He is everything to me.

I want you here.
It’s not one of those I need someone - types of things.

Your existence makes me sane. Your words soothe my soul. Everything you do enlightens my whole entire world.

I don’t know how I can let myself get like this.
You are so pure and whole and I want to devour every single inch.

I want to feel you next to me and your breath on my neck.
I want to be in the presence of another human.
But I can not, and will not find comfort in anyone else.
I do not crave you because I am lonely.

I crave you because you’re you.

[ By the way guys, here’s a thing you’ll learn about me soon enough. If I act like I hate you, you’re the person I drop everything in the whole entire world for just to reply to our thread. Oh and you’re all a bunch of assholes and I hate you. ]

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In response to the AOU Steve lifting the hammer post, what if the big sacrifice has to do with Bucky in some way (even though that's kinda unlikely)?

I WILL ACTUALLY DIE. I mean I think that it’ll be more of a I am going to die to save the whole entire world type of thing, but Bucky is part of the whole entire world, so, like. Look me in the eyes. I can make anything about these two assholes.

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  • Reason why you follow them : As I said before, I followed after you followed me first. Sorry D:
  • A thing you like about their character : I want to say just how fleshed out she is, at first I really didn’t know anything about her but after seeing just how much you put into not only her, but a whole entire world, history, friends, family etc. You actually make her sound human in a way.
  • Do you interact? Why/why not? : We kinda do, we’ve talked in messages a bit and on your streams, but I’m still new with you to actually talk with you so freely.


uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE 
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE 
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE

We should… 
Talk OOC / Plot / Roleplay / Become bffs. 

Plots I’d be interested in doing: I think we mentioned it before, but maybe something sci-fi? we’ve got Milt in Reid’s world so it might be fun to see it the other way?

10/29/14 (sorta!)

Hey darling booooty! Did I even tell you that youre the most wonderful, cutiest, lovliest buhh in the whole entire world! And i get to see you soon which is the most exciting thing everrrr! Haha, I’m going to attack you with kisses and cuddles and huggin and butt touchin and alll the lovin you can handdle realllly! I’m getting so excited and I cant stop talking about you getting here and I dont think anyone minds because they’re happy for me that I’ll get to see youuuu(: Ahhh bubb! I really cant even contain my excitement it feels like I’ve been waiting for this moment foreverrrrr! It’s going to be so lovely to be able to do all of the things with you againnnn<33

AHh! So I guess I should tell you about my day yesterdayyone! I woke up around 9:00-ish, and made breakfast and just hung around my room for a little bit, and took your message of the queue so it would acutally post, haha. Then did a quick workout and showered. Then I started photoshopiing some of the drawinsss I had done the night beforreee for graphicc. and thennn I made myself fish and eggs for lunch. and then I met with kenny and daniel to work on creating different graphics for our project, and then I had italian classs! And i got a B- on my midterm! Haha i was really surprised by it too. and thennnnnnn I got back and had dinner and I just hung around for a little while and worked on homework anddd then karie rachel connie and I wen to that german restaurant for some foooods, and I got some cider which was really lishumm. and then Jordan and Kate got here, and they met us at the german place with ian and kenny. and we stayed there for a little longer after they came, and then we went to a bar called Ginger, and I got some fruity coctail, haha. And thenn we went to geckos, and I didnt even get anything to drink, I was already pretty tired and I just wanted bruschetta so I thought I’d split some with everyone, but then everyone decided they wanted the buschetta with meat on it, so I had to order one and I basically ate it all myself. Haha, but it was good so I didnt mind that much. And then we came backk and I layed in bed and was texting you for a couple of minutes, and I had my computer in my bed with me and everything, but I just fell asleep ): So that’s why I’m writing your goodnight messagum naoww! Haha, and I’ll tell you all about my day today in the one I’ll write for you tonightt (: And I’ll actually post it on time so you can read it before you go to sleep, I promiseee! Haha

But all day I’ve been so soooo excited to see you! I feel bad because Jordan and Kate are here and I havent seen them in forever but all I can talk about is how excited I am to see youuu! And I keep saying I just wish it was saturday already, but Kate and Jordan leave on saturday so I cant help but feel like I’m being a little rude :/ haha. But oh my gosh babyyy I cant even think straight about anything elsee really! My brain is just in “I need to see buhhh mode!” and I have all of this stuff like cleaning the apartment and homework and stuff that I want to get done before you come, but every time I get back I just sit here all happy-go-lucky and it’s hard to do anything else, or concentrate on homework because my brain doesnt want to stop thinking about you for a seconddd!!<3 haha, I hope youre as excited as I am, but maybe a little bit more productive, hahaha. 

I love you so much buhh and I hope you had a wonderful last day of work!! Have fun tonight, and sleep in lateeeee tomorrow because you have a long day ahead of youu! haha, especially if you dont get any sleep on the plane :P (which you should definitley try to, haha) but ahhhh! I love you so much cutiee, and I cant even end this message saying goodnight which is weirdd, haha. But i can still end it saying that I love you more than anything and I cant wait to see you soooon<3 I’m texting you right now, but I still cant wait to hear from you, and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful rest of your day! I love you cutiebuhhh!<33 Stay wonderful(: 

I’ve never understood why everyone says that love is such a bad thing. In books, on social media; everywhere. I mean yeah, I think we all have a few really bad relationships that make us questions if this is all how it’s gonna be. But I don’t understand why love has to be so scary and why no one wants to find love, or be in love.
I don’t think it comes right to you. You have to find it, and actually want love.
Being in love is probably the best feeling in this whole entire world. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be in love with your soul mate; bestfriend. Waking up everyday to the same face never gets old, in fact it should be your reason as to why you wake up in the morning. Having the same person kiss you everyday, it shouldn’t be boring, it should be an amazing feeling that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you being the only person they ever kiss to.
I’m young and probably don’t know much, but I do know that having someone who loves you unconditionally, no matter what, through thick and thin, is no reason to be scared of love. Love is really a beautiful thing. It can change you as a person. Make you a better (or worse, depending) person. Everyone deserves to have the love they always dream of.
Life is to short to not have someone right by your side with you enjoying the years you have.

You deal with so much pain that nothing seems to be letting go. How could it it be when Everything you needed was just right in front of you and you ignored it. Now that you have realised that something to is never going to come back. You find yourself alone because you have lost your bestest friend in the whole entire world and you cant even get a goddam response from them. I miss those days. I miss those time. I miss hanging around with them. I hope my best friend and my mahal comes back.

I have a dream; a dream that means the world to me.

I want to help people. I want people to not feel alone with whatever their life throws at them because fuck that’s the worst thing that can happen during those times. I want to spread belief to places where there is none, I want to change the way people see things. I want to give something back to the world that has given me so much.

I want the whole entire world with every single gender, every single race, every single living organism to know that it IS ok to cry and be sad. I understand that so many gender stereotypes have given certain people boundaries that are almost impossible not to cross in a life time. I want people to know that what ever the fck you look like, you deserve a great life just as much as the person next to you does.

I want people to stop comparing themselves to other people, especially when you’re young and the majority of people you class as friends and idols won’t be around for the next 70 years of your life. You only live with YOU, your body is yours and no one else’s. And if anyone disregards that then get them out of your life- you don’t deserve that kind of negativity.

I want people to understand that you have to do what you want to do. Don’t try and please everyone you meet; it’s impossible and if they don’t like you then it’s their loss. Be your own person. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has haters. Think about it, Demi Lovato has haters because she decided to spread body positive ideals. The royal family has haters because they’re the royal family, even though they had no choice to what family they were born into. Barak Obama has haters after he has given the USA the best hope they’ve had in a while. Kim Kardashian has haters because she decided to live her life in the public eye. The thing that all these “haters” have in common is that they don’t actually know the person they’re hating on, not really. Everyone you hate you don’t really know, you just see certain characteristics you don’t agree with but you don’t know their story or background or the real them. So try not to take it to heart. What grade you got won’t matter in 10 years. You only have to pass- that’s all you need to do and sometimes you don’t even need to pass because not everything decided your whole life for you. I think people are forgetting why we’re here on this planet. We aren’t here for grades, money, successful job, massive house, top car NOTHING. we are here just to be here for other people, make friendships, relationships, family, we are all slaves to ourselves and it’s something I definitely do not want to go along with. So whoever you are, you are worth everything. You are most definitely worth everything to atleast one person so please don’t think you’re alone. You can do anything you want to if you give up the excuses and get it done. If it kills you atleast you can say you tried. Everything will hurt you in one way or another, but it’s not about how much it hurt you it’s whether you got back up and carried on. Don’t succumb to the rituals of society, they’re made up bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with you and does not reflect a positive life. Do your own thing; you will get there, I promise.

you can be anything in the entire world for halloween, anything that your heart desires in the whole entire world, and a bazillion people go “ya the thing i want most is to be racist today”