in the whole entire world

For 20% of my final grade I wrote a short story about how hopelessly in love a girl is with her best friend, who is also a girl. The whole story is about how her best friend is her entire world. They say they like each other and hold hands after confessing to each other.

“I really like the way the affection between them is intense, just this side of erotic love, but not quite.  That’s an interesting place to explore in female friendship, regardless of what orientation one or both turn out to be.“

female friendship

but not quite

ma’am did u read the story











Thank you so much guys. Seriously, right now I am at a loss for words with the amount of love and support that I get from you all. Each and every one of you are special to me, and I can’t even begin to describe how much you make my life better just by being a part of it.

I started blogging TVD in March, and since then I have not only grown more fond of the show, but I’ve made some great friends along the way. GREAT friends.

Whether you’ve never talked to me, or you talk to me everyday. I am fortunate to have you be a part of my tumblr experience, because without you guys Tumblr would be just a blog rather than the home that it has become.

Awesome Thoughts (Day 6-7)

So I guess I’ve missed out on two awesome thoughts text posts because these last couple of days I’ve been doing such amazing things and have just been so happy that I haven’t really had time for tumblr. So let’s recap.

Day 6

So today was amazing because we did not have musical rehearsal till 9 (I know I already posted about musical and I’m trying to keep a variety of things that make me happy but this works.) We didn’t do much. Just looked for some long wooden handles for our props.

Day 7

Where do I even begin?

I went out for probably one the most amazing nights of my life with my favourite person in the entire world. We ate, watched a movie (Great Gatsby which was brilliant), and my favourite part of the night, went and looked at books in Chapters.

There’s something about the way she walks around the thousands of book-lined shelves. Something about the smell, the taste in the air, a buzzing excitement that radiates from her body. Like the only place in the world that makes her truly happy is when she’s surrounded by millions of ideas and words that just float around. Even if we never got anything, I could watch her for hours as she skips from one aisle to the next, looking for nothing and seeing everything.

When we grow old together, we’re going to have a library. Just so I can see her do that every day.

the signs' favorite lyrics from Cheap Shots & Setbacks by As It Is
  • Aries:You can’t help, can’t help but ask yourself, “Is it just me or everybody else?”
  • Taurus:We’re the kids who are dead inside, but we’re the ones who feel alive.
  • Gemini:You’ve got everyone else to compare yourself against.
  • Cancer:Always asking, never knowing, is it just you or everybody else?
  • Leo:It hurts, and they like that. They fight fire with cheap shots and setbacks.
  • Virgo:I don’t need your cheap shots and setbacks. I’m fucking fine so go and take them all back.
  • Libra:So forget it, you’re forgotten in a world so disenchanted.
  • Sagittarius:You’ve got everything to look up to from the bottom.
  • Capricorn:They take cloudless thoughts and pristine hearts for granted.
  • Aquarius:We dream ‘cause we don’t sleep. We’ll never get rest, but we got this.
  • Pieces:So forget them, they've forgotten you already.

For Miss Alessia Pixie:

  • A Chanel No 19 as big as your head! You’ll need that much to cover up the baby sick smell…
  • Now, these heels have a bit of a back story. Remember when I took you to the store opening the day after we met? These are the ones I tripped over and you couldn’t stop laughing and said it was a shame because they were gorgeous shoes. 
  • A couple Louis Vuitton things, because of reasons.
  • A Chanel Dress from next years collection. Rock it before they stock it. 
  • New York New York! I was thinking, a couple drinks in the bar we met, then shopping and shows for a couple nights? Violet and Lex can go to mother’s or Jasons!

Now, there’s one more, but I’ll talk to you about it later. You’ve made my life so much better Al, you have no idea. All my love and Merry Christmas ~ Cecelia and Lex xx



turndreamsintomemories 1st of all sorry for my awful singing! This took me 3 hours to make. It’s been a 4 month journey since December 15th, 2014! You are my favourite person in the whole entire world, you make it impossible not to smile! Everything about you is beautiful, inside and out <3 I honestly cannot wait to meet you in person because I’ll cry and I’ve been dying to see you. You amaze me everyday. I love all our Skype and phone calls, you’ve helped me through so much and anyone who gets to have you in their life and be around you… they better realize there’s a girl over here who would love to be in their shoes just to see you! Keep smiling sunshine because you’re going places <3

  • Bloom (The Paper Kites cover)
  • Ian (gnarwlvs)

hey, so somebody who means the entire world to me, and whom care about very much, isn’t feeling too good at the moment. i’ve been feeling restless and worried not really knowing what i should do, but i know i shouldn’t be bugging her i thought to record a little cover of a song that makes me think of her. because whenever that happens, no matter how bad i feel, it helps me feel a bit better, and so i’m posting this on the off-chance that she sees this post sometime and that it cheers her up just the slightest

She was a puzzle piece,
In his whole world, built of the magnificent little shapes,
And when she got upset with his metaphor and said
That she should be more than one piece of a puzzle,
He said to her; darling now
Don’t get greedy
For what beauty can be seen in a puzzle
That is incomplete?
Without you, the world I see would have a gaping
And the world is full of so many puzzle pieces that
Do not fit where they are
And nothing could fill the gaping hole that
Your absence would tear
In my heart and my soul and my whole entire

The piece doesn’t make up the whole puzzle, but the puzzle is made of many lone pieces put together.
Don’t think that you aren’t important just because other people are too.

- y.v.l