I get my hopes up too much
Sometimes people come into my life and seem to like me a lot
I get very excited and I think that maybe it will be different this time
But I make sure to tell them that I’m nothing special and I know they’ll leave eventually, and not to pretend that I’m everything they want when I’m not
But then they tell me they really do love me and that I’ll be the only one, they promise.
And I feel very special for a little while, I hope that they’re right
I think maybe it really is different this time
But then
They leave,
very quickly,
even faster then they came
And I think how stupid I was
To ever believe that I was special
Even for a second
And the whole entire world crashes back down on me
Once again
"Happy Birthday Princess!!!"

A/N: So this is written for Dildo who is one of my best friends in the whole entire world. She has been there for me a lot and I love her to bits. I have never met someone who has made me feel better about myself each and everyday, she never fails to make me happy and there is no way I can repair her for that. Our everyday skype calls just make me so happy to know that there is someone who really cares about me. It’s really a blessing that we got to become friends so fast, all thanks to me deciding to make a network and Dildo deciding to reblog it. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin for always loving me no matter what. Yet again it’s amazing how close we have become and I’m so happy that we are best friends now. ILY BRAD BUT EXCUSE U PLS. But enough of my blabbing, Happy Birthday Dildo and I love you so fucking much okay? okay. 

He’s been away for 5 months now. It’s all been too much for you. You haven’t got to see him, skype calls just weren’t enough anymore, it could never feed what you really needed. Him. There was only a week left till you finally got to see him, just a week, you thought to yourself, a tear rolling down your cheek. 


"Vil, are you ready, we have to go!" Syl shouted. You were half asleep, wrapped in your blanket, half your leg poking out. "C’mon Vil, you half to wake up!" Mae says, tapping your shoulder while sitting on the edge of your bed. "But I don’t wanna" you mumble into your pillow. "You have to, please" Mae said, rubbing your back. "Fine" You say, "Where are we going anyways?" "The CD shop, to pick out some movie’s for sleepover Friday" Nikki says walking past your room. 

"Get ready okay? Mae says leaving your room. You finally get up off your bed and walk over to your closet. Picking out your overalls and your tight black crop top, paired with your favourite green converse. Tying your hair at the top of your head, not wanting it to get in the way. You look at yourself in the mirror one last time and head to the kitchen. 

You walk to the fridge and get out some milk, setting it on the table, getting your bowl of cereal ready. “What’s wrong? you seem unhappy” Syl says, taking a sip of milk. “Nothing, I just miss Ashton a lot” you say shrugging your shoulders. “Don’t worry about it! you have us and we miss them a shit ton too but they’ll be back as soon as you know it.” Nikki said, walking to the mirror to fix her hair. 


You all go into Mae’s car. Sitting at your usual seats, Mae at the drivers seat, you at the passengers seat and Nikki and Syl in the back. 

"So, what movies do you wanna watch for tonight?" Mae says flicking through a few movies. "I don’t mind, why are we picking out movies anyways?" "Because it’s your birthday silly, you didn’t think we would forget your birthday right?" "Well.." You say giggling to yourself, Mae punches your arm a little, "Please, Vil, I might be an asshole but I’m not a bad friend." She says making you guys laugh a bit harder. 

In the end all of you decided to watch almost every disney movie possible. Purchasing them all and stuffing them into your bag. This was probably the best day spending time with your 3 best friends, nothing could get better than this. 


Unlocking the door and walking to the house, “Syl and Nikki, you guys are in charge of moving the furniture, Mae, you get the food ready and I’ll get the TV set.” You ordered. In about 10 minutes, the table was full of nutella covered strawberries, donuts and popcorn. 

You all take your spaces on the floor and couches, getting comfortable, since you’d be here for a while. Pressing play to watch the first movie, Peter Pan. 

You were now five movies in and it was time for dinner, you all agreed on the same thing, pizza. “The pizza will be here in twenty minutes!” You shouted. 

The door bell rang, meaning the pizza arrived. You open the door only to see the person you’ve been dying to see, the one and only, Ashton, with the other boys holding the boxes of pizza closely behind. 


"What are you doing here you’re meant to be on tour?" You say, wrapping you arms around his neck. "What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t come home for my girlfriends birthday?" He says wrapping his arms protectively around your waist. Kissing you softly on your lips, slightly bending down to rest his forehead on yours. "Ashton, you could have just facetimed me, you didn’t have to come all this way" You said to him. "But I missed you and you’re the only person I want to see okay, kitten?" He says booping your nose, giggling a bit. 

"Vil, what’s taking you so lo-" Syl stopped once when she saw Michael passing all of his pizza boxes to Luke. "Michael!" Syl says running straight passed you and Ashton. "Syl! I missed you so much!" he says spinning her round.  Resting their foreheads on each others, only them in their own little world. 

"Nikki? Can you help me with the boxes please?" You say in attempt to surprise Nikki. Yet again, Calum piles all of his boxes on top of Luke’s. poor luke tbh ”Coming!” Nikki replied. Walking to the door, looking up to finally see her boyfriend, Calum. “Hey” Calum says, giggling to himself slightly. “Hey? Really? After five months? All you say is hi?” She said firmly. Calum started fiddling with his hands and staring at the ground, “Come here you idiot, I missed you so much” She says pulling him in for a hug. 

"Okay guys, I’m really glad you guys got to see each other but.." Luke says as he hands the pizzas over to the boys, "…I’m gonna go see my princess okay? yes so have fun" Luke says, walking into the house. "Mae?" "Guys! I get it, I miss Luke but you don’t need to act like him, it’s not funny!" She walked into the room wearing Luke’s famous red plaid shirt and his TNMT boxers, "Hey" Luke said shyly. "LUKE!" She said, jumping into his arms, "Don’t ever leave me again!" She said, Luke spinning her round, connecting lips.


After all the greetings you all finally managed to cuddle up on the couch with your special someone. Watching “The Lion King” an old classic. “Vilde, I missed you so much”Ashton whispers into your ear, rubbing circles on your back, sending shivers down your spine. “I missed you too, Ash” You nuzzle your head into him a bit more, “Look at me, I promise I will never leave you for that long again, okay? I love you too much to leave you, skype calls and facetimes just aren’t  enough for me. I love you.” “I love you too, Ash” “Good” He says kissing your lips. His lips brush against yours, “Happy Birthday, Princess”


Happy Birthday to the the amazing creator of One Piece, Oda Eiichiro! 

"My staff and I often go to a very noisy Japanese restaurant where a lot of people take their children. There are TVs at each table. If you go there on Sunday nights at 7:30, you’ll see the children staring at the TV screens with their mouths wide open, looking silly. They’re watching…One Piece. When I see that, I never want to let them down.” Oda Eiichiro, 2001


BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


the walking dead || poster



“‘Oh, I love megalomaniac Christian, and control freak Christian, sexpertise Christian, kinky Christian, romantic Christian, shy Christian … the list is endless.’ ‘That’s a whole lot of Christians.’ ‘I’d say at least fifty.’ ‘Fifty Shades.’ ‘My Fifty Shades.’” [x]