Newt Imagine 11

Newt Imagine- ”Do one where you and newt just confessed each others love to one another and newt keeps being a little bit too affectionate in public, which just makes you laugh.” -Anonymous

"I love you!"

"I love you." 

You both finally said it in the same time. Perfectly synch like a railroad. A piercing cold silence is fulfilling the moment, in a pleasant, mellifluous way.

A fade red tint is visible, embellishing the cheeks around both of you.

The Greeks once believed that there to be three ingredients to beauty,

Symmetryproportion and harmony. 

Now you see.


"(y/n)!" Newt called.

"Yes?" You chuckled and walk to your boyfriend, it’s been three months since you are together. 

But time is not a suitable measurement in the glade, right?

He presses his lips onto your forehead, pulls you closer and gives you a peck on the lips. “I’m still in love with you.”

It is bizarre. A few months ago, you were just admiring him from afar.

You let out a chuckle and reach to his cheek. “Seventh time for today.” as you caress his cheek in a tender way, he reaches out to your lips again. 

"Still in love with you." He smiles.

"Eighth." You laugh and peck his lips back, giggling of how his cheesiness worked on you really well. 

How you both are hopeless romantic bastards. 

He holds your hand and kiss it, a kiss, two,


And he looks up, capturing your gaze and smiling legibly. He begins to capture your lips and kissing it in a circular motion, 

It is prodigious.

Symmetryproportion and harmony. 

Newt, we’re in public!” You let go of his kiss, chuckling slightly.

Now you see.

A/N: Hey guys! So you know i’ve been REALLLYYYYY busy! I have a big competition ahead, please wish me luck! And thank you guys for your support, i will try to write more and more to satisfy your maze runner addiction. Hehe! Love you all!

anonymous said:

What is Fitbit

It’s this thing you wear around your wrists and you can synch it with your phone through an app. It calculates your steps, calories burned, intake, and etc.


To all those DTMG and more

I have an animation assignment to do a 5 second or more lip synch. My teacher has told us to make the character a zombie. What better design to either make Spencer or Billy my prime subject for the lip synch. If you have any quotes or phrases either of them say, you will be a life saver and can earn yourself a free sketch ;D

gribbenator said:

Hey sorry if you have already been asked this but will we be able to customise our Hawke's appearance? (if we were not able to synch our saves into Keep-which is the case with me). If yes will this happen in the Keep or in Inquisition? And will we be able to do the same thing with the Warden? Thank you :)

You can customize your Hawkes gender, class, and race within keep. You customize Hawke’s looks in Inquisition :) The Warden will not show up in Inquisition.


someone had to do it, so… what the hell


And if Thor repaid that adoration with little slights and humiliations, it was a price Loki was only too willing to pay for his company. excerpt from the Blood Brothers synopsis