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Why is everyone fighting?

like people started trending #wewantiwontmindzayn on out of nowhere and i guess it started getting traction and the demo actually started to move up the billboard trending chart and it actually got #1 (which honestly…surprised the shit out of me because how ??? lmao go awf) and then i guess the people who are trying to get no control to be a thing found out about it and started going in the i won’t mind tag saying shit like “you just lit a fire under our asses” and “i’m still mad @ him don’t let him win” and now no control is #1 so now zayn stans are talking about zayn is better than ot4 and ot4 stans are talking about ot4 is better without zayn

and honestly i can’t believe the internet is a real place delete it 

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I'm an ace girl and I just wanted to vent a lil. Sometimes when I really get to know a guy, I'll start crushing on him and wanna kiss him and I'll get all warm and fuzzy inside, but my body's all like "Ew, gross, we're not doing that. Blech." It kind of sucks when other people around you have happy relationships and you kinda can't because your body/mind is grossed out by that stuff and won't let you enjoy it :/ Was wondering, does anyone else experience this?

Yes, they do! I heard this from sex repulsed aces fairly often. 

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'Do you know what I love most about you?' Michael asked

“I don’t think I do, you’ll have to tell me!” I teased, tapping his nose with my finger.

He smirked, biting his lip as he met my gaze before rolling his eyes. “Never mind, you’ll just take the piss out of me.”

“I won’t, I won’t Michael.” I smiled, calming down and wrapping my arms around his neck. “I’m being serious now, I won’t.”

“I just love how much you get me. You just understand when it’s okay to tease me and prat around and when I don’t want that. I’ve just never felt that someone understands me that well before.” He blushed, somewhat embarrassed by his confession.

My chest swelled - I don’t think I’d ever been more in love with Michael than in that moment. I hooked my fingers under his chin, pulling him gently towards me and cupping his cheek as I kissed him with everything I had.

“That’s how it’s meant to be.”

Inevitable - chapter three

Myra twirled in the mirror as she evaluated her third outfit change. 

She eventually settled on a red crop top with a white 23 on it, with high-waisted jean shorts to accommodate the hot weather. Her brother probably wouldn’t like it, but her thoughts would rather be elsewhere right now. She brushed her hair from her shoulders and bent over to fix the laces on her white converse high-tops. She scurried down the stairs, the sound of her feet jolting Talon up from dozing. He took one look at her in frowned, he didn’t want her leaving, but he knew he couldn’t change her mind. 

“I won’t be out long Tally.” She said, lightening his mood, she skipped over to give him a kiss on the cheek and he stopped her as she backed away. “Don’t be out long, be safe….Promise?” She wanted nothing but to ease her brothers unsettled mind but she couldn’t do anything but listen to his wishes and she planed on doing just that. “Promise.” She confirmed, waving her phone at him before sticking it in her back pocket. “I’ll call if I need something okay? I can handle this.” She whispered as he let her go. “Please don’t make it rain.” He giggled and remembered how she can hear what he’s thinking, something he forgets often. 

He got up to follow her to the door to make it out safe. He looked past her and saw the sun setting and thought about how he’d watch her the brightness of her smile over it any day. He looked down at her and saw the exact smile he was thinking of and he’d do anything to get her happy like that, and if it was letting her go to this party than so be it. He was surprised when she lunged at him, pulling Talon into a tight hug. He froze for a moment and then relaxed in her embrace. “Thank you” She looked into his eyes and he smiled right back down at her. She finally let him go and began to step back from him, “Be safe Milly.” She couldn’t help but laugh at all the memories shared with him, she waved goodbye and began her little walk to the house party. 


Myra played with little things as she walked there, pushing leaves and rocks out of her path. She thought about the purpose of a wall. It’s meant to shield and protect you from outside things, and give you privacy. It protects your things from invaders… that’s when it hit her. 

She managed to build an invisible wall within her mind, blocking anyone and everyone from what her thoughts may contain. Her breath hitched when she walked over to the only house on the block. It was huge and looked like an older house. It had light emitting from the windows and a significant amount of cars parked around it. She walked up the steep driveway, passing through a small crowd. She was full of nerves and none of them payed her any mind. Noah spotted her as he sat in front of the garage door with his friend Travis. “Hey you came.” He called her over, motioning her with his hand he stood to give her a hug. “You look cute.” He smiled, and she smiled back, trying to push back her nerves. “This is Travis, he helped me put this together.” She looked over to the tall but well built boy in sitting in the chair looking a Myra and smiling. She was quick to return it and shook the hand he held out to her. So every boy she met on her own was just going to be beautiful? “Call me Travie.” He nodded and she raised and eyebrow. 

“Travie?” She giggled, she thought it was silly and the Travis guy got a kick out of her facial expressions.

“Yea, I thought it was a little fun.” He shrugged and she nodded, giving her attention back to Noah. He wants to show her around, and he wants to ask her out, nice but no she thought. That was the line for Talon, she thought but she gave him a nice grin anyways. 

“Come on Myra, let me show you around.” Noah said, lightly tugging on her arm. He nodded towards the door and she could already feel the base of the music vibrating the entire house. He pushed open the door and it was full of people, the lights were dim and many people were dancing around with glowsticks on their necks. He pulled her over to a breaker box and he smirked at her confused expression. “I was waiting for you to get here before the good part.” He went to the wall  to the light switch “Lights out.” He called, switching the lights off and everyone cheering their approval. She looked down at her clothes and smiling at the glowing of her numbers and the bright glow of her white shoes. “I wish you told me it was glow in the dark.” She said, loud enough for him to hear. “I’m barely glowing.” She chuckled, brushing her curls off her shoulders so they could fall down her back.

Laurent POV

I spoke with Noah earlier and he has a huge crush on Myra, borderline obsession maybe. He refused to officially start the party until she was here. I didn’t hear her thoughts so I assumed she was a no-show and Noah started the party without her. I knew he wouldn’t be exactly happy so I wanted to get my twin and look for Noah, he was very helpful to Larry and I so I thought I should see if he was okay. I pushed myself off of the wall and admired the way the the colors of my shirt glowed and the green and white on my sneakers. My brother was somewhere downstairs and I was thinking about just leaving because I wasn’t having much fun anyways. Myra was nowhere in sight and she’s the only reason I came. I leaned down on the rail of the stairs to look for my brother but my attention was quickly adverted when a girl tapped me on the shoulder. her glowing lips were the first thing that caught my attention, she was trying to get my number, her friends dared her to ask me, perk of being able to read minds i guess. I looked behind her and saw the giggling group of girls. I offered her a close lipped smile as her voice wavered as she spoke. 

“Hi, uh. You enjoying your first day here? I heard you were new.” She smiled up at me as she leaned on the rail next to me. This is when I caught a glimpse of her all white attire she had a short shirt that barely covered her top half and a white skirt. I figured she must have known about the party because she also had multiple glow sticks around her neck. “It’s fine.” I shrugged taking a small step away from her as she got closer to me.”If you need a tutor or something, I’m hella good at math so you know call me..” I let her hand me the little strip of paper. I looked at it and tucked it in my pocket, making the girls behind her squeal. She turned and silenced them and looked back up at me. “Call me Larry.” She winked and all the possible sympathy I had for her fled the scene. I had to give it to her though, it was dark. I shook my head as she walked away snickering as she joined her friends. This will be and interesting night. I turned to look for my brother again, pulling her number from my pocket and throwing it on the floor. I felt his presence but there were so many people here, and it’s such a big house. I wonder where exactly his parents went. 

Myra POV

Eventually Noah stopped pulling me around to get drinks. He gave me a few glowsticks so I put one on my head and a couple around my wrists. I was alone and bobbing me head to the loud rap music to try and clear my head. I walked over to the table that had snacks and picked up a cup of punch. It tasted weird, I guess it was spiked but I didn’t really care. When I turned I noticed a small circle beginning to form. I maneuvered my way through the crowd to see what was going on. That’s when I saw him. The same guy I saw either. 

The one that I decided I had a crush on.


yeah tbh until zayn comes out and says yeah it was cool that i won’t mind got leaked and/or endorses it himself, i think we should maybe not do a call to arms for it to be released as a single/promo’d/anything.

artists deserve respect to consent OR NOT to the use and release of their material and associated works. just because you like something doesn’t mean an artist agrees. just because you know someone has created something, doesn’t mean they want to do anything with it. please stop and consider!!

i just wanted to let you all know that since i’m finally traveling around japan and not sitting in a dorm room bored out of my mind… i won’t be on much… i’ll be posting a lot of picture on my instagram as you’ve probably seen… follow me if you want! :P

swaggyfluffball is my instagram account \(^o^)/ LOVE YOU PRECIOUSES

Finding Hope In "Not Otherwise Specified"

Finding Hope In “Not Otherwise Specified”

    On Thursday, May 21, 2015, I came out to myself as gay. Once I did this, I felt relieved and then scared. First, I thought “Okay fine, I’m a gay black girl nerd with blerd relationship goals.” Then, I realized I still have other people to come out to. Many “What ifs?” come to mind. “What if my family won’t accept me?” “What if the blerd community won’t accept me?” “What if I end up all alone…

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I feel like you're hurting real bad but you still bring a lot of positivity into other peoples lives like I always read your little tags and I feel like u don't deserve this

*teary eyes*
Yeah it was bad…and it still kind of is? A lot of people have worked so hard to pull me out of this though. Lawrence has fought to the death to stay with me even tho my panic attacks push him away/shut him out because in my mind, being alone is safe. But my loved ones won’t let me be alone. my dear, dearest Sylphie, Saxy, Shruti, Carly, my coworkers, my boss, and my incredible followers. Im honestly tearing up thinking about them all. Im really blessed and so thankful for this message as well. You care, and you save me everyday ♥️

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I'm basically failing every class. teachers are always yelling at me to get my grades up & so are my parents but at this point I've given up. I traveled to Italy last year and I can honestly say I learned more there & traveling than I have sitting behind a desk at a bullshit school. but I obviously can't drop out so wtf do I do. I'm just holding onto the fact that there's only 25 days left of school. but I'm stressed out of my mind with 9 projects due & my parents won't leave me alone

go to the library, put yourself in a “study mode” asap, and put your phone away unless its going to help you study!!! and do your projects there where no one is there to distractyou


replied to your



If she got her answers, she could have closure….

So no “Oh shit, he’s the Dread Wolf, what if he just played me all along, shit, I’ve been tricked!” (since, as we know, the Dalish think of Fen'Harel as an evil trickster villain)?

No, Rey isn’t that way.

Her brother, Mahvir, has a really open mind about Mythology because he’s autistic and it’s his special interest, so he’s 100% dedicated to it, even when people at Arlathvhen mock him for his belief that they can’t judge the Dread Wolf’s actions until they have a historical context for him.

Rey doesn’t know if the gods actually existed or not at the beginning of the story, but for the sake of her brother, even if she personally believes the Dread Wolf is guilty until proven innocent, she keeps an open mind.

So when she finds out, she won’t react with anger. She won’t twist the evidence to fit her preconceived notions. 

She’ll understand how ancient and dangerous and not like a mortal he is, but she’ll remember his tender expressions and the depth of his love and the way he treats herself, Cole, her brother… those who hold his respect and regard like Cassandra and Varric, and those whom he believes have the ability to change, like Dorian and The Iron Bull, and she’ll realize that the Dalish have to have it wrong and that the evidence points to a man who, no matter what else is true about him, was motivated by love, not hatred.

She’ll want to understand why he did everything he did, but no fear or anger or the belief that he manipulated her into a romantic relationship to get something out of her.


I did a search for 18 in the last hour on twitter. Bear in mind it’s still number 2 in the billboard trending topics so it should be all over twitter. There’s a hell of a lot about 18 in relation to golf but you have to go back half an hour to see anything re the song.

Also re the first photo what does super boost mean?

I realise its not a huge thing but the way the whole of four came in and pushed I won’t mind out of sight is a little odd.

today was better than any days I’ve had in a long long long time
I was finally able to get my anxiety under control, I felt comfortable in my own skin, I studied the Word for 2 hours by myself at Starbucks, the woman behind me told me that I was beautiful and that Julia Lynn is one of the prettiest names she’s heard, it’s because of people like her that people like me can get better. Today I smiled and laughed and danced and ran around the top of a parking garage with my best friends who’ve taken the brunt of my anxiety (meaning I practically never hang out anymore just because my mind won’t let me), they’re phenomenal and I love each of them and I wish I could communicate that better.
Life is good, sure days are hard, but days like today make me a happy camper

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so, beck, what's the best way to impress a girl?

Beck blinked, surprised at the question.
“Uhh….I would suggest being yourself or at least be genuine in what your intentions are.
Respect will at least make you stick out in her mind because it shows you won’t take advantage of her as easily, especially in the world where you have to pay through the nose for respect, and you giving it easily will definitely stick out.
Um…I guess if you’re good with jokes, that too.
Also though, if she lets you know she’s not impressed or interested in any romantic relationships, respect that. Treat her like you did before-with respect, and tell her you still want to be there for her and that you’ll be willing to listen or help…”
He looked down.
“…that’s it.”