i dunno ‘bout you but i’m seriously happy murasaki finally got to say what he’s wanted to say for so long (and really, having to wash his dishes is the worst thing you can think of?) and that nice finally acknowledged him the way he deserves (although murasaki still didn’t hear it haha fuck that orz)


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x20 Lifetime Piling Up

HALEY: She was totally naked?
NATHAN: As the day she was born. Only a lot more… curvy.
HALEY: Well what happened then?
NATHAN: I got the hell outta there!
HALEY: You and Brooke Davis. Captain of the ‘Cheer Sluts’! That is hard to picture.
NATHAN: Yeah, I’d say ‘hard’ is the right word.
HALEY: Eww! 
NATHAN: Okay, what’s this?
HALEY: Oh, score, a bracelet. Last time I got some fake tattoo with a random number.
NATHAN: Well, here. It matches that, uh, thing you call a shirt.
HALEY: My mother made this for me… and shut up!
NATHAN: You shut up.
HALEY: You shut up.
NATHAN: Don’t say I never gave you anything.

anonymous said:

What are your thoughts on Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation in the recent episode?

It didn’t really leave any impact on me, I just remember a bunch of awkward spinning, sooo… it was pretty underwhelming.

And I’m sick of how they use the same musical score for every single attack Sailor Moon has, it’s getting really old really quickly.