in fact

Random Gemini Facts

(from a real life Gemini)

- We hate small talk but we’re masters at it

- Self talk is one of the most important aspects of our day, if we don’t like talking to ourselves we tend not to be very happy

- God we’re not always happy, in fact we can be one of the most depressing signs in the zodiac when we wanna be

- We’ll deny it but we’re superficial as fuck

- We’re kind of those, love em or hate em kind of people, greys and Geminis don’t mix too well


on the first ep of carmilla when betty tells laura “danny’s gonna be there. that TA” and she gets all giddy about it, there’s this thing that if you’re watching it for the first time and you dont know anything about the show you may think "oh no. not another straight show again".

but guess what?


klc-journei asked:

Where does Haylan spend the majority of her time at Skyhold? Is there a companion she's the closest to? Which one?

Haylan as Inquisitor

I assume being Inquisitor doesn’t afford a lot of time for leisure, but when she does have the time she spends it lazing in bed with the windows wide open to let the mountain air and sunlight it. Occasionally she spends it in a chair in Cullen’s office (which he had brought in), but she’s not fond of closed spaces where she can’t see sunlight, so she’s really only there if Cullen is or she’s waiting on him.

She’s fond of Cole, but in a nurturing sense more than a companionable sense, since she feels the need to ‘take care’ of him (so more child than friend). If i had to say, she’s closest with Dorian BUT spends more time around Varric  since he’s usually just writing or puttering about.

Haylan as Companion

True to her name and training, Haylan stays near the medical tents where she can be on hand to treat incoming wounded. She can also occasionally be found in the upper courtyard (if a training ring is made) near where the sparring ring is. She and the surgeon get along, if only professionally (”Please stop offering to bleed the Inquisitor.”).

Again, Haylan is closest to Varric and Dorian, mostly by virtue of the former being incredibly friendly and the latter for teasing her mercilessly about her infatuation with the Commander. 

Dorian: Haylan, I heard the most interesting thing the other day.
Haylan: (with obvious hesitance) …what?
Dorian: Did you, in fact, used to stand guard outside our Commander’s offices before he—
Haylan: Oh look! I think that’s elfroot, just let me go far away over there to get it!
Dorian: I heard he had to tell you to stop. Was it awkward? Please tell me it was.
Haylan: Alright, I don’t know how it works in Tevinter, but I was trained to stand watch over the highest ranking Templar in my vicinity.
Dorian: There’s nothing wrong with it! I would stand watch over the Commander’s ars—
Haylan: Look! More elfroot!!

When she is healing, Cole tends to wander near her, in case she needs help understanding what’s wrong or a dagger.