in a way


Sorry for not being able to reply to this right away, anon! Just needed some permission from Reuben and time to dig them up from my old laptop, but here they are!

(I can’t show the others just yet because they haven’t been revealed in the story so far. The plot is unfolding beautifully, so just stick around and watch the rest of Attack on Space~)

In a Way

In the time you were away, I drew
arrows like breath to lungs, 17 strokes
ran rivers through sordid caesurae,
and I was not alone. I drew
daring like tongue to lips, 32 scars
forged short-cuts through fault lines,
and we were not apart.

My strength does not rest
in remembrance, in refrains lost
meaning through repetition. Why
would I look back on yesterdays static
and finite, when so many tomorrows
are yet to be? In the time you were a
way, I realized — we
have all the time in the world.

© 2013 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

My secretsanta gift for anobviousaside done for deancasweek.

I’m so, so sorry it’s almost two months late. I have no idea why it hasn’t got posted on deancasweek tumblr. I tried to contact them but got no answer so I guess it’s ok I post it here (I hope). 

Sorry it’s bit rushed. I tried to meet deadline (and I did and and as you can see it was utterly pointless). I’m under great impression of your style. It’s flawless in that amazingly free way I’ll probably be never able to obtain. Though I’ll try. Here is one of those try outs. It’s still very controlled but I learned great many things nonetheless for which I’m grateful. Keep up your fantastic, inspiring artwork!

serialkittycat asked:

Ahh I love your art! I'm so sorry if you get asked this a lot, but do you happen to have a story behind your anti-hero Tadashi au? And is it available for readers such as I to feast their eyes upon and shed tears as their brotp angsts?

aww thank yoU~ <3 I’m still coming up with the story, but i still haven’t put much thoughy into it cus i’m not quite sure if i’m actually going to be making the comic for the AU or not. we’ll just have to see. but so far yes there’s definitely a lot of of Brotp angsts going on my head right now. 

So far: 

- Tadashi has lost parts his memory (not from the fire but by someone else, reason: manipulation (but it’s not by callaghan))

-Tadashi believes he’s doing this to help “burn impurities” (at least that’s what his savior tells him that cleansing society will help everyone) and so Tadashi believes he’s a hero for ridding the city from these villains/impurities even if the methods seems harsh, they are necessary. 

-Tadashi does remember that he had a brother, but his brain has been twisted enough to where he believes Callaghan had killed him in the fire (the main reason for his motivation to help society) (even if he sees Hiro he can’t recognize him: manipulation in the temporal lobe) 

- Tadashi has become obsessed with keeping his mask on, (his Savior tells him that because he’s been purified (the burns) he is pure now, but because he’s pure, when society sees him they will think otherwise which is why he must keep the mask on at all times). ***this idea might change, seems a little too dark so i’m still working on it.   

-there’s going to be a lot connections and metaphors back to the fire and the mircobots

-this AU if probably going to happen 2 or 3 years after the BH6 movie (so it’s a sequel) 


When I first got this game, my town was so bare and messy. I was like that too. My grades were absolutely terrible, I was suffering from depression badly and have had suicidal thoughts. I was just a mess. 

Over time, my town has cleaned itself up. Set up Public Works Projects to make it look prettier. It grew more flowers/trees/bushes to also look prettier. Got very nice villagers. My town’s tree grew bigger and stronger.

I have gotten better myself over time. I have raised my grades (up to A’s and B’s). I have gotten help for my suicidal depression. I’ve made so many new friends that are just wonderful.

My tree has grown bigger and stronger.