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i've been seeing the tattoos on here and i think im falling in love! they are just so beautiful to me esp the full body ones. i think having something like that is so pretty and just looking at all the details and lil stories in each inch of skin is so exhilarating! it gets me so happy and just joyful about life and everthing! being someone living and fighting depression this is a once in a while emotion. I would give anything for one of them. The pain isnt even a turn off its more like an honor

This has to be one of the best messages I’ve gotten here.

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im p sure you traced the coat in that kanaya picture im so fricken sure of it


I actually didn’t trace it but i looked at a lot of reference pictures (because how do clothes even work) so it might look like one or two you already saw?

I’m sorry if it looks too much like one, i didn’t realise!