"Kya and Katara - First Waterbending Lesson" by Sasha Palacio (Moi!)
4-5 hrs, 8.5”x11”

Made and sold this at the art sow I co-curated “I’m the Art Show, Deal With It!” A Legend of Korra Tribute. I wanted to make two illustrations but I ran out of time… But here’s my tribute to older Katara and her’s and Aang’s first child Kya, a waterbender.

Kya never showed in the first season of Korra, but she was hinted at and concepts of her character design was published during the promo. And at the recent Comic-Con, they revealed more of her design. Kya is known to have dreadlocks, features shared with her mother, and a waterbender. Now I hope we all know kids aren’t born with dreadlocks so I assumed her hair must’ve been thick curly/wavy hair, considering those hair types are the result of dreadlocks overtime. Hope you all like!

1) Initial sketch:  Kya & Katara, mother and daughter waterbending together

2) Rough Lines and Color Pass (Katara): Dropped some color and shadows onto Katara and the water, now onto little Kya! I gotta fix her abnormally long right leg and we’re good.

3) Rough Lines(Kya) and Edits: Fixed Katara’s leg, added some more water droplets and fixed the water transparency. I had a chance to detail little Kya too.

4) Final Color Drop: "Kya and Katara - First Waterbending Lesson" finished illustration.

Still pretty busy with the Korra Tribute show… getting people paid, dropping off/shipping art, and contacting Nickelodeon on interviews for the documentary. So expect a  full update soon, but for now, here’s my piece!

The legend of korra art show is coming up (march 23) and it inspired me to do some korra pieces of my own. For this piece, it’s a mixed media of watercolor and gouache. I like doing portraits so this is a portrait of korra in her avatar state. I hope you guys like it and please come out to the show!

I’m The Art Show, Deal With It!

When: Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Location: Monk Space, 4414 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90004



Saturday, March 23rd – 10:00am: Opening, 11:00am: 1st Raffle (Small), 1:00pm: 2nd Raffle (Medium), 3:00pm: 3rd Raffle (Large), 4:00pm: Cosplay Contest, 5:00pm: 4th Raffle (Grand), 6:00pm: Closing for VIP Night Setup, VIP Night 7:00pm–2:00am

Sunday, March 24th – 10:00am: Opening, 11:00am: 1st Raffle (Small), 1:00pm: 2nd Raffle (Medium), 3:00pm: 3rd Raffle (Large), 4:00pm: Trivia Contest, 5:00pm: Closing