im so fucking drunk and in one hour i need to teach

once again i realized how much i hate humans,

i dislike them in every way possible.

the demon feels alone and….sad somewhat

exam tomorrow #imstressed to death

#ipeed on the streets fml

My Monday pretty much goes like this:

-wake up thinking it’s Friday

-go to school and get kicked in the shin about 3,000,000 times just in first period

-run a mile in PE

-go to math (enough said)

-go to science (only fun part of Monday’s)

-go to core for almost two hours and learn about fascinating subjects such as prepositional phrases and how to format and outline DBQ essays

-walk all the fucking way home

-get home, do homework

-make tomorrow’s lunch, shower, eat a shitload of crappy stuff and then rest my brain for about like two seconds and then get woken up again