Enjolras had always been considered as an old soul.

Never once, even as a child, did his parents consider him his age. Neither did his teachers. He was always highly knowledgeable of the world around him and his surroundings. A previous family friend would’ve joked that at times, he was possessed by the soul of a philosopher. 

The blonde thought nothing of it, even if it did feel that his entire life was on a timeline. In fact, over the course of the past 22 years did he experience nauseating instances of  déjà vu and strange dreams. Whenever he went to the doctors to tell them about these thoughts and visions, they would dismiss them as a case of anxiety brought on by a lack of sleep and give him a prescription.

However, he always thought they were so much more than that.

It was a summer night where Enjolras and his group of friends and fellow protesters were in the Musain, talking about the plan to go on a riot to try and prevent a local homeless center from closing. He was in the middle of a heated argument with another man when in walked a familiar man. 

anonymous said:

White Rose 14

What have I done? I’m not writer why did I do this? Why did I accept such a thing?

Ruby did not expect this to happen. It was either her sister’s doing or… yeah, it was definitely her sister’s doing. There was no way in hell the sophisticated ice princess would do this. 

Then what was she seeing? Was Weiss really wearing a skimpy outfit, dancing on a pole, with a straight face? Or was she dreaming? Was she drunk? 

She heard a snicker behind her. She knew all too well, who it belonged to. As much as she sort of enjoyed the whatever-is-happening-right-now, she did not enjoy the sight of her girlfriend doing something beyond her comfort zone.

She turned around to see the culprit who did all of this, with her huge cheeky grin and a stupid camera. “Happy birthday, Rubble! How does it feel to be an adult?”

Ruby simply smiled, snatched the camera out of her sister’s hands and threw it on the floor. Rest in pieces, you dumb camera. No one gets to see her lovely girlfriend in such a state except her. Weiss is hers.

"Yang. Get out of my room." 


She pushed the big blonde out the door and locked it shut. “Weiss, you can stop now,” she sighed.

She felt slender hands snake around her waist, what is happening? What’s going on? Help. Being a 21 year old was too much hard work.

"Who said I wanted to stop?"

Oh, God. Weiss, you useless lesbian.