I’m such an Ungrateful Little Shit

-Spanish here-

So, I won some things last year [this year too xD] that made me extremely happy, I promised I would post a “Thanks” video for each one but I never did it. I mean, I recorded the videos, and took pics, but I never edited them nor did I uploaded them, and I will not. So for now, there’ll be only photographs. This is something I should have done a long time ago. >_> I’m sorry.



In June, 2012.

There was a Contest/Giveaway held by I’mShayneInsane on Tumblr. It wa s adfrawing contest and the first place was Shayne Orok's first minialbum “Shayne's World”. Shayne is a boy who I knew on the first youtube round of MBC StarAudition, I heard him singing It Hurts and I fell for his voice. He won thrid place, then he signed with Sony Korea and he released this album :)… Well, I send my drawing, and Shayne picked the first place of the contest. It was me =3 *internalyscreming*

I am very Happy, I’ve wanted to thank you Selena, with all my heart, thank thank you thank you. I recorded the video, but I won’t upload it because it’s so weird… really weird xD.




Then, on August 1st, the 801 day was celebrated [because August is the 8th month and 01 day… 801]

Digital Manga held a Giveaway on Twitter, the asked something and if you were the fist one to answer you won a prize [each one was different]. That day I had to go out so I just could try to answer one question, well that one was a winner xD and I won a manga, one I really liked. I loved it and it made me cry >_>. The tematic is crude but very good. Men of Tatoos.


Thank y ou very much!!!


At the same time, celebrating 801 day, Compendium801 [now HimitsuHitori] also held a giveaway comprising on answer mini surveys(?) about our favorites 801’s mangas etc, to win entries, the more entries the more aoportuninties! I did everything I could, anaaaad I won. THE BIG PRIZE!!!! 9 yaoi mangas ♥3♥


I love them very much, of course I liked some more than others [art, stories], but, I love them all because I won them AND I couldn’t have them in any other way, since I really can’t buy online >_> [I’m trying to fix that]. Other than mangas, with this I won a very dear friend, her blog had made me change as a person for good. ¡GRACIAS HIMITSU!


After that, in november? december? I won sunggyu’s mini Album “Another me”, but it was never shipped u.u


I’m not angry because I know the shipment was expensive, and also she had to send too many cd’s so I don’t blame her. but I’m a little bit dissapointed xD. Still, thank you ^^


Ummm… Then in March? April? of this year I won another giveaway! from Com801/Himitsu! This one was a secret giveaway since it was for the followers she already had, and we had to answers some things to gain entries.

I won 2 prizes to spend online *w*, I almost got a stroke ha!, I had a lot a trouble to decide what to buy. I wanted something of Infinite [my favorite group right now ¬///¬] but I also wanted books and mangas, When I chose what  wanted it was because I saw the “off printing” on the site so… yeah, Infinite it was XD. Then we had a lot of troubles to buy what I wanted and we had to hange sites a lot, etc… anyway, it was woth it *o*

I chose 2 concerts and 1 CD.



2012 was filled with lot’s of meaningful things, and gifts; I went to my first concert with my mom [we’re both fans of evanescence xD], I saw one of my 5 dearest gods [XIAH], I gave myself the luxury to buy myself 2 things I really wanted [a CD and a photobook], but after each thing I also was in bankrupt xD, my friend send me mangas just because xD, and  just preodered* Infinite’s new sngle. The bad point about me is that I can’t put my priorities in order, I need thing for my daily life and instead of getting them I spend my money on other stuff >_>… xD

But let’s not talk anymore of me xD. I AM VERY VERY VERY GRATEFUL with all the people who made the giveaways because, really, the don’t have the necesity to spend a cent in other people, completly strangers!!! If I could do it… I wouldn’t xD [well, maybe now i would, because I know how it feels to win xD]



Want to learn a little about who this Shayne Orok is? Well, here’s your answer in this video where he explains 50 things about himself. <3

50 Things About Shayne Orok

1. He was born with eye cancer in his left eye and now has a artificial left eye.

2. He loves loves stripes. <3

3. He loves H&M clothes.

4. Likes wearing American Apparel.

5. Wears skinny jeans.

6. Candy he loves: Sweet Tarts, Rockets, Mini Eggs and Pocky…

7. Piano is his life.

8. Mrs. Gordian, his only piano teacher he ever had.

9. Emoticons. n___n

10. Anime ^_^

11. Japan

12. 11:11

13. Game Gear

14. Game Boy Micro

15. Gilgros

16. Robo Fighter

17. Astros

18. Glasses

19. YouTube <3

20. Social Network: Daily Booth, Tumblr, Twitter,Facebook, Myspace..

21. Arizona Ice Tea

22. Why am I living?

23. Conflict. He loves arguing a lot

24. He plans to never do drugs

25. San Disc MP3 Player

26. Canon Camera

27. Internet <3

28. Audio Books

29. Richard Clayderman

30. Eevee

31. P.O BOX

32. Internet Meems

33. Cell Phone

34. July 3rd

35. Dansi Water

36. Tokyo Police Club

37. Christopher Drew

38. Narway

39. Inspiration in general

40. Part Time Jobs, can’t seem to find one?

41. Hipster Style

42. Triangles, hipster related

43. Simplicity

44. Shedule

45. Pho

46. RD9, Rice Dish 9

47. Legend of Street Fighters the movie

48. Picture of his dad

49. Childhood Sports; Figure Skating & Speed Skating

50. Tom Shoes

*Sorry if I misspelled some words, which I know I did. If you know how to spell the words I didn’t, go ahead and leave a comment or message me it and I’ll change it right away. x)



Im Shayne Insane 1st Fan Art Contest:

To be eligible to enter, you…

- must be following me on tumblr ~ imshayneinsane (I’ll check)
- must reblog this post at least ONCE ( but if you reblog more than once, it doesn’t make your chance at winning any greater)
- must have your ask box open (So, if you win, I can message you and get your address)
- must have parent permission if under age 
- lastly, let me know if you interested in this contest so I know who’s entering

And this contest is open to everyone! :) U.S. & International. :D


1st prize winner:  will win Shayne’s new mini album Limited Edition “Shayne’s World”. A small thank you from me and I’ll follow you back. Oh, I’ll also be using your artwork as the banner in my blog.

2nd prize winner: will win a poster from Shayne’s album, “Shayne’s World” and a small thank you note fom me also. :)

Rules of the fan art contest

~you must draw some type of fan art that includes the following:
   - the title of my blog 
   - Shayne Orok ( his face, a picture of him or his music) 

But besides these, it’s all you and you’re creative mind. Good luck.

It must be:

- your original work
- it can hand drawn or drawn on a drawing software (whatever you’re most comfortable with) 
- if hand drawn, must be scanned to the your computer as a jpg. (jpeg)
- If drawn on a drawing software, must still be a jpg. (jpeg)
-when posted, must be tagged with #imshayneinsanefanartcontest and #shayneorok

How long will the contest be open?:

The contest will be open for a month from today. So, it’s May 5, 2012 today. The contest will be over at June 5, 2012. Good luck to everyone. ;)

You must be wondering, how is the winner gonna be determined?

The winner will be decided by Shayne Orok, his self. Yes, you heard me right. Shayne is that awesome, that he was totally for it when I asked him if he wanted to be part of this. :,D

So, the winners will be announced a few days after it ends and once it’s announced who won, it will at least take a week for me to send the prizes out. :)

Good luck to everyone. :D If any questions or concerns, just message me privately or in my ask box.

This contest is officially closed.