I came across that tweet again and I just realized which was the great improvised scene Cameron was talking about.

It’s the cut sex scene of 5x03. The filming timeline fits perfectly.

If it’s not in the DVD’s deleted scenes I will send Mickey to pay a visit to the Shameless editors!

Seriously though… I need to watch that scene…


Reggie Watts is unlike any musician working today — but they could learn something from him

You may not know the most talented live musician of our generation, and if you did, you might think him a comedian. Reggie Watts  is a comedian, but he’s fundamentally a musician. Specifically, he’s the most talented live performer of our generation.

The reason? Every single thing he does is improvised. And it’s always unbelievably brilliant and catchy.


Ward off hiatus blues with impro songs from Ylvis’ “O-fag Comeback,” translated by the Ylvis Facebookies, suggested by etasje :)


I am reposting this, for the purpose of asking 2 questions:
1. Can you see the duct tape on the upper arms of the skeleton?
2. What sort of things like this have happened to you when you’ve been creating something, and what have you done to improvise?

Backstory: Target and the All Natural Vine group had started a Vine game: Using the theme of passing a red ball, one Viner would tag another. That Viner then had 3 days to make a Vine to pass on the ball to the next Viner, etc. (the game is still ongoing on Vine as #Allnaturaltag).

I had been “tagged” by stop motion Viner Benjamin Andrews. I set up to make my Vine two nights later. It was my first time using a beautiful, but delicate articulated skeleton made by Stephano D’Amore. (I am working on my armature skills, but I am not there yet). Not long into making the initial small movements and Vine stop motion taps, I must have pulled too hard. My guy’s right arm snapped cleanly off in the middle of the forearm—not at the joint.

I spent two hours trying to glue, tape, plaster, and wire the arm back together. If I’d had more time, I could have achieved success—but I didn’t. Finally, frustrated, I just bound the parts together with duct tape, pretty clumsily. (A terrible choice, because shiny). It worked sort of well, and I was able to mold the tape into a slightly more natural, bony look. But now he was a skeleton with one rather muscular forearm. So I wrapped up his left forearm in duct tape, too. Some colored sharpies worked as a quick fix to help with blending.

But it still looked pretty bad. I went ahead with it. I had to be extra careful with the lighting, and I kept it darker than I would have to counter the reflectiveness. As I previewed the frames, I was surprised that the duct tape wasn’t glaringly obvious.

Or is it?


The Art Assignment #14 - Find your Band

I found my band in my kitchen in a dripping tap, two plastic bowls and a whisk. The dishwasher wasn’t as cooperative as I thought it might be.

I enjoyed this very much, even though I wasn’t too sure about this in the beginning. It’s quite a challenge to overcome, especially as we were supposed to add our own voice… But now, I am very happy I tried it :-)


I finally did it. Here’s a video of me playing. Comment like share give feedback do your thing.

"The fire alarm went off at 3am and now the cute boy next door is standing next to me in his boxers" au

We’re deviating from the prompts a little here but I’ve always been a rebel- rachael

Will fumbled with his apartment keys in his half asleep state. It was quarter ‘til 3 am and he smelled awful, and had a blood stain on his scrubs that he’d rather not talk about. As a surgical intern he was basically a slave of his resident whom they referred to as The Head Bitch behind her back. She’d made him work a 32 hour shift and he could hardly stay awake by the end of it.

Will had just pushed open his apartment door when the fire alarm went off.

"For fucks sakes," he groaned as he tossed his bag back over his shoulder and turned back to the stairwell.

The 9 story apartment building housed 100 people that now flooded the hallways and stairwell. Once he fought his way outside Will crossed the road and stared at the now flaming building with the rest of its residents. Beside him appeared his neighbor who was clothed in only his boxers and shivering in the cold November air.

"God damnit," the boy cursed as he bounced back and forth trying to stay warm. Will wasn’t the kind of person to check people out during fire evacuations but damn his neighbor looked good. His pale skin was marred by a few odd scars that made him curious as to how he got them. The dark hair on his head was sticking out at odd angles but somehow was still quite attractive to Will.

"Got a problem?" His neighbor asked him when he saw him staring.

Will blushed and looked down before mumbling, “No, sorry.”

"Don’t be," the boy smirked, "seriously who the fuck was cooking at 3 am?"

"I have no idea," Will grumbled, "I just got home from work when the alarm sounded."

"Yeah you look ready to fall over. I’m Nico by the way," he said.

"Will. And why have we never met before?"

"You’re shitty hours probably," Nico said. Will nodded before he tossed a jacket out of his bag to Nico.

"Thanks," Nico said with a smile as he pulled the way too big sweatshirt over his tiny frame.

Firefighters ran around hosing the place down with water.

"Aw man. We’re going to have to stay in a hotel for a while huh," Will said as he looked at the charred building.

"Yeah. We should share a room," Nico suggested.

"Wait what?" Will blurted out, surprised.

"It would have plenty of upsides. We could split the cost and the bed," Nico joked.

"Wait, are you serious?" Nico leaned in and kissed Will, which he was pleasantly surprised about.

"What do you think?"

  • Waking Up (The Kiss)

Fenris kisses her.

Hawke makes a quiet, startled noise that he feels to his very bones; then her eyes close and her hand slides to the back of his neck, pulling him nearer as she slants her mouth better against his. He drags in a breath through his nose, shifting his weight above her, his free hand moving to brace itself on the bed at her shoulder. She laughs against his lips, her eyes crinkling with good humor; he smiles himself, and kisses her again, and again, long slow things that draw on every part of him left after this waking dream, holding nothing back, not any longer, not after three years’ worth of wasted time.

Somehow she frees her other hand from the throw tangled around her hips, reaches up to his nape, dragging her fingernails into his hair there to send a rush of heat down his spine. He knows the lyrium lights in sporadic flickers over his bare arms, his back, his ribs where the thorns twist beneath his leathers; he does not care and Hawke does not once look to them, her mouth seeking his mouth over and over again, hot and wanting, her fingertips dancing down his jaw, up the curves of his ears to make him shudder, into his hair again.

Three years. He will never be able to repay her.




I can always count on Ascendi to give me some inspiration and since I wanted to record something today anyway for Christmas-related purposes I thought I would turn this into a YAY BOARDS ARE DONE post!

Congratulations on finishing your boards, dear Quark! Have fun sleeping and playing THE GAME! (Though that might be mutually exclusive…) <3


Artist Creates Psychedelic Art By Pouring Paint And Resin Onto A Canvas - http://goo.gl/UAMGs7 Bruce Riley is a talented Chicago-based artist who creates beautifully psychedelic paintings of poured paint and dripping resin. His artworks contain a blinding myriad of details and structures that form surreal creatures or psychedelic mandalas. Riley says that most of his creations are the result of pure improvisation and experimentation. “You can’t have any other intent but moving. You can’t worry about it, you can’t stop, you can’t choke. It’s obvious when it works. It’s obvious when it fails,” poetically explains the Riley. “The paintings aren’t about specific things, they’re all about kind of the same thing. And I’m not really trying to define any ideas, I just let it flow.” Take a look at Riley’s hypnotizing works. More info: bruce-riley.com | Flickr | packergallery.com (h/t: demilkedcolossal) Share these amazing stuff with your friends.

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