Improvisiations 2010 - 2014


sample of ‘drone 18’-to be released on youtube later today-can also be found at #thevideocampfirejournals #crackofdawnsketches #jimcharette #music #improvisation #video #videoart #drones

This was the “weather” from the latest episode of Welcome to Night Vale, and it came on late at night as I was shivering and waiting for an N train after Tuesday’s improv class.

Something in its defiant optimism spoke to me and kept me warm as I cursed the post-baseball traffic that was delaying my trip home.

Among the many reasons I love Night Vale, introducing me to new music of all kinds is near the top of the list.

When it comes to communication, we like to think if only we follow the right script and say the right words then things will always work out the way we want.

Asking a girl out on a date? I need that perfect opening line. Trying to get a new job? I need to give the perfect answers in my interview. Want to persuade someone? I need to have the perfect argument in my head.

But life rarely follows a script. Instead, it’s a whole lot of improvisation.

We can never know exactly how a situation will unfold. So we need to be able to respond to information from our environment in real-time, and adapt to each situation as we go along.

There are no perfect answers. There are no perfect words. There are no perfect scripts that will give you the same exact results every time.

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Pentatonix- Call Your Girlfriend (Impromptu Session) [Livestream]

This is improvisation!!! They’re so good! <3


I finally did it. Here’s a video of me playing. Comment like share give feedback do your thing.

Last night I brought my cassette recorder outside and captured a field recording of the storm that caused Austin and its surrounding areas so much damage and flooding. I was also able to record a few guitar loops before the power went out. This song is the result of both of these recordings and pays tribute to the power of nature and its destructive forces.