I wish that ac had sunscreen you could buy where you could use it once a day, and after so many uses it would run out. And it could remove one level of tan or prevent you from tanning any more. And then they could also have tanning lotion that worked the same way but gave you one level of tan or made sure you didn’t lose a level that you’d already gained.

Sort of speaks to me about where I am in my life at the present moment. 

Like a lot of people I am in the process of refining myself, moving forward, trying new things, trying to be a better person.

I find myself trying to be a good example of how to live my life, and be positive to my students, my athletes, and most importantly my wife and my kids.

When you aren’t happy or satisfied with yourself, it’s hard to be what the others in your life need you to be- what you need to be

I’m taking steps in my life to be better. They are small steps, but they are mine. 

Instapaper: Your Input, Please

So it’s time.  It’s been a few weeks since betaworks took responsibility for Instapaper.  With Marco’s cheerful, tireless help, we’ve dug into the infrastructure, explored its nooks and crannies, and mapped out a plan to upgrade performance and improve reliability.  Details on that very soon.

But what’s really cool is that we’ve pulled together some first-rate talent to get to work on Instapaper.  Following the usual betaworks model, we’re going to staff Instapaper with a small but scrappy team of dedicated developers (like, 2 or 3); in the short term, we’re also tapping the expertise of people across the betaworks family with skills in design and user experience, front-end web interfaces, mobile applications, back-end engineering, data science, operations, content extraction.  With their help, we’re going to build a better Instapaper.

And that’s where you come in.  We need the input of Instapaper users.  We want to know what new features you’d like, what current features need tweaking, what functions should work better. For starters, Marco gave us his own pretty detailed to-do list, including some interesting things he’s built but not yet launched or completed.  We also picked up a lot of feedback from recent Twitter traffic. If you have thoughts, we’d be grateful if you’d put them into writing and add them below, in the comments to this post.  (We’ve switched on Disqus, which we use elsewhere and seems to be a solid platform for comments).

Here are some of the ideas we’ve seen already:

  • Proceed with care: Instapaper is awesome; don’t screw it up. It’s a clean, elegant, and highly useful app;  don’t clutter up the interfaces or feature sets. Do the basics really well, don’t add a million unnecessary features.
  • Text: Improve the parser / text engine / content extractor. Make it so that every article is presented perfectly, with complete text and images where they’re supposed to appear.
  • Web: Refresh the website design for Instapaper. Make it beautiful and more functional, without losing the simplicity. Add a search bar.
  • Browser plug-ins: Build Instapaper browser extensions.
  • Bookmarklet: Make the Instapaper bookmarklet work with Feedly and other RSS readers, just like it now does with Google Reader.
  • Integrations: Improve Instapaper integration with Twitter and the leading Twitter clients, WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote, Dropbox, App.net. E.g., make it easier to save links from Twitter directly to Instapaper.
  • Sync across devices: Remember and synchronize article reading progress across all the user’s devices.
  • Start-up screen: Make the start-up screen something that’s not blindingly white, or at least not when the app is in night mode.
  • Post-reading options: Add separate buttons for “Archive” and “Delete”, for one-touch action after reading an article.
  • Mobile app design:  Add some new, useful sidebar features to the mobile app. Add a shuffle button to pull up a random article from the unread queue. Add optional article counts for folders and the unread queue.
  • iPad app design: Give iPad users the option to hide the sidebar.
  • Kindle: Let users select specific articles to be sent to Kindle in their weekly batch, and to download an entire folder (perhaps up to some limit) to Kindle.  Fix the way images appear on the Kindle.
  • Subscription sites: Work with the New York Times and other subscription-supported sites to enable full-text access for subscribers.
  • Highlighting, annotations, tags: Allow users to add, save, and share highlights and annotations.  Enable user tagging of articles.
  • RSS: Make it possible to ingest RSS feeds directly into Instapaper.
  • Desktop: Build a desktop Instapaper application for OSX (and/or Windows and/or Linux).
  • Unlike:  Permit the unliking of liked articles.
  • Security: Support secure cookies, default https, and https + HSTS headers.

Some of these are fantastic ideas, some perhaps not.  At this point, we want to make sure we’ve got a reasonably complete grasp of Instapaper users’ ideas, suggestions, thoughts, and requests.  We plan to do a ton of work on Instapaper over the coming months.  We will do our best to keep you well-informed, to seek your feedback, and to make Instapaper better than it was before.  Better… stronger… faster.

guys and today i looked in the gym mirror and i was like ay
for the first time i thought i actually looked pretty damn good. like usually im always thinking theres something i dont like. but i felt super good today. even my legs! which are always my trouble area when it comes to self confidence.

Needed improvements to Tumblr:

  • revamped inbox with inline messaging
  • make “content source” box front and center in post editor
  • a “report post” button
  • non-reblogable posting ability
  • better static page building
  • ability to alter post order through the Mass Post Editor
  • official ability to reblog yourself
  • view spotlight categories as feeds
  • more advance search ability with result filtering
  • preloading of tags from source post when reblogging
  • proper visibility of photosets on archive page
  • follower list organization and search ability
  • ability to reach the Explore page from the dash
  • completely revamped Explore page
  • improved Customize page
  • link to common html codes and tips through all editors

Major concerns that need answers:

  • poor or completely absent attribution
  • removal of description text and attribution when reblogging
these things take time
  • spend less time on tumblr
  • spend more time with myself 
  • draw/paint/be creative
  • keep blogging away from tumblr 
  • be open about recovery struggles
  • do not restrict because cassie is back
  • ask cassie to help with cooking meals 
  • write letters
  • believe in myself
  • do a food shop
  • go to counselling
  • LET GO
  • keep fighting

I think there was a point in my life when I decided I was tired of being other people’s dirty little secret, but I can’t remember when. So now I happily embrace being open and not at all embarrassed about having sex. Now my roommates say I’m known as the “loud sex having roommate” but I mean at least nobody’s denying they’re having sex with me anymore. 

Wow… I’d say kinda great difference in one year. It feels like one of my good achievements in life. 

April 2012: (BloodRegret) I still haven’t got my tablet here yet. I draw on paper then I’ll photoshop it and colors it with mouse/ pentool. Yet this takes me a lot more shorter time than in the 2nd one. o_o Also I draw Danny and Sam in their modified costumes I did before.

Dec 2013: (D-Eliade) Drew them with their normal outfits. ovo For one year I already practiced myself in tablet and get used to. This one was fully drawn with Sai and added some final touches on PS. And I haven’t used star nor moon brushes here D:

So thats what I got for a year… I feel so happy. 

Meme: http://bampire.deviantart.com/art/Meme-Before-and-After-177759508

  • Jack:Hey, you know what sucks?
  • Lindsey:vaccuums
  • Jack:Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?
  • Lindsey:black holes
  • Jack:Hey, you know what just isn't cool?
  • Lindsey:lava?
  • Jack:Hey, you know who's an annoying little douchebag?
  • Jack:you