I wish that ac had sunscreen you could buy where you could use it once a day, and after so many uses it would run out. And it could remove one level of tan or prevent you from tanning any more. And then they could also have tanning lotion that worked the same way but gave you one level of tan or made sure you didn’t lose a level that you’d already gained.

Sort of speaks to me about where I am in my life at the present moment. 

Like a lot of people I am in the process of refining myself, moving forward, trying new things, trying to be a better person.

I find myself trying to be a good example of how to live my life, and be positive to my students, my athletes, and most importantly my wife and my kids.

When you aren’t happy or satisfied with yourself, it’s hard to be what the others in your life need you to be- what you need to be

I’m taking steps in my life to be better. They are small steps, but they are mine. 

I can take reading a really bad RP, I can take the overdone tropes and hundreds of plot holes in an RP. It’s all just fun and nobody should rip on you for indulging in a silly/sappy RP. I love sappy. But if you make me read your massive RP by breathing down my throat every day and ask for advice on how to improve, don’t be that asshole and take what I say seriously. If you care about improving you’ll listen when I say you have flaws instead of fishing for complements/pity.