I always find myself impatient with people’s progress and prodding them on. If they are heading to a dead end I have to make it clear to them there is a logical progression to things and end up taking over to show them the most efficient way I have found. If people are doing something I haven’t thought of, I will emulate until I am equally as efficient.
—  Anonymous INTJ

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I think it’s worth emphasizing that not only do cheesecake designs on serious characters insult the audience - they represent massive missed opportunities.  Every time a company decides to go with “sex sells” instead of a solid design it means that all kinds of great potential is flushed away sight unseen.

- wincenworks

A quick reality check on the fact that every lazy “sex sells” female* character design accounts for another wasted chance for greatness.


*Not to say that male characters don’t fall victims to creative bankruptcy in their own right, but they still manage to have A LOT more cliches and archetypes to choose from and not be reduced to fap fodder by default.


bringing this back

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(If you are clicking the link at IGN to the original article at Bleedin Cool please be aware they are currently being sponsored by Crossed - an ultra violent comic and that the promotions contain gorey/disturbing material)

Batgirl artist Babs Tarr stated at a panel that the new look Batgirl we loved was originally not expected to be a long term re-design but…

How could anyone doubt this?

Oh yeah.

- wincenworks

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Finished my post for my 2 year blog anniversary! technically it was on April 26th but I’ve been slow lately for some reason >.<
Wow….all I can say about this is practice really DOES make a difference. From an old computer tablet that wasn’t made for drawing and mouse tracing to this XD Two years of drawing, tutorials, and lots of posts/questions really paid off >w< And I’ve still got a long way to go! >:D This is really motivating for me and I’m so glad to see my self progress and can’t help but feel a little pride TuT. May the next milestone be even better XD

PS: This was back before Sweet got a manecut so old manestyle XD

#life #quote #quotes #wise #wisdom #insight #wonder #philosophy #improve #improvement #growth #inspirational #inspiring #inspire #enlightening #enlightenment #learning #learn #perception #mindful #mindfulness #awareness #school #teacher #teaching #college #teach #class #student


If you ever feel down about your art or like ‘you’ll never improve’ just hear me out, okay.

16 year old me would have her jaw drop if she saw what I could do today. These pictures are five years apart.

You only get better by drawing more.

Always draw. 

Draw once a day, even if it’s just a doodle.

You will improve and you will get better. One day you’ll be able to look at your art and smile and feel proud of where you’ve come as an artist.


I’ve been thinking alot about the progress I’ve made in the last few years. We have a picture I did back in 2009 when my DevArt hit 10k, and a small concept I did a week or so ago.

The 2009 drawing was the best I could do at the time, and the 2015 one isn’t even the best I can do, a quick drawing even (3 or 4 hours). I personally believe that the most improvement I did has been happening in the last few months, triying new stuff and working harder to achieve my dream of becoming a concept artist someday.

There’s still a long wya to go but I am quite happy with my improvement in these 6 years

Thanks to http://x-aiton.deviantart.com/ for the first picture, even tho they stole all of my old art, I wouldn’t have recovered anything from that time. since my Majhost was lost along with the site.