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My workspace

You can buy special stands and wallets for those markers. I made a rough count on how much that would cost me (a fortune), and collected every mug in the house that can’t go in the dishwasher. We seldom use them anyway. Oddly enough this makes me feel more proffesional. The working artists I know all use imprompto sollutions like this. Scrap plywood and dumpster finds are legio. Maybe we’ll buy those snazy penstands when we get rich, but I doubt it - those cobbled together solutions gives a cosy feel to the work.

I felt a bit bad about not giving you a sketch or drawing, so I’m posting a bonus photo. This could be the water channel under the old waterdriven university mill, photographed in bad light with a mobile phone. Or it could be the ghost ridden sewer under an ancient castle. Or the secret passway to the super villain’s lair. Or the only way out from the pirates’ hidden harbour. The choice is yours.