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horriblehistoriesnerd asked:

Hey, When you get this ask list 5 things that make you happy, then pass it on to the last ten people who reblogged from you. (dw if you don't want to - sorry if this annoys you :) )

No of course it doesn’t annoy me. I love getting things like these. So thanks!

1) I love research, at any given moment I will have a new favourite fact to share with you. Currently it’s about plans for a northern secession - previously it was Thomas Jefferson’s hatred of puns and witty remarks. 

2) I love crazy imprompto dance sessions in my room

3) I love strolling through a bookstore

4) I love exploring different places

5) My floormates here in the UK make me happy. They’re all such lovely, welcoming people that have made me feel so accepted and included.