The bar scene between Damon and Elena is done beautifully all around, acting, directing and writing. The audience can feel the emotion of the scene. Ian and Nina deliver their lines beautifully. Their facial expressions and body language conveys the emotion of the scene to the audience and really gets the feels going. Butler’s focus on Damon and Elena’s hands when she puts her hand on top of his and then Elena caressing Damon’s knuckles with her thumb adds to the scenes’ hope and shows the bond between them still very strong.

"Look, I am at a crossroads right now where I could go live my life the way I probably should, be successful and safe, probably very happy or I could risk all that for a tiny glimmer of a feeling I just can’t shake.” – Elena.

While Chris Mollere’s musical selection for the scene, “When You Fall in Love” by Andrew Ripp, hits it home for viewers making the scene that much more powerful. The songs lyrics about a connection and love so strong it can weather any storm fits perfectly in the scene.


Because SOMEONE wanted to hear my Elmo voice impression