• Stronger Than You Parody
  • Caius

Used part of this post as the start and then wrote a couple more lines and like ran out of ideas for the moment but I wanted to hear it so far so here’s a wip?

Idk if people hear this and like want more who knows?

Lyrics so far:

this is garnet
here’s the weather:
we’ve got a chance of mild showers with a temperature of 62
but it might get wetter
so if you’re going out i’d bring a light sweater
later on this week it’s gonna get cool
but not enough for the snow to cancel any school
You can trust this news is true
you’re watching channel 2
Go ahead and try and fault me if you’re able
Can’t you see that my forecasts aren’t a fable
I can see that you’re a skeptic of my power.
But there definitely will be a shower.

So you better be ready for precipitation
As you can see in these locations
The water levels high so please drive slower
At least until the water levels lower.

It’s really important to me that Cassie Cage is so cocky.

‘Cause like, you almost never get to see female characters who are that unapologetically confident without it being something where they need to be “taken down a peg” and told not to get too confident and be more modest because God forbid a woman actually like herself.

But Cassie? She’s a cocky little shit and she’s snarky and rude and she’s always cracking jokes and she taunts her opponents and she flips them off and she doesn’t give a shit what people think. But she’s also funny and likable and brave and smart and good-hearted and she cares about her friends and family, and in the end it’s her who saves the world.

Idk I just love that she’s allowed to be so confident, even arrogant, and still be a likable heroine.

I actually don’t get in that many arguments with straight dudes because I’m a chill person who believes in catching more flies with honey or whatever, but I never catch more shit from them than when I admit that I don’t think Alison Brie is attractive. 

I personally think braille is the most impressive language for someone to know. Like I’ve always found it amazing how people can actually read it with just the tips of their fingers. Sure, English speakers find it astonishing how people can read, write, speak, and make sense of languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Arabic since to people with English as a first language, characters look like scribbled lines. Even with sign language being as amazing as it it too, that people could make sense of multiple hand motions, but it’s still seen. With braille, you don’t study it my staring at a page. You can’t let your eyes scan over the words and your brain make sense of it: you have your fingers and the keen ability to read each and every little dot forming those words. It is so impressive and amazing to me knowing people can actually read it. I cannot, as I only know English and a little Japanese. But man, braille is just so mind blowing to me and no matter who you are, born blind, became blind, or able to see, I will find you to be just that much more respectable and amazing if you are capable of reading braille.