The Skyforge was first discovered by Jeek of the River and his crew who were traveling south from Hsaarik Head to settle. They scouted the area later named Whiterun Hold and found a mysterious structure that was described as “a monument of a bird whose eyes and beak were opened in flame.” It was discovered that the monument was feared by the native elves and suspecting that it held great power, Jeek and his crew settled and built Jorrvaskr at the foot of the Skyforge, so it would provide their steel.

I’m super proud of Jin, he has improved so much. 

Look at the dance practice he’s gotten so good at dancing, look at the live performances he’s gotten so much more confident and his voice is stronger. look at the mv his acting is fucking A+. 

He is killing it this comeback, and I don’t think enough people are talking about that

My impressions of MBTI types
  • ENTJ:Self-confident, objective and direct. Have a great drive to succeed once they set their mind to do something. Can appear stubborn and bossy. They are the first ones to call you out on your bullshit.
  • INTJ:Seem serious, calculating and overly rational. Project an aura of "definiteness" and self-confidence. Very private and independant - at times to the point of isolation. Inhabit rich inner worlds that make them seem aloof or absent-minded. The ultimate bookworms.
  • INTP:Adorable, analytical nerds. There's a 150% chance that they'll suprise you with random knowledge that they'll casually throw in a conversation. They questions EVERYTHING. Very logically precise and tremendously original. Probably have eccentric interests.
  • ENTP:Nerds with social skills (!). Excellent conversationalists. They are the ones to argue a point they actually oppose just to annoy you. Have highly imaginative and original minds which makes them come up with THE wildest ideas. They're very outspoken which sometimes manifests itself in the form of harsh comments if they're not careful.
  • ENFJ:Unbeatable people-skills. Have a gift of understanding and emapthizing with the feelings of others. Their enthusiasm, grace and diplomacy is truly inspiring which makes them great motivators. Very warm and trust-worthy friends.
  • INFJ:Mysterious, complex and thoughtful. Hard to figure out and get close to but once you do, you have a true friend for life. Have "layers" to their personality that they strip down once they'll let you in.
  • INFP:Quiet, agreeable and gentle. Can seem overly dreamy or idealistic and have their "heads in the clouds". Seem calm and reserved but have a burning flame hidden inside. Creative and unique individuals.
  • ENFP:Charming, compassionate and enthusiastic. True free spirits that crave creativity and freedom of expression. Their energy and charisma is irresistible. However, they need to watch out to not become overly care-free, unfocused and unrealistic.
  • ISTJ:Serious, practical and put together. Tend to be formal and impersonal in their approach. Can seem slightly insensitive and judgemental but in reality, they make very honest, loyal and reliable friends.
  • ISFJ:Big-hearted, generous and considerate. Have an eye for details. Intensely loyal and patient with the people close to them. They are dependable and take their commitments very seriously. True altruists.
  • ESTJ:Can appear bossy and insensitive. Incredibly ambitious and like the ENTJ, can succeed in doing whatever they set their mind to. Factual, objective and pragmatic. Highly perfectionistic.
  • ESFJ:Incredibly caring and warm individuals. Good at reading others and make them feel loved and cared about. Most likely to be seen as the "moms and dads" in a group of friends. Might appear controlling or close-minded.
  • ISTP:Independent and always up for an adventure. Realisitc, factual, usually easy-going and adaptable. They combine two, seemingly paradoxical, traits by being both rational and spontaneous at the same time. Can sometimes become too stubborn and display rebellious behavior.
  • ISFP:Creatures of passion and creativity with a vivid imagination. Incredibly expressive and charming individuals that see beauty in everything. Like to push the limits of conventional ideas. Can seem shy and overly sensitive to other's emotions.
  • ESTP:Bold, fun and confident risk-takers. Always down for a party. Cracking jokes 24/7 and always seen with a big smile on their face. Very persuasive and can charm the pants off of anyone - they truly have a way with words.
  • ESFP:Charming, friendly, witty and full of life. Have a strong sense of aesthetic (often nicely dressed). They are the ones to cheer you up when you're feeling shitty. Can pretty much get along with everyone. Their optimism is contagious!

anonymous asked:

noxbig is such a ripoff of this blog, it's embarrassing

Actually, what’s embarrassing is this feeble attempt at getting me to start shit by badmouthing someone I don’t know on a social networking site that I access to have fun – much like the blog in question you’re directing my attention to.

I have never spoken to the mun of noxbig, but I also have no reason to consider them a ‘ripoff’ of my blog. For starters, I don’t own the copyright on Kim Possible. I never have, I never will. So really, if noxbig isn’t using icons that I have specified are exclusively for my use and isn’t copy+pasting my headcanons (which she is not), she isn’t doing anything wrong. She has just as much of a right to roleplay as Kim as I do, and as you do, and as anyone else does. Yes, she has a couple of similar verses as mine, most notably, a time travel verse under the same name. 

I have no issue with this. 

The Kim Possible fandom is relatively small, and the show itself was only four seasons long with two films – there is going to be overlap. It’s bound to happen. It’s just a thing that’s going to happen, and it’s fine. The whole time travel thing is based around a canon event – I cannot take credit for it, or anything that happens in show canon, because it’s show canon. It is owned by Disney and, more exclusively, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. 

On top of all this, and what I believe is the most important thing to remember, is that I AM NOT THE FIRST PERSON ON TUMBLR TO ROLEPLAY AS KIM POSSIBLE. When I started, there were at least three other Kim Possible roleplay blogs that were active, both affiliated and non affiliated. They had been established long before I came on the scene, and it only makes me wonder, what if someone had said the same things about me? What if someone had gone to one of those blogs and said ‘kim–p/xkimpossible/whatsthesiitch is such a ripoff of this blog, it’s embarrassing’? It would have made me feel really awful about myself, it would have made me feel isolated as a member of the community, and I probably would have dropped my blog and roleplaying altogether, given the place I was in at the time. And I don’t want to play a hand in doing that to someone else. 

There is enough unnecessary negativity in the roleplay community, and your contribution is heavily unnecessary. Duplicates are going to happen. It’s a fact of life. And while I’m not likely to roleplay with duplicates of my character due to my own personal insecurities (because I will always compare my interpretation, it’s just a fact of life), they have just as much right to play the character I play as I do. Believing anything else is, frankly, stupid and naïve. 

So, if you intended to start a flame war with this, I’m sorry, but you picked the wrong person to initiate it, because I refuse to take part in something inherently false, childish, and wrong. 

Have a good day, and think before you consider sending messages like this in the future.

so i saw age of adaline recently (which was much better than expected!) and pretty much my biggest takeaway was that I AM IN LOVE WITH ANTHONY INGRUBER

i mean, the man does a PERFECT YOUNG HARRISON FORD IMPRESSION. if that’s not marriage material, i don’t know what is. all y’all on tumblr always talking about how time machines are only useful to find young harrison ford, well may i present

t h i s    m o t h e r f u c k e r

han solo impression? ✅

henry and indiana jones impression? ✅


if there is an anthony ingruber fanclub, sign me up