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Flashback Weekend!

Continuing yesterday’s flashback: When friend Samwise visited us back in October, she left us an unexpected present in addition to all of the lovely presents she brought us. During her visit, Samwise went to a concert where everyone got wristbands that flashed in time with the music. After the concert, Mommy was curious to see how the wristbands worked, so Samwise gave her wristband to us!

Mommy was fascinated by the circuits inside, but I was sorely disappointed: The circuit board is a beautiful green, but despite me giving it my best squinty eye, none of it is at all nom-able!

I rewatched the DE lockers scene and I don’t know how I didn’t notice this but….

Before Alaric and Jo show up

After Alaric and Jo show up and Damon says “perfect timing” turning towards them(with his voice becoming huskier might I add) and her eyes drop, moving away from him and Alaric asks her if she’s okay

His thumb/hand moved up from her ending fingers to her index finger

Rewatch the scene and you see his thumb caressing her knuckles before the shot goes up from her torso where the staked wound and bloodstains are to her face and her breath hitches(it LITERALLY hitches) from the the movement of his thumb on her fingers before she says “I’ve never felt more alive” while looking at Damon. The last part everyone knows but…



OK, so, got my 3D printed shield today, except….this lil fucker here took like an hour to happen, which is why it’s so small. I’d have been there for days if it’d been any bigger XD it was still suuuuuuper interesting and fun o/

Also this lil thing is made of a plastic that glows in the night. So I’m gonna paint it with blue and red and leave the white parts so the lil star will TWINKLE TWINKLE ♡

Was I for you? Cause I'm still for you

One of my friends made me realize that in Damon’s toast to Alaric “here’s to the women in our lives making crazy screwed up decisions and loving them more for it”, while he kind of was making a general statement even referring to everything Elena’s done since he’s met her(including her decision to be with him) but also her compelling away her memories of them.

He hates that she did that.

(because he never would and there’s that sting of betrayal. Though he would make another screwed up decision or a series of screwed up decisions to cope if she died on him)

But he loves her more for it. 

He tries to get her to just see him again and try their luck at it again because she did love him once and erased him out of that love. And it’s not an action that harms him that makes him step back but when she crosses the border because she can’t remember, risking her life that he decides to step back and let her go because at least she’s alive. 

(I’ll even let her hate me for it. But I’ll be the one to keep her alive)

And then he distracts himself from thinking about everything he’s lost with her by focusing on trying to save a friend who is also her friend and someone who helped him hold onto Elena all through his time away from her, when he thought maybe there was no way, even if he didn’t completely.

(“She’d listen for hours and hours and when the opportunity presented itself, she made sure I took it.”

"What did you talk about?"

"What do you think?”)

And when she tells him she broke up with Liam, there’s this treacherous hope that maybe it’s because of him but he brushes it aside and throws a jab about how “Dr Humantarian award not good enough?” before he asks with more concern “What went wrong?”. He loved her anyway. There was no fighting it.

(“You love Elena. You always will…You’ll never know peace(without her)”) 

And she implies it’s because of him by repeating his words “What do you think?” and that treacherous feeling of hope shows up on his face and when she says “I don’t know”, he kind of expected it but he’s been down that road too many times. And then she takes his hand and asks him if he can help her find her best friend so that she can ask her advice and he says “sure” with just as much love as before, and it’s not about him saying that because he’s doing that for her(Partly he does. He does do it for his bond formed in the prison world but it’s an unconscious thing, like an extension at this point where Damon wouldn’t do that to make Elena fall in love with him again but he would do it for her too.) but the “sure” is about him accepting her needing time and needing him to understand that she does. 

(“I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness. But I need it” “And I need time. Maybe a lot of time”)

And he loves her more for it.

When they’re on the porch of the Gilbert house in 1994, where she tells him out loud without looking at him how she had so many good memories in that house and after one bad memory she burned it down because she couldn’t bear looking at it again, there’s a sense of regret and longing on her face, and looking at her falling into silence because she’s beating herself up about why couldn’t she not do it, he asks her in a casual, trying to make her feel better way if she wants to go inside. 

He knew why she did that but even if she’s not saying anything about her memories of him, he draws a connection there even if it’s not the forefront of it all. He knew why she did that too but hearing her say it, even if not directly made it more “clear” and so when she tries to apologize, making that connection herself, he doesn’t accept or reject it because she doesn’t have to apologize.

(“I’m sorry I compelled away the memories. They were only half mine”

"We’ll make new ones")

He doesn’t agree with what she did and yes, he lost a life he had with her but he knows why she did it and he loves her more for it.

And as he sits there taking splinters out of her chest and she pulls a prank on him that she’s dying on him(her “If there’s anything you need to say” was the biggest give away because no one says that. no one.), giving him one of the biggest scares in his life, and he looks away thinking she’s insane(that’s the point. Hence the “I’ve never felt more alive” apart from the parallels before) and then she calms down and continues to stare at him while rubbing his hand and holding it with the weight of the moment settling in even more before. He loves her more for it. 

She doesn’t remember what they were, but he does.

But here’s a simple fact he now knows and realizes, despite everything they’ve done and do, despite every mistake, this is them. Screwed up, reckless sometimes even in being cautious and complicating what’s simple. 

And he loves her more for it.

? Saturday Questions?

Q: What type (order) of birds have specially fringed feathers like these? What purpose do they serve?

Bonus: Name another adaptation unique to this order of hunters.

jellybi asked:

Something I always wanted to see SM explore was one of the inners showing more human weakness about the mission of protecting the princess (feeling like having to die for Usagi meant her life was worth less). If the reboot were to touch on something like that -- could be anything from an argument to an attempt to quit, but ultimately something they work through -- would that be interesting for you or do you think it would be impossible to pull off without undercutting the heart of the show?

I think it’s sadly clear at this point that the reboot has no intentions of doing anything along the lines of anything, but!

It’s an interesting idea to be sure. I don’t think it by necessity means undercutting the heart of the show either, no, because the value lies in the choice. Someone having doubts and fears, maybe even walking away, the importance lies in if they’re able to overcome those feelings. (Minako has an episode very much along these lines in fact, and it’s one of my favourites.)

I think looking at Crystal is actually a great comparison to this. I’ve certainly made no secret my thoughts on how the series handles the characters. In my opinion, the Senshi in Crystal have had all their personality removed to be replaced with interest only in what Usagi is doing, what Usagi is feeling, about how Usagi is their precious friend because she patted them on the head this one time. The Senshi in Crystal are pure devotion, and we see how that turned out. THAT, for me, undercut the heart of the show, and it’s the exact opposite of what you’re suggesting.

What’s important to me is that each of the girls (and this includes Usagi) does what she does because it’s what she WANTS to do. It’s, in my view, one of the key differences between their lives in the Silver Millennium and their lives now. The option to quit and choosing not in the end to means everything.

So yeah, if done well, I would totally be behind a series exploring that idea and having a character or two really struggling with what this means. I think, in fact, there’s still a lot of post-series potential to explore it with the characters we already have. They’re still very young and all generally walking the same path, but what about when life starts happening?

I’m totally in for exploring that.