Scientists say that humans can only see about 4% of the universe. The other 96% is made up of things that are invisible, impossible to detect, or even comprehend. When you come to terms with that fact, the sky changes. Stars become pinholes, and the moon looks like a paper punch-out. The rest is some indiscernible oblivion that not even astronomers one thousand times smarter than I’ll ever be can fathom.

I think about the empty matter floating around in the black abyss, and how much darker the night seems since you’ve been gone. I think about all the times you told me there were galaxies in my blood, and I wonder if I was your Andromeda, shackled to the sky for things that couldn’t be helped. I think about how many of the billions of stars have gone cold and lifeless with time, and I wonder if this emptiness will ever die out.

I wonder if we were the void all along.

—  Meghan Faulkner “A Black So Bright It Burns”

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