on line; ;


{Finally home and all that lovely jazz. 

I got something important to say though;;; So, as you might figure, there’s literally a ton of you following me. I followed back because I would love to interact—but it’s all cluttered and overwhelming me.

  • If we don’t have a thread or a starter, I might have to unfollow you. I need to declutter and de-stress myself. Nothing personal.

Noowwww I have a shit ton of work to do. Gonna try for some asks first and see how that goes.

If you’d like a starter or something before I go on an unfollow spree, like this post or message me.

kinda importanteee;


{Good morning boys and girls, listen up. So. My grandma is coming over for like a week or two (I’m not exactly looking forward to it to be honest with you) and she’ll probably be shoving me around… like a lot. 

I don’t know what it’s going to do to my activity on here, in all honesty. I can’t make any promises to actually be on here like normal and lurk around. And if I am, I’m probably going to be a little stressed out.

So errr. I’ll be lurking around on Skype. ; v ; Lemme know who you are and I’ll add you. 

  • basically; limited activity until grandma leaves bc she gives me frickfracken anxiety 
on line; ; important message;


{Oh god, I have so many things to do and aaaaaah.

Drafts and asks and they’re all piling up.

  • I’ll be posting asks and stuff, but there’s too many drafts to go through—and i seriously need to get them done and out or queued or something
  • If you see me posting stuff that isn’t stupid asks or something, kick me and tell me to do drafts :I 

Annnnd back to blogging-

important; listen up; ;


{I’m gonna keep this short but yk. I’m pretty overwhelmed.

I am unable to get anything done on here, and when I do, it’s all back in my court again and I can’t even figure out where to start. Things keep piling up, and it’s getting really frustrating.

There’s new followers, and I’m going to have to apologize to you all because I cannot make greeters when you pop up. If you’d like to rp with me, like this post for a starter or message me and we can plot. I don’t mind. 

To old followers that have never interacted with me, I’m sorry, but I need to unfollow and seriously dispel this clutter. It’s nothing personal at all, and I would love to talk to you always. You’re gr9. 

  • I might also have to drop some threads. I’ll like the post if I do to let you know. If you want to continue interacting, my inbox is always open and I would greatly love to chat with you.

That being said, please bare with me until I can start getting more thing out. I’m sorry for taking so long, but I’m just overwhelmed.