AU Meme: You’re Ashton’s best friend and you decide to commit one night. 

"I think… The worst part of it is the constant thought of her. Whatever I do, wherever I go, she’s the only thing I can think about. We’d spend hours talking over the phone because she wanted to commit. She had never tried. That one night, she… I was rehearsing with the boys. I didn’t hear my phone ringing. I didn’t answer the call. I called her back as soon as I realized she might’ve needed me. She was crying and… It was awful. I rode my bike over to her house and an ambulance was already there. She had sworn she wouldn’t try to commit, but I guess death just doesn’t ask for permission", he confessed before his voice broke. "There’s something really weird that happens when you lose someone who was once so special to you… You kind of slowly forget their voice, their smell, the way they looked. You forget their laughter, you forget their touch. And… you realize it’s not what actually matters in the end. At the end of the day, you won’t be remembered for the way you lived, but for the way you existed. You forget about people’s lives but you never forget about their existence. You can take away your life but it won’t make the memory of you go to waste. You can damage what belongs to you, like your body and your soul, but you can’t kill what’s left of you in people’s minds. If you once mattered to someone, no matter how hard they try to forget you, your existence is just trapped inside of them. Living is letting your heart beat. Existing is giving it a reason to".

This AU goes out to every single one of you. Please never forget, no matter what your gender, sexual orientation, skin color, religion, nationality, past choices or ambitions are, you are worth much more than just a life. I want you all, I said all, to keep existing. I want every single person who sees this to die from existing too much. I love you. I admire and appreciate and worship every tiny bit of your existence. Oh man how much I care. Don’t give up. Never, ever. 

Just spread body positivity honestly. To bigger girls, to average ones, to skinny girls. To boys, to short people, to tall people. To darker skinned people, to people with pale skin. Just to everyone because everyone has faced negativity about their body even if something is glorified in media or whatever!!! Ok it’s really important to make sure people feel good about their bodies.


Gender equality is important because I want my children to grow up knowing that they don’t have to act a certain way to be their gender.
I want my daughter to know that she doesn’t have to like pink or put flowers in her hair. I want her to know that she can laugh as loud as she wants and that she has my permission to punch anybody who tells her that it isn’t “ladylike”.
I want my son to grow up knowing that it’s okay to cry and that my shoulder will always be here for him to lean on. I want him to be able to ask for help. I want him to know that it’s okay to like ballet or to love watching sunsets.
I want my children to grow up happy and free of inequality and oppression.

I didn't know it was bisexuality awareness week. But still, this happened today, so I figured I should tell you guys
  • Debate club teacher:and as you know, he was gay -
  • Me:he was bi.
  • Everyone:laughs
  • Me:(looking around confused) what? He was!
  • Debate club teacher:well he preferred men -
  • Me:but he. Was bi.
  • Debate club teacher:- it was just his relationship with his female best friend that made him say that. Because it was complicated, and they were on and off, but anyways, his famous saying is that ...
  • Me:(feeling annoyed at everyone's lack of attention to his mistake) there's a difference.
  • Gay friend:(turning to me and patting) I know.

i don’t understand why the phandom insists on writing all these ‘after dan and phil quit youtube and fell out of touch and then onE OF THEM DIED’ fics when dan himself called phil his bffl. c’mon guys!!! i want a 5k+ long one shot about dan and phil in their eighties sitting in their favourite starbucks for their triweekly coffee date passing judgement on the new generation’s horrific music taste. have they been married for fifty years and they discuss their grandchildren’s antics??? fucking great! have they been best friends for sixty years and they’re laughing about their separate grandchildren’s antics???? i’m down!!! somEBODY WRITE ME FLUFFY HAPPY OPTIMISTIC FICS ABOUT DAN AND PHIL GROWING OLD WITH EACH OTHER K THANKS