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The heater is broken and it’s freezing in Baker Street, and soon Sherlock is whining for John to warm him up. He saunters over to his boyfriend and licks over his plush lower lip, as Sherlock blushes bright red. I-I-I was joking John I didn’t mean to impo… John cuts him off with a deeper kiss and Sherlock stops protesting. Soon, they are fucking beneath the covers, John thrusting agonizingly slowly no matter how many pleas Sherlock manages to stutter out. More John…please..more. John merely whispers sweet nothings into the sharp air of the flat. So good. Such a good boy for me. So pretty. You’re doing so well Sherlock, such a good boy, until Sherlock gasps and comes untouched into the bed sheets. John quickly finishes himself off, then holds his sleepy lover close. All warm now, John.

whopop said:

So a few days ago I went to the doctor about my back hurting me and it turns out I have scoliosis. And I'm going to need to wear a full back brace 20 hours a day for about three years. Anyway, this has really been getting me down because I don't want to be known as 'that girl with the brace' because I'm already known as a nerd. Got any advice for me?


First o+f all, there’s no+thing wro+ng with wearing a brace. Yo+ur health is impo+rtant, and if yo+ur back pain was eno+ugh to+ warrant a do+cto+r’s appo+intment, I’m sure yo+u want it go+ne.

Ho+wever, since yo+u’re co+ncerned, have yo+u co+nsidered talking to+ yo+ur do+cto+r about yo+ur wo+rries? Perhaps there are mo+re discreet braces that yo+u co+uld wear under yo+ur clo+thes. 

No+ matter what, if so+meo+ne bullies yo+u, repo+rt them.



2014 TOP

En 2013, Jandek et Keiji Haino se sont encore plus imposés à moi, rejoignant les Albert Ayler / The Dead C / Sun Ra / The Velvet Underground / La Monte Young / Steve Lacy / Jac Berrocal / Merzbow / Annette Peacock / Gate / Shirley Collins / Derek Bailey / Bill Dixon / Anthony Braxton / Tony Conrad / Yahowha 13 / Charlemagne Palestine / Henry Flynt / Angus MacLise / Alastair Galbraith / Cecil Taylor / Sandy Bull / Henri Chopin .. Cette année, c’est au tour de Peter Brötzmann - que le très beau livre de Gérard Rouy, après le docu, célèbre comme il se doit. Et aussi, du guitariste Bill Orcutt. Un chouchou, côté “pop” : l’album de Dark Matter.

Bill Orcutt, VDSQ - Solo Acoustic Volume Ten, Vin du Select Qualitite / Thin Wrist Recordings
Peter Brötzmann / Jason Adasiewicz / John Edwards / Steve Noble, Mental Shake, Otoroku
Peter Brötzmann & Peeter Uuskyla, Dead And Useless, Omlatt Records
Peter Brötzmann / Sonny Sharrock, Whatthefuckdoyouwant?, Trost
Fushitsusha & Peter Brötzmann, Nothing Changes/No One Can Change Anything/I Am Ever-Changing/Only You Can Change Yourself, Utech Records
Peter Brötzmann & Paal Nilssen-Love, Wood Cuts, PNL
Dark Matter, Dark Matter, Siltbreeze
Heitkotter, Black Orckid, Now Again Records
The Spies, The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace, Siltbreeze
Desmedrados Soldados De Ventura, Thinkin’ Game - Live Europe 2014, No Label
Josephine Foster, I’m A Dreamer, Fire Records
Spacemen 3, Live At The New Morning, Geneva, Switzerland, 18/5/89, Mental Groove Records
Kevin Aprill, Sunset On An Imaginary Beach Of Latent Energy, Del Val
Sweet Kelly, Fed Through The Garbage Disposal By Spaceman And Jake, Zedikiah Records
Sunroof!, Rock Power, Nashazphone
Small Cruel Party, Unroof The House Of The Fishes, Harbinger Sound
Nord, NG Tapes, PCP Records
The Group, The Feed-Back, Schema
MV & EE, Home Comfort Sound System: UK/Europe 2012, Child of Microtones
MV & EE, Alpha Lyree, Child Of Microtones
Eleven Twenty-Nine, A Tithe To Hell, Drawing Room Records
Sarin Smoke, Vent, Mie Music
Alien Brains, It’s All History Now 1979-1985, Vinyl-On-Demand
The Dead C, The Twelfth Spectacle, Grapefruit
Christina Carter, Character Study, Drawing Room Records
Peter Walker, "Second Poem To Karmel" Or Gypsies Are Important, Light In The Attic
Junko / Michel Henritzi / Rinji Fukuoka, Billion Years Of Sighs, An’archives
Jack Ruby, White Album, Feeding Tube Records/Negative Glam
Jack Ruby, Black Album, Feeding Tube Records/Negative Glam
Myriam Gendron / Dorothy Parker, Not So Deep As A Well, Feeding Tube Records
Peter Jefferies, Electricity, Superior Viaduct
Mark Alexander McIntyre, Grapes, One Kind Favor
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, Superior Viaduct
Aritomo, La Flor de mi tulpa, Hakanairo Records
Pip Proud, Adrenaline & Richard ; A Bird In The Engine, Superior Viaduct ; Fraying Space, EM Records
Bent Wind, Sussex, Ugly Pop
Keiji Haino / Masataka Fujikake Duo, Hard, Full Design Records
Yahowha 13 & Sky Saxon, Fire Water Air Presents Golden Sunrise, Swordfish
Mike Cooper, Trout Steel ; Places I Know/The Machine Gun Co With Mike Cooper, Paradise Of Bachelors
Robbie Basho, The Voice Of The Eagle ; Zarthus, Ace Records


Tetuzi Akiyama / Che Chen, Cold Soup, Incunabulum
Les Rallizes Denudés, Naked Diza Star, Bamboo
Michael Flower and Neil Campbell, Wharf Cat, Golden Lab Records
Seesselberg, Synthetik 1, S-1
Crime, Murder By Guitar, Superior Viaduct
Ed Askew / Joshua Burkett / Steve Gunn, Rose, Okraina
Gallery, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Guerssen
Kim Doo Soo, 10 Days Butterfly, PSF ; The Evening River, Blackest Rainbow Recordings
Dredd Foole / Steve Baczkowski / Bill Nace / Paul Flaherty, Wrong Number, Open Mouth
Ingram Marshall, Fog Tropes / Gradual Requiem, Arc Light Editions
Thurston Moore & Margarida Garcia, The Rust Within Their Throats, Headlights
The Theatre Of Eternal Music, The Theatre Of Eternal Music, No Label
Half Japanese, Volume One: 1981-1985, Fire
Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico, Le Bataclan Jan 29. ‘72, Keyhole
Blazing Flame, Play High Mountain Top, Leo Records
Borbetomagus, Vole Lotta Love, Tyyfus
Junko & Michel Henritzi, Moi non plus, Anarcho Freaks Productions
The Savages, Live In The Studio Of Columbia University’s WKCR On March 21, 1974, B13
Muslimgauze, Chasing The Shadow Of Bryn Jones 1983-1988, Vinyl-On-Demand
Mauthausen Orchestra, Bloodyminded, Urashima
Miles Davis, At The Fillmore 1970: The Bootleg Series Volume 3, Legacy
Spriguns of Tolgus, Jack With A Feather, Lekythos Records
V-3, Live At Bernie’s ‘97, No Label
Maurizio Bianchi, S.F.A.G. 1981, Recursion
Sacher Pelz, Velours ; Ceased To Exist, Urashima
Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi, Only Wanting To Melt Beautiful Away Is It A Lack Of Contentment That Shirs Affection For Those Things Sad To Be As Of Yet Unseen, Black Truffle
Romprai Etron, Montpellier Anal Parasite, Décimation Sociale
Present, Triskaidékaphobie, Cuneiform Records
Officer!, Ossification, Megaphone / Knock ‘Em Dead
Sabbath Assembly, Quaternity, Svart Records
Stefan Jaworzyn, Drained Of Connotation, Blackest Ever Black
Christina Carter, Four Woman’s Quartet (Rose, Lilac, Mauve, Blue), Wist Rec. ; Texas Blues Working, Blackest Rainbow Recordings
Bo Anders Persson, Love Is Here To Stay, Subliminal Sounds
Eliane Radigue, Opus 17, Alga Marghen
Phill Niblock, Nothing To Look At Just A Record, Superior Viaduct
Philip Glass, How Now/Strung Out, Mountain
David First, Electronic Works 1976-1977, Dais
Merzbow, Collection 009, Urashima
Robert Rich, Premonitions 1980-1985, Vinyl-On-Demand
The Trio, The Trio, Klimt
John Tchicai / Charlie Kohlhase / Garrison Fewell / Cecil McBee / Billy Hart, Tribal Ghost, NoBusiness Records
The Mike Westbrook Concert Band, Celebration, Klimt
Kidd Jordan / Alvin Fiedler / Peter Kowald, Live In New Orleans ; Trio And Duo In New Orleans, NoBusiness Records
Amiri Baraka & The Spirit House Movers, Black & Beautiful / Soul And Madness, Sonboy Records
Stone Angel, Stone Angel, Acme
Angus MacLise, New York Electronic, 1965, Sub Rosa
Alice Coltrane, A Monastic Trio, Superior Viaduct
Benjamin Duboc / Didier Lasserre / Henri Roger, Parole Plongée, Facing You


Sun Ra, Live in ULM 1992, Leo Records
The Jimmy Giuffre 3 & 4, New York Concerts, Elemental
Paal Nilssen-Love & Mats Gustafsson, Sin Gas, Bocian Records
Norma Winstone, Edge Of Time, Dusk Fire Records
Albert Ayler, The Story Of Albert Ayler, ESP-Disk
Michel Henritzi & Rinji Fukuoka, Berlin, Anarcho Freaks Production
Akira Sakata Johan Berthling / Paal Nilssen-Love, Arashi, Trost
The Flesh Eaters, A Minute To Pray A Second To Die, Superior Viaduct
Earth, Primitive And Deadly, Southern Lord

Talweg, cassette Anarcho Freaks Production / La Morte Young mini-CD-R Death Carnival Records ETC., ETC. ……………….

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