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Closed RP, with battle-mage-of-twilight



Twilight rolled her drag around between her lips, moving it side to side as she looked down at Ruby. A hand would come and ruffle the girl’s hair up,"Even if Double Penetration sounds like a good time..I’m waaaay too busy to even consider it.." She chuckled lightly and looked down at a small stone in her hand. “I have something important to do..”


At first Ruby deadpanned and then raised an eyebrow. "Tell me one thing dear Twilight." Ruby said in a flat, yet curious tone. "How did we go from discussing sex, to you holding some kind of philosopher’s stone, or whatever the heck that is anyways?" After Ruby asked that question she shook her head and said to her sister-like figure. “Also, someone told me I should go rob some of your panties, but I’d like to keep my hands, so I wont do it…yet.”