Of Figurines and Skull Rings

"Bianca had always liked stories. But she had never expected hers to turn out this way."

the fandom needs more bianca di angelo appreciation tbh. also i think i kind of went overboard with this fic (stayed up until 4AM just to finish it but meh) but here it is, for all your di angelo siblings feels needs!


I fear the day Humanity’s Strongest Soldier cries…

…. fear the grief that would force his steely blue eyes to let well-guarded tears to escape….

I also fear that when that time comes, I would not be there to hold him together, I who is Humanity’s Last Hope-

or be the strength he’d need to be whole if I was (there).

I fear for him and for us…

… For by that time, we would know what it is to be truly lost, because our burdens would have been too much for him who is our strongest.

Five days before Christmas.

I am in angst. I don’t feel it okay? Oh well.