Yiwu introduced appliance “TM” implementation of the program - Appliance TM, appliances su
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news from Yiwu City market the Trade Development Bureau Yiwu appliances quot br TM to quot Implementation of the program has been introduced br Involving five home appliances It is reported that the Yiwu appliance quot TM quot to implement the time to May 31 2010 only subsidies include br br TV Machine Refrigerator Washing machines air conditioners computers home appliances category 5 Subsidies targeted with br Zhejiang Province the province accounts for individuals and legal personality of the units sell in Yiwu within Jiujia Dian subsidies and subsidies to buy new appliances In addition within the scope of the recycling subsidy Jiujia Dian and sent to the transportation costs and dismantling companies will also provide subsidies br br Yiwu subsidies in accordance with current standards br paying the old subsidy of not more than the purchase of new appliances br Sell 10 of the price and sub species to determine the maximum subsidy Among them the TV 400 yuan sets refrigerators including freezers 300 yuan sets washing machines and 250 yuan sets air conditioning 350 yuan sets computer 400 yuan Taiwan According to used household appliances recycling guidance prices quot list Zhejiang Province used household appliances recycling guide quot implementation It is worth noting that the quot TM quot policy and quot br br Appliances to the countryside quot Policy can not be repeated enjoyment br Old appliance before delivery and then the purchase of new br Yiwu market the Trade Development Council Industrial Management Division personnel in the process of home appliances quot TM quot clearance according to first be re purchase the new order of the old and subject to Jiujia Dian acquisition buying new appliances discarded household appliances dismantling process and the four steps to apply for subsidies br br For consumers just complete the first two steps In the Jiu Jiadian acquisition consumers should call made through the network or sell Jiujia Dian designated recycling companies will buy Jiujia Dian door to the issuance of national uniform consumer appliances TM to printed documents Then again with consumer appliances TM to the successful voucher to buy new appliances appliance sales appliance sales appliances priced under the new price minus the subsidies on sales to consumers br br Dismantling the remaining waste household appliances and apply for subsidies from the recycling business and home appliance vendors in accordance with the policies and regulations to the relevant departments to handle Of these recycling enterprises should be sold to the acquisition of Jiu Jiadian dismantling enterprises and dismantling recycling and dismantling business enterprises to advance transportation costs and invoice Yiwu financial sector to recover according to the actual amount of dismantling companies in accordance with the recovery of transport allowances to transport subsidies In addition the appliance vendors should be bi monthly report on the purchaser to collate the information reported to Yiwu market the Trade Development Council after examination to Yiwu City Department of Finance to apply for subsidies br br 14 sales outlets Recovery of 17 outlets Reported that as of December 6 Yiwu appliance quot TM quot audited a total of 14 sales outlets consumers can choose to buy nearby These sales outlets including home appliances Co Ltd Yiwu Ning Hong Yiwu City friendship shopping malls air conditioning Co Ltd Cheng Yiwu City Yiwu Xing appliance firm on temple town opening day computer Co Ltd Yiwu Zhejiang Shanghai Gang Electric Co Ltd Yiwu Branch Huilong Electric Co Ltd Yiwu Zhejiang Hongyuan Computer Engineering Co Ltd Yiwu City Branch Chong Computer Co Ltd Haili Computer Co Ltd Yiwu Yiwu City Rainbow Appliance Co Ltd Zhejiang Star General br br Five Star Co Ltd Yiwu mall GOME Electrical Appliances Co Ltd Yiwu Zhejiang Branch Jinan Appliance Co Ltd Yiwu Zhejiang Branch br br Addition Yiwu appliance quot TM quot have audited the recovery of 17 outlets including materials recycling Ltd Yiwu City located in the street after the house big Chan Su town crowded city streets street Niansanli temple town Yiting the town 39 s eight collection points Yiwu city of Han day appliances thick br br Service br Department of Air Conditioning Co Ltd Zhong Cheng Yiwu Yiwu City Friendship Shopping Centre Five Star Appliance Co Ltd Zhejiang Yiwu Star amp P supermarkets home appliances Co Ltd Yiwu Zhejiang Jinan branch opening day Computer Co Ltd Yiwu City Zhejiang Hongyuan Computer Engineering Co Company Yiwu City Branch Chong Computer Co Ltd Yiwu City Haili Computer Co Ltd is approved the record of the recovery network

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Webinar: Learn Keys for Implementation Success with Hosted IP-PBX

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As more enterprises look to take advantage of hosted or “cloud” communications services, they realize that up-front planning is essential to ensure a seamless and smooth implementation. IT and network managers who have made this transition for their companies realize the importance of planning and identifying the network infrastructure, functional and feature requirements before they made the transition from a premise-based PBX to a hosted IP-PBX solution.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts with deep real-world experience, who will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take in order to ensure that a successful migration to a hosted IP-PBX infrastructure.

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3 Key Questions about Our Strategy effort

Dear Boss,

Did you ask these question in your executive meeting?

  1. Have we got the organization READY for planned strategy?
  2. Do we have THE RIGHT MIX OF SKILLS on our team to make the strategy happen?
  3. Can we ensure that the IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS will be successful?

Best Regards,

Your Subordinate

3 Things You Definitely Need For Your Business

I’ve written a little bit here about setting your goals.  I think that they are important and whenever I find something useful or relevant, I’ll try to share that with you, but today I want to write about 3 simple things that you need for your business:

1.  Direction

2.  Vision

3.  Implementation

Direction:  I’ve been a part of start ups and started a few small businesses myself and I’ve found that a lot of times you end up changing what you are doing or where you are heading midstream, but no matter where you start you need a direction.  You can always change course once you are moving. You don’t go anywhere without some kind of direction, so when you are looking to start, grow, expand, or straighten out your business, set yourself a direction that you want to go. 

Vision:  Along with direction you need vision.  Its easy to say that the two kind of go together and you’d be right and wrong.  For my purposes, I am going to say your vision is your dream of where you are going to end up.  You have a direction and its just as important to have an idea of what you are going to see when you get to the end of your journey. 

Implementation:  Let’s be honest, we have all been there we have a great idea or a great business plan but we don’t have do anything with it.  That’s where implementation comes in.  You have to be able to put your ideas and plans to work or they are worthless. 

That’s it.  3 things that will help you tremendously.  To me, these are the pillars and everything else is details. 

How To Use Social Media Strategically

How To Use Social Media Strategically in the Federal Government on Howcast

This is an outstanding 3 minute video on Social Media from General Services Administation (GSA) and

The video provides 6 “how-to” steps to implementing social media for the purposes of collaboration, information sharing, information exchange, keeping pace of fast moving events in real-time, and harnessing the collective ingenuity of the public to support mission.

As the video states, “The key is to focus on the organization’s goals.”

Those who taught us the recitation of the Qur`aan, such as `Uthmaan ibn `Affaan, `Abdullaah ibn Mas`ood, and others, when they learned ten Aayat from the Messenger of Allaah [may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace], they would not go beyond it until they had learned what they contained from knowledge and action. They said: So we learned the Qur`aan, and knowledge and action, together.

Abu `Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sulamee

As-Suyootee, Miftaahul-Jannah fil-I`tisaam bis-Sunnah; Tafseer at-Tabaree [1/60]; Tafseer as-Samarqaandee [1/71]; at-Tabaqaat [6/172]; Ibn `Abee Shaybaah, al-Musannaf [6/117]