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So, look at this boy. He’s all over the web Brett N. Best Michael Jackson impression EVER!

My imperssion of Megaman.

Megaman, the first announced third party character for smash bros, one of the most requested characters, lots of love and fan service for this character in smash bros. Wellll i never played a Megaman game (yes yes, i know. I need to) So this fan service doesn’t do anything for me. 


Other than me appreciating that they did that for the fans. So how do i feel about Megaman after playing as him? I’m not too crazy about him. That’s not to say he’s a bad character, He’s just not my play style. I don’t like having the mega buster as a smash attack. It doesn’t have the same gratifying feel you get when Links sword attack connects. Or when villager chops down a tree on his foe. Once again, he’s not a bad character. And if you like him, then that’s great. But he’s really not for me. Tomorrow i will be giving my overall impressions of the demo. So until then, happy smashing to you all.

So here’s another drawing of Xar and below you can read his story! :)

He was raised under the surface by sand puppies. They only were possible to get an imperssion about him with touches (bcz they’re blind and yeah…woho nobody knows this!) so he got his name from his scar. One day he walked far away from his little town and Resetti found him. The mole was surprised to see a human far down under the earth. Resetti remebered a town where a girl like him lives. So after both of them went back to his sand-puppy-town everybody decided that it’s better to bring him on the surface, to that girl and her town. Xar was afraid of the sun and the night because the daylight was too bright and the darkness of the night was so different to the blackness under the earth. The only time he could really explore the town and it’s residents was at dawn or at sunset. But even then he carries around a black, broken umberella to protect himself from the sky. The girl from this town was dressed as bright as the town paths were. When she found out that he was afraid of the light she started to redecorate the town and told the residents to make him feel like home. Yet he has a crush on Felicity and talks about her everytime possible. His best pal Bam trains with him every dawn and Sprinkle keeps acting like a mother for Xar. That girl, the mayor of the town, is impressed by the good work from everyone. Sometimes after all the work is done she’s sitting at Roosters and Xar can see her trough the windows. Even if he’s too shy to talk to her he’s very thankfull!