Drinking through my #growlerFill stash, one jug at a time. Testing #craftbeer #shelfLife of #beer #growlers filled under CO2 pressure @99bottlesOnTap. // @nakedCityBeer #theBigLebrewski is a favorite #winterBeer of mine. It’s brewed in #Seattle and is an #imperialMilkStout aged on #kahlua-soaked oak. Basically, if #whiteRussian were a #stoutBeer, this would be it. The #growler was filled on 11/26/2014 and stored in a bag in a refrigerator since that time. #coolAndDark // My lips are coated with a sweet and lightly sticky Kahlua-#sweetcoffee as I drink. The flavor is very strong roast on the malts— dark espresso, bitter chocolate, almost toward a char note. There’s a bit if creaminess to this #smallBatch #limitedBeer, plus an oaky vanilla character. It’s held up really well in the 32-oz screw-cap #beerJug for just over two months. #testKitchen

Enjoy this #VABeer pic via Instagram by dcouzens - Was like Christmas in May when drinking this delicious 2014 Gingerbread Stout from @hardywood. Imperial milk stout w/fresh ginger and honey. Thanks Trey! #gingerbreadstout #hardywood #richmond #virginia #virginiabeer #vabeer #beerlover #beer #craftbeer #craftbeernerd #imperialmilkstout #reserveseries via Instagram at

This is my pint glass. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My pint glass is my best friend. It quenches my thirst. I must master it as I must master my thirst. Without me, my pint glass is useless. Without my pint glass, I am useless. I must preach the craft beer gospel. I must drink from my pint glass true. I must drink better than common swill, which just sucks. I must show respect to the beer that is in this glass. I will before the gods of brewing I swear this creed: My pint glass and myself are defenders of craft beer, we are the masters of recognizing quality, we are the saviors of our thirst. So be it, until there are no short cuts, but diversity of flavor. In the name of the malt, hops, yeast & water. Amen. “Adstus Cervisia” by tuansocool