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I keep a smile on my face that is real—not fake. Not because I have everything that I want in life but because I have come to realize that I am truly blessed. I have grown to be such a strong woman and know what I want in life. I realize that in God’s perfect timing I will meet a handsome man who is going to sweep me off my feet. And there’s no doubt about it that ill fall madly in love with him and ill have my dream wedding. And we’ll have a couple of sweet little babies and grow old together. And honestly, I can’t wait for all that good stuff to fall into place but at the same time, I can. I am content with what I have now. I have come to realize that I don’t NEED anyone in my life to complete me. I have The Lord and other priorities in life such as school and work that are keeping me occupied. And honestly, I’m okay with that. I’ve learned that I have to focus on me and making myself happy because you can’t depend on anyone else to do it for you. So this smile on my face, it’s the smile of a girl who is beautiful, strong and lovely. And I don’t need anyone else in this world to agree or disagree to know that I am a jewel in the eyes of God. And that is all that really matters. When you reach a point in life when you feel like you aren’t good enough or even like you aren’t pretty just because you’ve heard others say that, that’s when you need to take a step back and realize that this world isn’t God. This world doesn’t have the authority to judge you. This world which is full of evil shouldn’t even matter. In fact, it can’t matter when you’re being looked down upon by a perfect God. And although we humans are not perfect, we are perfectly made. Stop judging yourself based on what the scale says. Stop listening to other people. If you start with your heart, nothing else matters. So that thing you’ve been beating yourself up about, it’s time to let it go. It’s time to acknowledge that you are worth more than gold and perfectly made by a perfect a God. We are each beautifully made. Remember that, always! ❤🙏 #PerfectGod #imperfectpeople #beautiful #lovely #amazing #wonderful #acknowledgeit #believeit #knowit #faceit #beit #shareit #loveit #embraceit #dontsettle

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The story behind the new single, “Imperfect People”.