A Letter to NYC Ironman!

WTC, I think it is a great idea to run an Ironman in NYC.  The course looks OK.  It will be tough for everyone to get around with different transitions as in the NYC Olympic as everyone is shuttled back to get their gear.  A little crazy but doable.

The Hudson, well, its the Hudson.  Take it or leave it.

Now, it is proposed that it will be a $1000.00 entry fee.  That is just crazy.  Lets give us all a chance to race NYC.  $1,000 on top of equipment, training costs, hotel, food, etc, etc, etc. You are nuts!

Triathlon is a sport for everyone that wants to compete.  I understand that the longer the race the higher the fee.  I get it, but $1000 is just not right.  We are competing for PR, health, Kona and many other reasons that you may never know.  MAKE IT MORE FEASIBLE FOR EVERYONE TO RACE!

Coach Greg

Watch on lifechangeneededaisle3.tumblr.com

Ironman NYC Full Circle.. These video’s get me everytime. Especially today.  I should have waited till Monday to watch it.