Uber easy to make marvellous immune-stimulating caffeine-free tea ^__^

It is soooo good to live in some nice place where you may enjoy lovely warm weather throughout the whole year. However, lets face the truth — lots of us live in places where local climate doesn’t treat us that nicely, and we have to deal with cold dull days. For those of you, my dear friends, who are in the midst of transition from REAL winter to ACTUAL summer, I want to present a receipt of magic herbal tea rich in vitamins, microelements, amino acids, and antioxidants. It certainly supports immune system very well; besides, it helps to fight aging, high blood pressure, depression, and chronic fatigue!

What you need for it:
Various berries — I used frozen guelder-rose berries, cranberries, and dried rose hips. These berries are uber rich in vitamin C, which are three of the richest plant sources available.
Hibiscus tea (aka, Carcade Tea) — excellent source of high levels of antioxidants
• Powder of dried chaga mushrooms – it provides us with vitamin D, vitamin K, multiple B vitamins, and minerals like iron, calcium, copper, and zinc.
Willowherb tea — rich with bioflavonoids, has a sedative effect while helping to intensify focus
Linden tea —  amazing ability to help calm and soothe the nerves and fight off bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can cause illnesses and infections of the respiratory system
Witch Hazel tea — works as an anti-inflammatory, helps with soothing sore throats, respiratory illnesses, has calming effects on the lungs – especially in times of an asthma attack
Lime or lemon (stick to organic ones)
Honey (preferably, raw one)
Ginger (preferably, fresh)

Grind rose hips and chaga, thaw out the frozen berries. Prepare 170 -180 F fine-quality water.Put all the ingredients (except of honey, lemon, and ginger) into a thermos. Leave it in a warm place for 8 hours.
Serve with some nuts, dried fruits, and candied peel (go for healthy snacks).
Add honey, slices of lemon and ginger to your mug — as much as you want!
Be healthy and happy!
Namaste! ^___^

#Homemade #firecider for #immunity. Made with herbs and plants that are spicy immuno-supportive. Firecider is a folk #herbal remedy powerhouse used to power up the immune system and keep the plague at bay. Made with #vinegar as the base, its actually extremely tasty!🔥🌱🔥

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