The Africans that I’m seeing in Italy are vermin and scum, they’re the bane of Africa. I ask myself why Italy and other European countries allow such people to stay on their national territories. I feel a strong sense of shame and anger because of them: they act like rats and take over your European cities. It’s a mass exodus of scum on its way to Europe.  I’m also ashamed and angry because of African governments, who assist their trash migrating to Europe.
—  Serge Boret Bokwango, Congolese UN diplomat. 

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for giving them the opportunity to cross the wall and to make their dreams of the family reunion and surviving together in California come true. It’s “chilango” who asked you to protect them.

Mexico City
December 2009

The Border Fence

Sign: “God lives without borders.”

Chilango is a Mexican slang demonym for residents of Mexico City.

[President Obama’s] speech is horrific, just as expected. I can’t. If this isn’t the ultimate wake up call for the Latin@ Community I don’t know what is. 8 years later, 2 million people later…this should make it crystal clear who the Democrats are. The hypocrisy is unbearable in everything that the Deporter in Chief aka Barack Obama is saying.

So just to summarize:

1. The border will be further MILITARIZED, more of our people will be MURDERED by State Sponsored Agents.

2. “Highly Skilled” immigrants will get priority.

3. Immigrants who migrated 5 years ago will get TEMPORARY Status after they pay ridiculous fees to USCIS, despite having a Tax ID number for years paying taxes that they will never see used for them, and with ZERO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP.

4. Those who came after 5 years will be FOUND and DEPORTED with more urgency.

5. This country should embrace immigrants because they will SERVE IN THIS IMPERIALIST MILITARY.

F* this shit! It’s a beautiful time to organize y'all!

—  Andrea Carolina via Facebook

For the past year now, many Americans have been hearing and reading about the 68,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed illegally into the U.S. Nearly all of these minors come from El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras, and since their arrival, immigration officials have released most of them to their parents or relatives who already live in this country.

A number of these children and teenagers are in deportation proceedings, but while they wait, they have been allowed to attend public schools. In Louisiana, schools have enrolled nearly 2,000 of them.

The adjustment — for the students and the school — hasn’t been easy.

A New Orleans High School Adapts To Unaccompanied Minors

Photo Credit: LA Johnson/NPR

Video shows what it’s really like to come out to immigrant parents

“As the kid of immigrants, it can be scary thinking, ‘This part of me is different. And what if it changes the way that they see me?’”

In a poignant new video, BuzzFeed talked to young people who had to deal with the coming out process as first-generation Americans. With parents from Mexico, Vietnam, India and beyond, these youths faced added complexities in what’s already a difficult and life-changing event. “My parents struggled with a lot in Vietnam, even just trying to come to America,” a young man named Andrew says to the camera. “It does [play] a factor in how difficult it was for me to come out.”


Ellis Island: From ‘sad side’ to saving ‘South Side’

A century ago, the hospital complex at the historic Ellis Island immigration inspection station was where approximately one out of every 10 arrivals who were too sick to be allowed into the country were sent to recover, or to die.

The 29-building medical complex – in its day the largest public health institution in the U.S. – was itself left to die when the immigration station closed in 1954.

Ellis Island’s Main Building was restored and reopened as an immigration museum in 1990. But the hospital complex on the island’s south side remained shuttered for 60 years until two months ago, when officials opened the dilapidated buildings for public viewing.

“Even though much of the hospital equipment is no longer here, these special buildings are able to speak volumes,” said Superintendent John Piltzecker of Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island. “The National Park Service is pleased to work with Save Ellis Island in their efforts to bring visitors to the South Side to learn more about the island’s unique story through this special tour program.”

The hard-hat tours take visitors through select areas of the 750-bed medical complex which have been stabilized and partially restored – including large hospital wards, kitchens, laundry facilities and morgues.

“The tour is for history buffs and especially photography lovers,” said Yahoo News photojournalist Gordon Donovan, who recently took the 90-minute tour and shares his images above.

“The fading colors of the interiors, corroding machinery, metal stairs and doors. Strong textures and challenging lighting are wonderful photography experiences you should not miss.” 

Proceeds from the tours go toward the continuing preservation and restoration of the hospital complex.

Photography by Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News

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