My boyfriend went to work abroad. I had no news from him for a while, so I was sad. I asked St. Francis of Assisi for a sign. And one day a flock of birds flew over to me and told me good news about my boyfriend. I thank St. Francis for I was able to communicate with the birds.

Oralia Nava


The Defense of Koreatown LA Riots (1992)

During the LA riots of ‘92, a Korean only radio station broadcasted a call to arms to all Koreans living in LA. The broadcast requested that they help their fellow Koreans defend against rioters who were protesting the Rodney King case. Shop keepers armed their employees, citizens came together to form self defense groups, entire stores became armed fortresses, all pledged to defend against hoards of rioters.

“I don’t know why Koreans are always a special target for African-Americans, but if they are going to attack our community then we are going to pay them back“ - Yong Kim

The event is known as Sa-I-Gu to Koreans living in LA today.

[President Obama’s] speech is horrific, just as expected. I can’t. If this isn’t the ultimate wake up call for the Latin@ Community I don’t know what is. 8 years later, 2 million people later…this should make it crystal clear who the Democrats are. The hypocrisy is unbearable in everything that the Deporter in Chief aka Barack Obama is saying.

So just to summarize:

1. The border will be further MILITARIZED, more of our people will be MURDERED by State Sponsored Agents.

2. “Highly Skilled” immigrants will get priority.

3. Immigrants who migrated 5 years ago will get TEMPORARY Status after they pay ridiculous fees to USCIS, despite having a Tax ID number for years paying taxes that they will never see used for them, and with ZERO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP.

4. Those who came after 5 years will be FOUND and DEPORTED with more urgency.

5. This country should embrace immigrants because they will SERVE IN THIS IMPERIALIST MILITARY.

F* this shit! It’s a beautiful time to organize y'all!

—  Andrea Carolina via Facebook
'I am an immigrant' posters aim to celebrate, not demonise immigration

Posters celebrating immigrants’ contribution to life in the UK are being put up across the country after a successful crowd-funding appeal.

The “I am an immigrant” campaign was launched by Movement Against Xenophobia, part of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, and features 15 real-life immigrants to the UK photographed by Vogue’s Philip Volkers.

More than £44,000 was raised to put posters up at 400 London Tube stations, and larger posters on billboards at railway stations outside the capital.

Immigration has become one of the central issues of the general election campaign, with all the main parties pledging tighter border controls and polls putting it as among the most important concerns for voters.

But Movement Against Xenophobia said: “Immigrants are part of the fabric of our society. It’s time to celebrate, not vilify them.”


For the past year now, many Americans have been hearing and reading about the 68,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed illegally into the U.S. Nearly all of these minors come from El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras, and since their arrival, immigration officials have released most of them to their parents or relatives who already live in this country.

A number of these children and teenagers are in deportation proceedings, but while they wait, they have been allowed to attend public schools. In Louisiana, schools have enrolled nearly 2,000 of them.

The adjustment — for the students and the school — hasn’t been easy.

A New Orleans High School Adapts To Unaccompanied Minors

Photo Credit: LA Johnson/NPR