So I was going through some boxes, looking for some stuff I need for my big day tomorrow.. & I came across the photo album of me and my soldier. It made me smile, it made me frown, it brought me joy, & it also made me miss him that much more. 6 months you’ve been away, fighting for me, us.. And our future. It’s been a very long six months.. & I’m more then ready for you to come home, when you get here, make sure you kiss me like this. With Memorial Day coming quick, & I know we’re supposed to honor & remember our fallen Heros. I just wanted to take this time & thank you for all that you do.. I know it’s tough out there away from home.. But home is still here, home is where your heart is, & I promise you I’m taking extra good care of it. I miss you so much baby. You’ll be home before we both know it. I love you, so much. Way Past Forever, fatboy. @tstouffis #myhero #mysoldier #milsos #milsolife #milsostogether #armystrong #usarmy #ussoldier #americansoldier #superhero #mylife #aboutthatlife #asoldiersprincess #bootsandwings #deploymentsucks #deploymentproblems #hooah #hero #iloveyou #imissmysoldier #imissyou #iloveyoubaby #waypastforever #toomanyhashtags #sorrynotsorry

April 7th: my favorite song. If It Means A Lot To You- ADTR. This is mine and Ethan’s song and it really makes me miss him. There have been so many good memories to this song. I have only listened to it once since he’s been gone because it makes me cry, but it does make me happy. I love my husband so much. He has been my savior and I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t in my life. @ethan_13bravo I love you more than words can express 😘😍 if you can wait till I get home, then I swear to you that we can make this last. #adtr #oursong #soulmates #aprilphotochallenge #imissmysoldier #ilovemyhusband

Tonight I got the best surprise I could ever ask for!!! ❤️ I wish I could explain to you guys what it feels like to see his name pop up on my phone and how incredibly much it means to me that I got to talk to him. It’s insane it really is! My whole world stops and everything around me disappears ✨ It may not seem like a big deal to you guys, but for me, this is everything. #imissmysoldier 😘

It’s things like this that remind me that him being gone is worth the wait. I may miss him, but in that moment when we see each other after him being gone for months will be worth it. Just the look on his face will remind me why I sacrificed the time and he sacrificed himself. I’m really missing him tonight. Only 62 days! #armywife #imissmysoldier #62days #worththewait